back to article SimpliVity intros swollen and shrunken rip-'n'-replace boxen

SimpliVity has miniaturised and maximised its all-singing, all-dancing converged OmniCube IT systems with entry-level and high-performance versions as well as strengthening the original, now mid-range box. SimpliVity ships its 2U OmniCube – which is not a cube but an oblong box if we're going to be pedantic – a converged …


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  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge


    one unique(?) advantage Simplivity has over some of their competition at least is they have the ability to expose their storage externally via NFS. So if for some reason your not comfortable using the compute platform or their sizes don't meet your needs or something you have the option of using something external, which is neat.

    The whole grid storage/computing concept sounds really cool, I do worry about the complexities involved especially on the storage side, it's not a simple problem to solve.

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