back to article Come and get it: Feedly Pro hits general availability

Google Reader refugees have another alternative reader, with Feedly announcing that its Feedly Pro is now available to all. Not, however, for free. The $US45 a year or $US5 per month might look like stretching the willingness of punters to hand over dollars for a humble RSS reader, but the development work on the Pro version …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    But ...

    ... what does it do that's useful that I don't already have, and have had, for close to a third of a century?

    Just askin ...

  2. M Gale

    Sold out?

    I guess there's some magical bit-reservoir that they depleted, selling all those copies to people.

    1. Stuart Van Onselen

      Re: Sold out?

      Artificial scarcity makes anything look more enticing.

      But I'm guessing it's the fact that these first customers represent an intial burst of capital but exactly zero recurring revenue that inspired the cap on sales.

  3. Gashead

    I signed up to Feedly Pro a few minutes ago, reached my Register feed, clicked preview on this article and got a blank screen. Great start!

  4. fissuria

    Come on....

    ... there are so many free alternatives that I just wonder how does this article classify as news?

    Paid article?

    1. Tom 38 Silver badge

      Re: Come on....

      Or is pointing out the absurdity of their funding model news worthy?

  5. Valdearg

    I tried the free version and it didn't really agree with me. There were a massive amount of bugs and the user interface is pretty but I found it unusable for how I read RSS feeds.

    I'm using NetVibes at the minute, it isn't exactly amazing but it does the job of replacing Google Reader quite nicely.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Could they have chosen a more of-the-moment-social-media style name if they'd tried? I doubt it.

    The name conjurs up corporate imagery of a late summer field full of fashionably-bearded hipster twentysomethings socialising, shot against the sun to give the (admans' current favourite) intentionally washed-out, lens-flared look which would then be digitally processed to make the colours and contrast look slightly imperfect in a pseudo "faded film footage from 40 years ago" way.

    And the soundtrack would be some ***** strumming a guitar or ukelele, whistling and singing in a not-too-perfect, down-to-earth non-threateningly faux-chummy manner. In short, just like every corporate ******* trying to appropriate a fake sense of friendship and community in order to grab and mine as much of people's personal information as possible. (*)

    Feedly? C***ly more like! Bunch of Tossrs.

    (* falls over onto ground, foam coming from his mouth *)

    (*) I've no idea if Feedly are actually trying to do this. Just that the gratingly faux-whimsical name conjurs up all those associations.

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