back to article Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist... Spy HARDER

With the excitement of Gamescom still ongoing, it’s easy to forget that the weekly release of videogames continues unabated. Thankfully the idle hours of the impending Bank Holiday offer a firm reminder - especially given the extended weekend marks the release of one of the year’s best action games: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell …


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  1. Locky

    Big boss level

    You sit in an airport for 2 months, and say nice things about Putin, Equador and Iceland

    You only continue when one of them grants you safe passage. This is run in real time

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    To make your mission challenging, we give you this...

    They still use those glow-in-the-dark nightvision goggles, I see.

    1. Si 1

      Re: To make your mission challenging, we give you this...

      It's even more ridiculous than that in Blacklist, whenever you're in darkness it's not just the googles that light up now but various parts of the sneaking suit start twinkling green as well! They actually light up to tell you you're in darkness. Somehow the bady guys pretend not to notice...

      I'm really not liking the new voice actor who replaced Michael Ironside either. If the game had been a total continuity reboot it might have worked, but this game is very much linked to the story of the previous game so it makes the change seem really odd. Also, Fisher's 3D model actually looks older for once, which in one sense is a nice change from the previous games where he seemed to be aging backwards, but it's totally at odds with the new, younger voice!

      Still, I also got Wonderful 101 and it's fantastic!

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