back to article VMware goes after biz critical apps with vSphere 5.5

Server virtualization juggernaut VMware has been talking about the software-defined data center (SSDC) for so long that you have to stop and remember that all of the software that enables this strategy is not actually available. But at VMworld 2013 this week in San Francisco, Virtzilla will be rolling out some major pieces of …


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  1. Nate Amsden


    "Customers will be able to point VMs at either vSAN or real SAN storage, so it is not an either-or proposition."

    maybe point VMs at both vSAN or real SAN ?

    also you may be confusing VMware HA with VMware FT in your not about application restarting and limited to single cpu. So not sure which subsystem will be monitoring the apps, I thought VMware HA already had some level of app monitoring ability(though have never used it). Looks like existing application monitoring may be limited to the vmware tools application itself.

  2. RonWheeler

    At last

    'The virtual machines that run atop the ESXi 5.5 hypervisor did get one big capacity change with the update, and that is for the virtual disk locally attached to a VM to be extended from 2TB with ESXi 2.1 to 64TB for ESXi 5.5.'

    About flipping time too. They can blab on about cloud piffle all they want. I just want to be able to use it for our fileservers without a constant ache in my sack.

    After the frikkin mess that was SSL on vCenter5.1, VMWare could do with a release that 'just works' and does the basics.

  3. InsaneGeek

    Support for more than 256 luns?

    At EMC world one of the guys hinted that there might be a fix for that at VMWorld.. I've got 150+ separate oracle databases, when doing the practice of separation of types (redo, data, temp, arch) per instance runs me over the lun count really quickly. If Oracle weren't such asses about licensing it wouldn't be an issue as I'd just spread it across different ESX clusters and have fewer instances in each one.

  4. MC

    Glad to see that they've worked on maturing the existing platform rather than introducing more features to bug fix. Really hoping I don't see 5.5.a/b/c. Pity SSO is still here as I've to see anything but pain from that! 64 TB VMDK and heap improvement are my favorites.

    Just hope the web client doesn't turn into TIFKAM.

  5. Stu J

    "The vSphere HA feature is still, as far as we know, limited to VMs that span only a single core"

    You're getting HA (high availability - auto restart of VMs on a failed host) mixed up with FT (zero-downtime "migration" of VM from a failed host to a live host). Apparently multi-core FT is in development, but is a far trickier beast than single-core FT to get right...

  6. GazH

    This seems more like 5.1.5

    So vSphere 5.5 brings in support for the same amount of RAM/CPU and the same size virtual disks as Hyper-V had last year. Amazeballs....

    Flash read cache sounds ok providing you want to buy pci flash cards for all your hosts, but is the host really the best place to do this type of caching?

    Seems to me that Hyper-V 2012 R2 has more useful features that would appeal to a larger audience.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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