back to article Google ups ante to $5,000 for Chrome browser bug bounties

Google has increased the amount it will pay security researchers for information about flaws in its Chrome browser, having already shelled out more than $2m in bug bounties across its various security reward programs. "In a nutshell, bugs previously rewarded at the $1,000 level will now be considered for reward at up to $5,000 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Biggest bug is the auto NSA spy feature

    There are plenty of good browsers out their that do not infringe your right to privacy.

    1. Comments are attributed to your handle

      Re: Biggest bug is the auto NSA spy feature

      Two points:

      1. Yes, we get it - the jokes have gotten old.

      2. With the revelation of all these programs, it's really not the browser you should worry about. Sure, Chrome might slurp up more than, say, Firefox. But in the end, choice of browser doesn't matter when *everything* is captured anyway.

  2. Glenns

    How much do security researchers...

    ..get paid ???

    "recent paper published by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley found that over a three-year period, Google's bug bounty programs cost it less than it would likely have paid a single full-time employee."

    Google have paid out $2Million+ are they really going to pay single security researcher $666,000 PA ???

    1. d3rrial
      IT Angle

      Re: How much do security researchers...

      Google pays interns around $6000 per Month, so this is entirely possible. Also security research isn't peanuts, or as easy as simply programming / developing code (if you separate this from debugging, which pretty much is still easier than finding security leaks in third party software)

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