1. Caff

    Lefthand mice

    I have been thinking about purchasing a more comfortable mouse but don't want to take the dive without a bit of research into the pros and cons of ergonomic lefthanded mouse vs an ambidexterous one.

    From reading the reviews of the ergonomic ones on amazon it appears that opinions are mixed in that the shapes of them would not suit everyone.

    The way I currently use a normal ambi mouse is to leave it setup for righthanded clicking and to pinch it between thumb and 2nd finger from left, then click using only the index finger for both buttons. This does result in some stress on my wrist.

    Has anyone found a really good lefthanded mouse?

    1. JulianB

      Re: Lefthand mice

      Like you, I use a right-handed mouse in my left hand. However I hold it between thumb and third (ring) finger, left-click with the second finger and right-click with the index finger. Hasn't caused me any strain.

      Incidentally, I'm right-handed. I use the mouse with my left hand to keep the right hand free. It seems obvious to me, though nobody else seems to think so.

    2. Lone Gunman

      Re: Lefthand mice

      I don't think I've even seen a proper left handed mouse.

      I'm using an HP wireless laser comfort mouse currently which is an ambi one as for me it was more about how wide the mouse was to make it fit properly in my palm - more coverage is less stress. I do have it setup for left handed use which is much easier and means I use my index finger for click and middle finger for right click. I do recommend using a mousemat with a wristrest though as that really decreases the stress on the joints/tendons.

      Also like JulianB I'm right handed but had to switch when I was diagnosed with a tendon problem in my right wrist. Its incredibly practical though being able to scroll round a screen and still be able to jot notes down at the same time.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I am on tenth left decile for handedness ...

    But even I have learned to use a right-handed mouse.

    Here is a test to check where you are on the handedness scale.

  3. Corinne

    You could think about trying a decent left handed gaming mouse - I use the left handed version of the Razer Death Adder and find it very comfortable. OK they aren't as cheap as some because of the added functionality, but a small price to pay to not get RSI.

    They are also comparatively large, which is another plus point for me as with a very small mouse movements are more cramped & again more likely to cause problems like RSI

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