back to article 'Anonymous' to Reg hack: We know SEA leaders' names

Following the Syrian Electronic Army's (SEA's) attack on a Melbourne IT reseller which resulted in the temporary compromise of domain name records for targets as diverse as The New York Times and Twitter, a group claiming association with Anonymous now says it has compromised SEA databases and servers. As first reported here ( …


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  1. Don Jefe

    You know, if I was a global brand like the NYT or Twitter and the same group kept screwing with me I would hire people to deal with the issue. Waiting (hoping?) for the Anonymous nutters to do something just seems like a terrible, but potentially hilarious, accident waiting to happen. They're lucky all they got was a few dick pics and apparently a turd, with Anonymous it could have been an infinitely more varied and awful bunch of images.

    Anyway, there are legitimate entities with far more experience and better equipment who you can pay to track down and identify bad guys. They should get someone like that to deal with the problem.

    Hell, if I was a multimillion dollar corporation whose existence depended on me keeping up a robust image I'd probably be considering Congolese mercenaries.

    1. Alistair

      dude, yer dating yourself.

      Heck there are American mercenary corporations that would do it for cheap.

      1. Efros

        Re: dude, yer dating yourself.

        Yeah but they want it done properly!

      2. Tom 13

        Re: dude, yer dating yourself.

        Not really. Those are just the front groups skimming off the top of the Congolese mercenaries who do the actual work.

    2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Maybe, just maybe, they could hire and empower some smart folk to properly secure their systems and BOFH-enforce good practice on their employees' use of passwords, etc, so they don't get hacked so often?

      Deal with the problem (badly secured system), not the symptoms (Anonymous, etc, posting goatsee images for fun, etc).

  2. jake Silver badge

    This is getting both funnier & funner.

    Skiddies[1] poke holes in obvious targets ... and people paid to close those holes before going "live" keep backpeddling. And fucking manglement refuse to see the reality of Internet(whatever that is) facing machinery.


    [1] Not hackers. Not crackers. Skiddies. Not a one of 'em can code for shit.

  3. Ramazan

    himanitarian aid

    let's describe this as "non-lethal aid" to Syrian "rebels" and forget about it

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  5. Tom 38

    'Anonymous' to Reg hack: We know SEA leaders' names

    I'm guessing Mohammed, perhaps Abdul, possibly Ali?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 'Anonymous' to Reg hack: We know SEA leaders' names

      Abdul is not a name.

      "abd al" means "slave of". "Abdullah" means "Slave of God". But nobody's actually named "Abdul" unless it was by the same type of people who think that Chlamydia is a pretty name for a girl.

      1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

        Re: AC Re: 'Anonymous' to Reg hack: We know SEA leaders' names

        "....But nobody's actually named "Abdul"....." It's quite a common Muslim name, apparently it means "servant of the creator" ( and so would be the choice of the pious rather than ill-advised parent.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: AC 'Anonymous' to Reg hack: We know SEA leaders' names

          That's not "Abdul", unless you're some kind of idiot monoglot who only reads English.

          Oh, it's Matt Bryant. Nevermind.

          My best transliteration, idiot monoglot, is "abd'llah". Not "Abdul".

          1. Tom 38

            Re: AC 'Anonymous' to Reg hack: We know SEA leaders' names

            Leave your wonderful transliteration and what not to one side, the guy sitting next to me at the minute is called Abdul, and he has just confirmed that his name is real.

            Here is a list of all cricketers called Abdul. I'm sure they will be glad you are correcting their chosen transliteration of their own names for them.

      2. Dave 62

        Re: 'Anonymous' to Reg hack: We know SEA leaders' names

        well shit.. I'd better tell my friend Abdul he's had his name wrong all these years.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Scaredy cats

    It seems strange that the members of this 'Army' are concerned that they might be killed if their identity is published. Surely the point about being a soldier is that one is willing to lay down one's life for whatever, rather than cower in anonymity in a cellar miles from the front line? They should be proudly shouting their identity from the rooftop for all to hear - why should a martyr's death be restricted to those on the front line with an AK47 and a bucket of Sarin?

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    2. NightFox

      Re: Scaredy cats

      Even traditional soldiers tend to do "cowardly" things like hiding behind cover or using armoured vehicles rather than just stand in the middle of the battlefield shouting "come and get me you bastards!" though. The ones who tend to last longer and thus be more effective, that is.

    3. Don Jefe

      Re: Scaredy cats

      In any army a plan of having your troops be killed off could not possibly be any more opposite of a winning strategy.

      See, in war you 'keep score' by how many of the enemy are killed vs how many of your people are killed. The first team to run out of people looses. Therefore, your troops dying is bad and them staying alive is good.

      The rules are very simple and yet you've still managed to get them wrong. I recommend shelving any plans you have for global domination and reading up on war. A good place for you to start might be the Harry Potter series of books.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Scaredy cats

        "In any army a plan of having your troops be killed off could not possibly be any more opposite of a winning strategy.

        Ahh that explains WWI then; less a case of the various sides Generals trying to win in the conventional sense than playing a rather large scale alternative version of suicide chess with live pieces, with bonus points for how many of your own side you could slaughter before breakfast.

    4. AntonCrow

      Re: Scaredy cats

      You are obviously very naive. The most fervent proponents of anything do it usually from a comfy chair or otherwise far behind the front line. For some sorts of actors, this might even be a necessity, as the sound of bullets flying over your head does reduce your effectiveness in breaking codes or analysing and attacking an electronic system.

      You can still acquire some sorts of wounds from that activity, though:

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anonymous unguided attacks

    Given their record I'd be very worried were I a member of staff at, say, the Birmingham Sea Life Centre. Or maybe they'll go back to their roots and actually reveal members of Scientology's Sea Organisation.

  8. AntonCrow

    Ideas Related to SuperTOR

    + Make it a true Mixnet and establish hundreds of routes to be used for a single virtual connection. Split the traffic randomly into small (about 1K or less) packets and use a random route out of the hundreds of established routes.

    + Generate constant chaff traffic and don't allow real traffic to change the observable traffic volume quickly over time.

    + Get your ego under control and contribute code strong-pseudonymously, signed with gnupg. Enhances your effectiveness as a FOSS developer in this area massively.

    + Make the directory truly distributed so that powerful authorties can't easily take it down or look at the directory traffic. That's a tall order, as you have to take into account evil players manipulating directory elements under their control, but there exist counter-measures to that threat.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    1. Anonymous Coward

      Nailed It.

      You've fucking nailed that shit AC!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Reality to ASSnonymous

    Authorities know your names and addresses.

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