back to article Three's UK mobile network goes down on unlucky northerners

Three UK's phone network has gone down for users in Scotland and the North of England. While users appear to be able to use data on their phones, they're unable to engage in the ancient art of actually calling people to speak to them. The mobile operator's support account tweeted: Some customers in Scotland and the North of …


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  1. Busby

    Haven't been able to text since early afternoon either. Which wouldn't normally be an issue but it's my birthday and in the interest of politeness I would like to respond to various well wishers. Not sure how far south it goes as I'm fairly north in England.

    1. Ace Rimmer

      It was my birthday yesterday as well, but I'm in the South of England so I'll just have to suck up the fact that I got no birthday texts or calls as the fact nobody loves me. Damn you 3, you nearly gave me an excuse!

  2. Danny 14

    Mine is ok if i connect to certain cell towers. Signal has dropped to zero on others. Thought it was just my phone at first.

    1. Busby

      Slightly different for me as I have normal signal showing on my phone, just dont seem able to use it. Haven't moved far today though so will have been on the same BST all day.

  3. Andy Scott

    That'll explain why my 3 payg is saying no access to network. My contract 3 sims are ok, just a bit slow in making calls

  4. chipxtreme

    Mine is working fine at home, but then again i've got a Home Signal box, but I did notice earlier when I was out that there was no signal but strangely was receiving messages through Facebook. I'm in the North East England

  5. ElNumbre


    The arse has fallen out of 3's data in the Midlands over the last couple of days. 200kbps at the moment whereas I usually get 10 times that.

  6. Mr Cable


    There's no Fee for 3 Customers roaming onto Orange (under 3's 2G roaming agreement with Orange) but there's no data access allowed and most handsets upon detecting a 3 SIM will remove the '2G only' option (a manual network search can help with this).

  7. j.desu

    Forcing onto 2G through Orange won't cause any extra fees, your phone does this automatically (generally) if there isn't any 3G signal.

  8. Steven Raith

    North of England

    I know of a couple of people in York and at least two in Saltburn (between whitby and middlesbro on the north east coast) having problems with signal dropping to nowt every so often.

    There, survey of four. Conclusive, eh?

    1. Ol'Peculier

      Re: North of England

      It was down in Scarborough too.

      1. Steven Raith
        Thumb Up

        Re: North of England

        Oh god, someone else from Scarbados, Metropolis of the north?

        Wave if you see a yellow Puma getting the stones kicked out of it...

        Steven R

  9. Andrew Jones 2

    5 different handsets (mine, partners and friends) have been experiencing signal drop-out all day! It's not new though - the signal has been randomly disappearing sometimes for a few hours and sometimes a few days - for at least a few months - it might even be longer.

  10. TechnoTechno

    No issue here - Newcastle

  11. Paul B

    Same old three

    Nothing new there then, I left three two years ago, because I could very rarely make a phone cut without being cut off. Data was fine however, I THINK they prioritized data too much, so I gave them the heave ho.

  12. ScottishYorkshireMan

    Does it really matter?

    I am a relatively new 3 customer. The signal on the 13th was fine as I was in Glasgow in the morning. However, it began to drop out in the afternoon as I returned towards Edinburgh, it was confusing as data seemed to be fine. To be honest, this is my first 'issue' with three and it wasn't too much of a problem. More of a concern that my handset was wonky, relieved in a way it was the network. Perhaps they are testing their 'true' 4G network, not that this will offer much over the current H+ speeds. Rock on three, you're ok in my book.

  13. PeterM42

    Does anyone still use Three?

    The signal is USUALLY crap, so I guess not many people will really notice.

    1. Don Dumb

      Re: Does anyone still use Three?

      All the comments above yours would suggest people do. I do, better signal (in the south west) for me than the other networks and much better contractual terms. YMMV I guess but when I was on O2 their network went down twice last year.

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