back to article Amazon's cloud dwarfs all others, Gartner finds

The disciples of Gartner's Magic Quadrant have sallied forth to reveal the latest findings of their uncaring quadrilateral god – and the results show that Amazon is the one true cloud, followed at a distance by enterprise supplier CSC. The magic quadrant is Gartner's way of ranking technologies, and sees the analyst firm plop …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    what constitutes a cloud?

    Is this just comparing EC2/etc to what google has? IAAS?

    because if you take things like gmail, maps, google earth, docs, youtube is a real biggie.. all of those I think can be considered cloud.

    But for IAAS alone it does seem amazon is the clear market leader(tech wise they suck but many people don't seem to know any better sadly) as sick as that makes me feel. ugh. I have amazon PTSD.

  2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Rackspace Switzerland AG

    Could pick up a lot of customers right now

  3. IGnatius T Foobar

    amazon the bookstore?

    It is baffling why anyone would trust their critical computing infrastructure to a bookstore.

    1. max allan

      Re: amazon the bookstore?

      It's baffling why you would be reading the reg and not understand.

      I have never seen an outage in the Amazon "bookstore" which suggests to me their infrastructure is pretty reliable. And tell me you don't really think Amazon is just about books now?

      With so much flexible compute power available, you can scale your app up or down according to demand. Sure you can do that with Rackspace and others. But how many other providers offer 3 tiers of storage, databases (as a service), DNS, load balancers (as a service), firewalls (as a service), etc. etc.

      I like Rackspace, but they aren't set up for an environment with hundreds of instances, that for example, you want to be sure have the same firewall rules applied. (That means an off box firewall, sure I could do it with iptables on the box, but then what stops a deranged developer flushing the rules so he can make something work)

      Amazon is the one stop shop for this stuff.

      Why should buying compute time be any different from buying a book or any other commodity? If they can sell books, they can sell compute.

      I just had a look at the CSC website trying to find their cloud services. Eventually did. Couldn't find a "buy now" button, so followed the "getting started in the cloud" link and got a pile of whitepapers to read. I was hoping for a "click here to create an account" button. Eventually gave up. They clearly don't want customers. Their lack of experience selling books has spilled over into their inability to sell compute.


    It's also baffling why anyone cares what Gartner says.

    If you pay Gartner enough they say what you tell them to say. I imagine a whole lot of Amazon cash is flowing into Gartner bonuses around now. Err, allegedly.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It surely can't be long until the ECJ et al look at Amazon and direct them to split their operations. MS got slapped with incredible fines for trying to push a *free* browser through their operating system dominance. Amazon are capable of subsidising their very-much-not-free tech services through their tax-dodging and generally dominant online retailing. Must be fairly cold times at Rackspace, forced to spend wedges on marketing rather than tech and lose hefty chunks of profit margin to keep up with an Amazon programme that originally started as a way to sell surplus capacit from their retail ops.

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