back to article Fujitsu to push 28 nanometer limits with Sparc64 X+

Fujitsu wants to squeeze more performance out of its homegrown Sparc64 X processor for commercial and supercomputing workloads, and it can't wait until Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp, its foundry partner, gets 20 nanometer processes into the field and ramped. So the engineers at Fujitsu have gone back over the design …


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  1. Anonymous Bosch

    The chip is 24 by 25 millimeters (600 square meters)

    That is one huge chip.

  2. ideapete

    Fujitisu has always been light years ahead of Sparc even with Larry driving the boat

  3. Allison Park

    why would anyone buy this old technology?

    Between Power and Xeon why would anyone buy Itanium or a SPARC T? Insanity to buy a Fujitsu sparc was a joke 5 years ago and has not changed much

    1. Kebabbert

      Re: why would anyone buy this old technology?

      Well, maybe you know that SPARC T5 is 2.4x faster than the POWER7 in TPC-C benchmarks?

      The new POWER8 will be up to 2.5x faster than the POWER7, that is, only in par with SPARC T5. Next year the SPARC T6 servers will be 100% faster than todays T5 servers. And before the T5, the T4 was already the fastest cpu in the world, in some benchmarks.

      SPARC T4 servers where the fastest in the world, in some benchmarks.

      SPARC T5 servers are twice as fast as the SPARC T4 servers.

      SPARC T6 servers are again, twice as fast as the SPARC T5 servers.

      And the SPARC T5 is the worlds fastest cpu today. Much faster than the POWER7 cpu. The SPARC T5 crushes the POWER7 in cpu benchmarks, among other official benchmarks:

      So, let us rephrase the question, why would anyone buy a 10x more expensive/performance IBM POWER server? Yes, IBM is up to 10x more expensive the SPARC servers. The IBM customers are being wildly overcharged for the performance they get.

      If you are doing databases (which most companies do) the choice is clear, the fastest database servers in the world, are the Oracle SPARC servers. Just check the official benchmarks.

    2. Down not across Silver badge

      Re: why would anyone buy this old technology?

      Because the stuff works? Yes, anyone with any experience of the first generation CMT SPARCs would admit they were crap. Well, for properly multithreaded applications they were ok, but for anything single threaded (as lot of stuff is) they were atrocious. However the current T5 (and previous T4) are actually fairly good.

      Fujitsu's SPARCs are not bad at all. I quite like what they're doing and staying socket compatible. Offers a nice upgrade path if replacing machines for whatever reason is not an option.

      And no, I don't have anything against Power or Xeon either. Both are perfectly fine. Less said about Itanic the better..

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