back to article ASIO seeks new hires for telecoms interception teams

Australia's security intelligence organisation (ASIO) is hiring a clutch of telecoms intelligence staff. The agency is after a new “Assistant Director Telecommunications Interception” , a pair of ”Telecommunications Investigations Officers (we've linked to the better-paid of the two positions) and also a “Telecommunications …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They like to watch

    I'm guessing that's one of the few employment areas at the moment that offers reasonable job security.

  2. Gray Ham

    Other possibilities

    I can think of a few other possibilities for them advertising now ...

    1. Maybe it's proving quite hard to attract and retain staff - note the mobile application developer, which I think El Reg flagged a few weeks back, is still there;

    2. Staff retention has also been in the news recently - see;

    3. The new office is nearly ready for occupation, so they will actually have desks for these new people;

    4. And, of course, note the closing date for applications - maybe they want these positions settled before any fallout resulting from the new government.

    Just saying ...

  3. jake Silver badge

    One wonders about the sanity of a govenment organization ...

    ... that was "organized" without the top "hands-on" personel organizing it. I wouldn't touch any of those jobs with a twelve-foot fly-rod, despite being qualified & in this piss-poor economy. It's a clusterfuck waiting to happen ... and will look like shit on your resume/c.v. ten years from now.

    Just saying ...

  4. Dafyd Colquhoun

    Why are the cyber-spies all in Canberra?

    Surely electronic interception is one job that could be done in any of the major cities in Australia. Why do ASIO and DSD insist on having their people relocate to Can-bore-a?

    1. Gray Ham

      Re: Why are the cyber-spies all in Canberra?


      The reason? Well ...

      - spies actually have pretty boring jobs, so they have to demonstrate they can cope with boredom. Living in Canberra is the perfect preparation, and ;

      - the weather here is so terrible (especially in August) that people would rather be at work with the heating on than slipping off to the beach;

    2. JT163

      Re: Why are the cyber-spies all in Canberra?

      Easier to track them if they go rogue?

  5. JT163

    I'm sure these positions will be for further internal regulation and to make sure that after the PRISM scandal a more rigorous level of approval is needed for interceptions.

    Yeah right.

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