back to article Netflix dares UK freetards: Watch new Breaking Bad NOW or torrent it?

Video-on-demand service Netflix will give viewers on both sides of the Atlantic near instant access to one of the most anticipated TV drama climaxes: the final episodes of Breaking Bad. Streaming the brand new, hotly awaited programmes to UK fans within hours of their premiere in America is seen as an industry first and a …


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  1. Tom 7 Silver badge

    I must be getting old

    no-one in my peer group has mentioned this program let alone recommended it - and some of my peer group will need to go into stasis to be present when all of their media gets played.

    1. Flawless101

      Re: I must be getting old

      I am still gobsmacked that it was never aired in the UK, think C5 may have showed the first series, it's a great well acted, well written show. It gets rave reviews in the USA but somehow was never suited to the UK market (unlike a load of other crap)

      1. Pete 2 Silver badge

        Re: I must be getting old

        > I am still gobsmacked that it was never aired in the UK

        To be fair, the trailers (from what I recall) were of some middle aged guy running around in his underpants. Even if the programme was better than that, it was a big turn off chez moi, hence never made it onto the list of "must see's"

        1. Flawless101

          Re: I must be getting old

          I don't think shows are picked for TV based on their adverts. Not to mention when it was on UK TV I don't remember any song or dance about it, when say compared to Suits (which is a good show, but basically chewing gum) were Dave went balls to the wall and helped dispel the myth that had - "if its on Dave its a repeat or shit."

          I just question why is such a massive American TV show never made it across, nearly every other other has in some form (The Wire, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Lost etc. etc.) and Breaking Bad is right up there among those other highly recieved shows. Not all those shows were on terrestrial TV but I'd believe most people would have heard of them in some form. r

          1. tomban
            Thumb Up

            Re: I must be getting old

            "The show so powerful, you binge watch it on Netflix. So all-consuming, you push it on your friends even if they don't watch TV. And so addicting, you can't shut up about it. It's basically like drugs."


            1. andy gibson

              Re: I must be getting old

              The Family Guy version:


      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I must be getting old

        It was aired in the UK, C5 only did a limited few. Then it was FX (as was) and 5usa both on sky and (I think) virgin too) I think Bravo picked it up briefly too (sky again)

        It wasn't all aired on UK terrestrial TV though.

      3. Goldmember

        Re: I must be getting old

        One of the major channels did air the first season quite a while after it aired in the US. I remember being quite surprised seeing it on when flicking through one time. I thought it was channel 4, but I could be wrong. Whichever one it was certainly didn't make a song and dance about it though. There wasn't much in the way of marketing, and it certainly wasn't on at a premium time.

        It is a shame really, as it's considerably better than the majority of TV output of both the UK and the US.

    2. Piro Silver badge

      Re: I must be getting old

      What on earth?

      Breaking Bad is easily one of the best shows that has been around recently. Fantastic.

  2. Sporkinum


    Over here in the US, it looks like piracy is still the way to go. The new shows aren't on Netflix.


      Re: US

      They may not be on Netflix but they are on PPV streaming services.

  3. Joe K

    Come on, 5pm

    Its been a looooooooooong day at work waiting to get home to see this.

    No, i'm not lucky enough to be in a position to watch it at work :-(

  4. Daemon Byte

    I hope it works

    Otherwise the freetards will just prove all the networks were right and they just won't pay whatever service is offered.

    1. Pete 2 Silver badge

      Skip the middle man

      > Otherwise the freetards will just prove all the networks were right

      And if it does work, the logical question that the programme makers will start to ask is: who needs cable TV at all?

    2. LazyLazyman

      Re: I hope it works

      I would be willing too put money on around 10% using this and the other 90% who have been using the "I don't want to wait" excuse finding some other reason (probably some half baked "moral" reason).

      1. phuzz Silver badge

        Re: I hope it works

        I'm tempted to sling them the money, and torrent it anyway. It's just more convenient for me.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I hope it works

        "I would be willing too put money on around 10% using this and the other 90% who have been using the "I don't want to wait" excuse finding some other reason (probably some half baked "moral" reason)."

        It's still a worse product.

        When it comes down to it the pirates have it pretty much as soon as it's shown, you can download it, watch it on any device you like, recode, transcode, down-res, whatever.

        Netflix also edited the early seasons of Breaking Bad for no apparent reason.

        These are not justifications for breaking the law, but they are reasons.

        That said, this is all very encouraging. Now if they could make it so they have more than half a dozen decent movies to stream too, they might be on to something.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: I hope it works

          Breaking Bad in 720p was available on Usenet within 5 minutes of the end of the closing credits in America already editied without the ads etc. Do not ask me how I know...

          I am sure that I have seen some shows that start to be uploaded slightly before the end of the showing in America. What are they doing editing it as it is being shown? Do they actually watch the show or just capture and edit and watch it later?

          1. C 18

            Re: I hope it works

            >What are they doing editing it as it is being shown?

            I bet they using some new fangled technology to do it...

            Back in the day we used to have to jump out of our seats and hit the pause button on the Video Cassette Recorder, jump up see, no remotely controlling, not at first. Ah then came the wired controller, wow, you could play and pause, fast wind forward and back, all from the slightly less inconvenient distance away from the VCR unit than actually having to touch it but still having to lift the rump enough to let daylight shine between it and your seat...

            And we still call them the 'good' old days? Feck it, I love this 'almost like the future is here now' time and can't wait until we're able to watch TV shows BEFORE THEY'RE EVEN MADE!


            *shuffles off back to his cave (which has a newly acquired C64 awaiting a VDU - yeah that's what we called 'em when we used 8-bit computers, and it is an 8-bit computer so it needs a VDU, okay? hmmm? gots a problem with that?! where's me stick and I'll wave it atchye!)*

          2. Piro Silver badge

            Re: I hope it works

            It aired in the Netherlands before the US.

            A stripped subtitles layer from the transport stream later, and you're done.

            Pure speculation, though, I don't know which rip that was.

    3. Daniel B.

      Re: I hope it works

      Actually, doing worldwide releases, or releasing internationally first does seem to be curtailing piracy, even here in Mexico "pirate paradise" land. Of course, the ones that aren't moved to the legal channels are the ones in the poor group, who use an entirely different argument on why they pirate: DVDs cost as much as 3 days of their salary. (And even then I'd argue STOP buying them at all! I'm irked at seeing SKY dishes in slum neighborhoods...)

  5. Cronus

    Smart move

    I think this is a brilliant idea. Having to wait so long to watch content you know is already out there but just not licensed for your country yet is really frustrating and definitely a temptation to just download it from other illegitimate sources.

    1. Rob E

      Re: Smart move

      Agreed, its well past due that the entertainment industry allows fast and easy content delivery for a sane price. In fact, this might have got me to sign up to netflix ( ...if I didn't already have newsgroups subscription, which has been merrily grabbing all my favourite shows automatically for me for quite some time.)

      Herin lies the problem. Pirating has become so commonplace in the past few years while the industry sat on its arse. They industry is going to have to pull something very special out of the bag to tempt people back from the dark side.

      This, whist a nice gesture, probably won't do it. Its just 9 episodes of one show (albeit a good one).

      Until something is universally decent, and gets ALL of the episodes of ALL of the shows you want to watch, its not going to be able to compete with pirating.

    2. Rampant Spaniel

      Re: Smart move

      Ditto. I hope this works out. I'm not a fan of the show, I did watch about half the first series. Some people will always pirate, but there has to be a decent market out there for people for whom linear TV isn't worth the money, even with a dvr, but where streaming with decent content at a sane price could be a win for everyone. Lets hope this is just the start. I cancelled out TW cable tv package a couple of years back. Replaced an $80 a month charge with netflix at $8, we already had amazon prime for the delivery service and every now and again I will get hulu for a month. Unless the big companies get their act together they are losing money.

      It's frustrating to be in a position where you want to pay a fair price for a service, something many others seem to want as well, but you can't legally get it because it might just upset someones little world. If they want their $80 a month back they need to offer something that warrants it.

  6. Bill the Sys Admin

    its working for me. No excuse for piracy now.

    1. wowfood

      I pretty much stopped downloading most stuff when Crunchyroll came out. Netflix just got me to cancel my TV license.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

        1. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

          You pay a license to watch TV, not to own one. Unplug the aerial, and if you're really that bothered let the nice man in next time he calls round to check. You'll have to put up with the begging/harrasment letters from TVLA though, although I used to send them back with "no junk mail please" written on them.

          1. TheVogon

            "You pay a license to watch TV, not to own one. Unplug the aerial, and if you're really that bothered let the nice man in next time he calls round to check"

            See here for how to do it properly:

            Personally, I just tell them it's a radio goldfish bowl....

          2. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            "You'll have to put up with the begging/harrasment letters from TVLA though, although I used to send them back with "no junk mail please" written on them."

            You rebel, you.

          3. Graham Dawson Silver badge

            "and if you're really that bothered let the nice man in next time he calls round to check."

            No. Never. NEVER let the man in. All they have to do is prove there's a signal on the TV and they have you, no matter how tenuous it may be. They have been observed sticking a finger in the aerial socket and using their own body as an aerial.

            Besides, if they see a TV they just assume you're unplugged it while they're around and send court summons. Given it's impossible to prove a negative, once that happens you're screwed. Don't let them in. They have no right of entry unless you invite them.

            Like vampires.

            Funny that.

        2. gotes

          TV licence

          You can declare that a licence is not required at your address (, then they stop hassling you for a while.

          You only need the licence if you watch "live" broadcast TV.

        3. ridley

          Would you need to get rid of the Humax can you not just leave it plugged into the Internet for CatchUp TV (iPlayer etc) for which I believe you do not need a license.

  7. wowfood

    Streaming the brand new, hotly awaited programmes to UK fans within hours of their premiere in America is seen as an industry first and a clear move to tackle copyright piracy.

    You mean like the Simulticasts on Crunchyroll which airs anime with subs normally an hour or so after the original japanese episode airs?

    Because really it's not much of an industry first, more like an industry second.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      About time.

      It is a first for a program that isn't just watched by blokes in their underpants who live in their Mum's house. Anime, eh? Is it so hard to get a girlfriend?

      1. Tachikoma

        just watched by blokes in their underpants who live in their Mum's house. Anime, eh? Is it so hard to get a girlfriend?

        Boxers not briefs

        House in the Cotswolds, mother lives 80-odd miles away

        Long term relationship

        Two kids (so had sex at least twice)

        Anime isn't all tentacle rape and cat eared schoolgirls. It's easy to stereotype when hiding behind that little "anonymous" tick box, eh?

        1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

          I think a correction is due here... your wife has had sex at least twice. No evidence to show that you had anything to do with it :)

          I agree, however anime doe have have an appalling sterotypical image. Often not helped by those that are obsessed with it but the anime medium does lend itself to some very diverse environments and effects to back up the plots and scenes. While this may seem odd, it does compare well to many modern "main stream" movies which have spent tens of millions on effects and "name" actors but entirely forgot about the plot.

          1. Tachikoma

            your wife has had sex at least twice. No evidence to show that you had anything to do with it :)

            Sadly(?) they are mine, they have inherited my lugs that took me 20 years to grow into... *sigh* That reminds me, need to book them into Karate lessons before they hit comprehensive school...

      2. Daniel B.

        It is a first for a program that isn't just watched by blokes in their underpants who live in their Mum's house. Anime, eh? Is it so hard to get a girlfriend?

        Nope, anime isn't tentacle rape or kiddy Card Captor stuff. They've got adult stuff (that isn't the aforementioned tentacle rape hentai stuff) which has in fact permeated to mainstream Hollywood stuff. Think The Matrix, but also Elysium which seems to have ripped off Battle Angel Alita. Or Pacific Rim, which is an outright tribute to the Mecha genre and the Godzilla big monster movies.

        And um... I live in my own flat since I was 20, long-term relationship with a live-in girlfriend for 4 years. Maybe it is you the one living in Mum's house?

  8. Simon Grierson

    I doubt it'll stop the hardcore torrenters...

    Simply said if your used to acquiring your media from a certain outlet, you'll continue doing so.

    What pisses me off is the neanderthal atitude fo network TV execs with regards to online streaming.

    E.G. Why cant the BBC, ITV, C4, 5 all have every programme they output accross their channels on catch up? And why are some shows available for longer than others?

    E.G. 5 showed Sons of Anarchy S5 earlier this year, and it was on demand 5 - but now they are repeating it on 5usa - it's not. The only outlet I can get it is through purchasing it at a greatly over-inflated price.

    I have to wait indefinitely for netflix to get it.

    Same goes for Dexter season 7.

    I am NOT paying £25 a show for HD versions, nor am I going to pay Sky £50 a month to watch a handful of shows.

    Netflix has been going great guns of late, and it's more watched in our house than mainstream telly - Orange is the new Black, house of Cards, the back catalogue for Sons of Anarchy, and they're getting better with their movie selection.

    If TV executives got their fingers out their bums then they'd see that there is demand for on-demand at a reasonable price , and they'd get a whole new bunch of people hooked on their shows in the future.

    1. carranty

      Re: I doubt it'll stop the hardcore torrenters...

      Couldn't agree more. I hate it when a show disappears from iplayer before I expected, and for no reason that I can think of.

      However you're not immune to this as a Netflix subscriber. I was 2/3 of the way through rewatching Stargate : SG1 on Netflix when it vanished overnight. Netflix only rent licenses to shows, and so when the license runs out, if they choose not to renew, the show disappears. That said, in general, Netflix's catalogue seems to be pretty stable.

    2. Vimes

      Re: I doubt it'll stop the hardcore torrenters...

      E.G. Why cant the BBC, ITV, C4, 5 all have every programme they output accross their channels on catch up? And why are some shows available for longer than others?

      Probably because they don't own the rights to the programs in question outright. Licencing can be quite complicated from what I understand (although why we should pay for the media industry's refusal or inability to make things simpler and more palatable to the viewers is another matter)

    3. codejunky Silver badge

      Re: I doubt it'll stop the hardcore torrenters...

      I will point out that I have suffered a number of problems recently with the legit streaming services of Iplayer and 4OD.

      On linux I cannot access 4OD any more which seems due to their DRM stuff. Some windows systems have been affected too leading to channel 4 putting up a webpage explaining the problem and suggesting a solution (flash problem) which doesnt seem to work in my experience.

      Iplayer worked fine until a couple of months back when the audio would continue but the video wouldnt. This happened on both linux and windows.

      The legit routes are not always possible and it irritates me as I wont pirate. Especially irritating is the extremely long release gap for some shows from the US to europe. Especially to release for DVD. Surely the aim is to provide this content so people will pay for it? Subscription and disk.

      Kudo's to netflix for releasing near to the US release and hopefully it will attract the breaking bad crowd. But there is so much good TV which needs releasing at realistic pace.

      1. Havin_it

        Re: I doubt it'll stop the hardcore torrenters...

        Psst: Kudos ain't a plural (and even if it were, the apostrophe would be inappropriate here).

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I doubt it'll stop the hardcore torrenters...

      I have Sky

      I have netflix (well the other half has it)

      I have Cineworld unlimited card (as does the other half)

      I'm in the UK, so have access to iPlayer, 4oD etc.

      I have a nice collection of DVDs

      Yet I still torrent. All things that I can watch legally.

      Why? Its easier. I don't have to have a live connection to Netflix (and risk my phone's bandwidth limit) to watch a TV show on the train.

      I can watch something while recording other channels on sky.

      I can watch something that was on TV without having to wait for it to constantly buffer (yes, you can download iPlayer and watch on a PC, but that doesn't work on my tablet)

      And I can catch that after credit scene that I missed by leaving when everyone else had at the cinema.

      I can watch that DVD where I like.

      Like I say, I still have legal access to these films/TV shows, but a torrented download is nicely DRM free and so portable.

      Am I still breaking the law?

      1. Havin_it

        Re: I doubt it'll stop the hardcore torrenters...


    5. QuinnDexter

      Re: I doubt it'll stop the hardcore torrenters...

      E.G. Why cant the BBC, ITV, C4, 5 all have every programme they output accross their channels on catch up? And why are some shows available for longer than others?

      Blimey. The BBC's been about for a long time, and currently has six or seven channels. Granted, they're not all 24hrs and don't all run original content when they are on. And then there are the radio shows too. But the amount of data they generate and have generated since they started broadcasting is quantified in the FUCKLOADS category, if not closing in on at least a megafuckload. Hosting all that and making an episode of The Archers from the 70's, or Eastenders from May 1994, available on request might cost them a fuckload of cash that they can't afford. When BBC / ITV buy the rights to show a film or TV series they do so for that instance. Repeat showing and making it available for download all costs them money in terms of storage, infrastructure, fees to the distributer etc etc..

      The BBC do have a program (not programme) in place to digitise all their content. Making it available to all of use licence fee payers will no doubt come along, but it won't be cheap and it won't be fast.

      Also, the BBC make a load of cash from DVDs. Remove that income source and you'll suddenly loose the money to pay for something else

  9. Flawless101


    The year of our lord twenty and thirteen someone in media has common sense. My days, probably harder to make money this way.

  10. 1Rafayal

    Ditto, since I started using Netflix and NowTV I have not bothered getting films and TV series' from "the other place"

    I dont mind paying a small fee for the latest TV and movies, as long as the service is reliable and provides new content on a regular basis

    1. Piro Silver badge

      The house of commons is a place full of lowlife activity?

      ... oh wait

  11. Mike Brown

    "For fans, it's over here. ®"

    I had to check what that link was for. I was slightly disapointed when i found out. Cowards...

  12. paulc

    torrent it

    because I can then watch it on platforms NOT blessed by Netflix or LoveFilm and watch it as many times as I want also without hammering my monthly bandwidth total.

    I hate it how I can only watch LoveFilm on Kindle Fires or else on platforms that can run that Microsoft Silverlight DRM rubbish.

    Never investigated Netflix, but strongly suspect it also won't run on Linux officially either.

    1. carranty

      Re: torrent it

      You're absolutely right, Netflix is not supported on Linux (something to do with the closed source nature of its DRM stuff).

      1. Richard Taylor 2

        Re: torrent it

        Odd. We have been watching it off Linux (Ubuntu) for many months.

      2. Mike Flugennock

        It also hasn't helped...

        ...that some months back, Netflix wiped thousands of titles from their service -- mostly WB, as I recall -- including every single episode of MST3K, except for the theatrical-release movie they put out in '96.

        Granted, we're kind of a niche audience, but, still...

        1. Joe K

          Re: It also hasn't helped...

          Netflix didn't "wipe" it, Warner Bros launched their own netflix-like on-demand service and so told them to pull all their stuff.

          A few other media giants are setting up the same attempts. Very worrying. Very stupid of them.

    2. wowfood

      Re: torrent it

      not officially no. But there is a workaround involving firefox and setting something... I forget what. Doesn't work as well as the real PC version, but it works well enough.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: torrent it

        > not officially no. But there is a workaround involving firefox and setting something... I forget what. Doesn't work as well as the real PC version, but it works well enough.

        Uses a patched Wine. Works well for me.

        1. wowfood

          Re: torrent it

          Yeah that stuff. Also glad to see they have a single... well I guess it's an installer, for all the stuff. Much easier than tracking them down individually.

    3. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

      Re: torrent it

      I don't torrent stuff, but I have the same problem. There are very few legit ways to rent / stream movies on Linux. YouTube seems to be one of the few.

    4. codejunky Silver badge

      Re: torrent it


      I can see why people would down vote you because you would choose to pirate, but the unfortunate truth is that by pirating it you do get a better service. The massive reduction in cost and the benefits of watching it on your system with no additional installation nor requiring windows (or an expensive tablet which is not a TV screen by far). I cant help but think that you get the quality of service that the paying customer should get but doesnt. I had to up vote you because you have a solution that works.

  13. Rab Sssss

    now this a damm good thing

    If only they can increase the stuff that is out there.

    Artificial restrictions for avaliblity trigger most of my downloads/streaming.

    Its not going tomake get netflix however, it will make sure i keep using it though...

  14. Eradicate all BB entrants

    Due to Netflix and Lovefilm ....

    ..... switching content exclusives every other week, to watch the shows I wanted through a streaming service I would have to subscribe to both. No thanks

  15. RonWheeler

    Tried House of cards, for free

    Video quality on Netflix was still pretty ropey when I tried it a few months ago. And I've got a fast cable connection and a good HTPC. Might be okay for watching on your iphone, but on a decent TV it looked blocky and washed out.

    1. Scroticus Canis

      Re: Tried House of cards, for free

      Just about to view the last episode of HoC and it looks good on my screen (2560x1440px) but then I am streaming the HD version from Netflix. If you've got the bandwidth maybe you should try turning HD on!

      If you want pixelated then try ITV's catchup, eish.

    2. DPWDC

      Re: Tried House of cards, for free

      RonWheeler, I agree.

      Decent broadband speed, but quality isn't there. Audio is really muddy too, and what they class as "HD" means the resolution HD, but then so massively compressed that it looks awful.

      Also tried EE's film service which lets you download rather than stream, but 450MB for a 2 hour film is never going to give you DVD quality.

      I don't download torrents, and an willing to pay, but until the quality is there I'll stick to buying/renting physical discs.

  16. lansalot


    I'd happily pay for it. If my broadband (advertised @ 6mb/s, actually nearer 2mb/s) was up to it.

    At least the torrents work.... tho as a preference, I'd rather legal. But not "rather" enough to wait otherwise.

  17. Ben Rose

    Could go either way

    I'm not sure this is going to change a whole lot. My limited viewpoint sees a lot of downloaders watching their content offline on phones or tablets these days, which Netflix doesn't do much to help.

    Sure if you watch your downloads on TV, your broadband is fast enough, your ISP limits allow it and you have a TV that is able to play Netflix then this might be a winner. For everybody else, the download will be a higher bitrate and have 5.1 surround.

  18. Anonymous Coward 101

    The US TV shows are about the only things worth watching on Netflix. The films, with some exceptions, appear to be direct-to-video crap.

    Breaking Bad is very good, by the way.

    1. Mike Flugennock

      don't care one way or the other for "Breaking Bad"...

      ...but I've been doing a lot of catching up on Arrested Development. I got hooked a few years ago, on an 18-hour flight from DC to Johannesburg, when I watched every episode they had available on the in-flight video system. Wotta scream. Loved it.

      Other than AD, almost all of my movie viewing on Netflix (my wife actually "owns" the account) has been from their "classics" archive, of films made before 1970, mostly old film noir and foreign "art" films and such, and it's a real bear to get to the "classics" without having to scroll through page after page of all the Latest Big Hit Movies which I have absolute-zero interest in.

      Their removing upwards of 2000 titles from their system, along with the expanded customer data mining, sure doesn't help things, either.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I have Netflix UK and think this is brilliant. Just checked and the episode from yesterday is already available. :-)

  20. jai

    gotta applaud Netflix for this move.

    as a result, i think i shall finally get around to watching this show - been on my "to-see" list for ages. i wish Netflix would allow me to temporarily download the shows to my tablet like you can with BBC iPlayer, so then i can watch it on the train

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What if (theoretical here) I'm going to NOT watch it via my paid for Netflix subscription, then I'll download the 1080p one that's already kicking about on torrent sites (allegedly).

    Is this still copyright infringement?

    Or will it break the internet a-la "googling google"?

    1. Jediben

      I've done that in practice. Well I assume so. I have Netflix, but I also have Couchpotato. It'll be a race! Will my NAS already have the episode labelled, correctly foldered and waiting to play in 1080p by the time I get home, or will I have to boot the TV into 'internet' mode?

      Place your bets!

      1. Jediben

        Turns out the NAS won. What an episode!

        1. Gareth.

          Tread Lightly!

  22. JimmyPage

    Interesting ..

    the main bulk of my torrenting/nzb-ing, isn't to get stuff "for free". It's to get stuff like CSI which is delayed by weeks or months. Although the fact they are ad-free is an added bonus.

    Problem is I consider I pay Virgin enough already, otherwise I'd happily pay (say) £5/month to some sort of hub service (a la the PRS) to divvy up amongst content providers.

  23. Jack Project

    At least with it not being overly popular the fucking Daily Mail won't publish spoilers before it's even had chance to air (or in this case stream) in the UK.

    Are all the series on Netflix? I've only seen series 1.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Yeah, about that...

      1. Piro Silver badge


        Haha, oh christ, doesn't even air here, is on one streaming service, and the Daily Mail still spoils it.

        To anyone who isn't bang up to date - just avoid everything about Breaking Bad.

        Spoiling this show is just low. It's too good for that.

  24. Ol'Peculier

    Great idea I think. I still don't understand why C4 didn't pick up this show - it ticks all the right boxes for them.

    MInd you, it's a little bit late when most UK viewers have been forced to find the previous 54 episodes via other methods.

  25. Dr. Mouse

    "At the time of writing the first instalment of series 5b has about 30,000 seeders on the Canadian torrent tracker Isohunt."

    To the best of my knowledge, Isohunt is not a torrent tracker. It is a search engine. They do not provide trackers of their own, just allow people to search torrents and view aggregated information from all the trackers they are on.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I actually PAY for Nextflix, but it's DRM and it won't work on my XBMC Raspberry Pi, go I guess I'll be torrenting it anyway, ho hum.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I gave that one an upvote

      Well, at least I think it was being sarcastic....

  27. silent_count

    12 hours

    Does it really take netflix that long to send an episode to their UK servers? Perhaps they should learn from the torrent sites as they don't have any such issues.

    I don't watch this show and I live in AU in any case, so this doesn't effect me. I do however think that having to avoid spoilers, in this world of instant global communication, is a frustration which paying customers can do without.

    I appreciate that netflix is trying to get this right but this is a case where "nearly" isn't good enough. One friend's facebook update, one post in a forum, and the surprise is spoilt for an eager customer who pays to watch a show rather than torrent it.

  28. This post has been deleted by its author

  29. MrXavia

    I MAY be a fringe case, but when I am most likely to want to watch some TV, I am usually not able to get online, so I need to download whatever I want to watch in those cases...

    Streaming and the cloud is fine, if you only live and travel where your connection is constant...

  30. carranty

    Will Brit addicts cough up fiver to watch it or pirate it anyway?

    I suspect there be a significant portion that do both.

    I have a *cough* friend *cough* that has been a Netlfix subscriber since it became available in the UK, yet, at 11am this morning as soon as he noticed it had been uploaded he proceeded to download the latest ep to a USB stick. Netflix is great at off peak times of day, when no one else is using a broadband connection, and you just want to stick something on the telly., But once it gets to the evening and your bandwidth drops faster than a politician's promise after election day, there's no beating an actual mkv on a usb drive. Now, if Netflix would allow temporary download of its files (a limited quantity for a limited time period, a service similar to an ebook rental service maybe), then it might actually have something almost as good as many pirates are using.

    Remember, a lot of pirates are paying customers, certainly paying more than £4.99 a month (they just don't pay the networks!). Networks don't need to give all their content away freely to beat piracy, they just need a reasonably priced alternative that pirates can put their money into instead. The only real choice we have right now is Sky at £50, you're joking right?

  31. Andrew A

    I already pay my tv license and a monthly fee to Virgin Media for my telly. Now I have to pay NetFlix to watch Breaking Bad, Sky to watch F1 races live and, next year, BT to watch MotoGP. They can all get lost! I watched Breaking Bad at lunchtime after downloading it when I got up, it was awesome.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why does Orlowski assume this is an 'either or' situation? I have both Lovefilm and Netflix but would still consider downloading from other sources - especially for long journeys where an internet connection isn't an option - so how would you place people like me in the statistics?

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I just finished watching the new Breaking Bad episode a few minutes ago, I didn't realise it wasn't broadcast in the UK.

    I stopped using the more expensive subscription TV services a few years ago when I still lived in the UK, even when I was a subscriber I downloaded most of my TV programs from the torrents.

    I've never watched any TV programs on my computer, I just copy the video files to a USB drive and play them back using one of those small MediaMatchBox stand alone devices. They're perfect and play everything you download regardless of what format it's in. They're so handy I take it with me when I travel and use it in the hotels.

    Netflix isn't available here. If it was available I would subscribe to it.

  34. joeW

    Self-Confessed Massive Freetard here

    I actually started watching Breaking Bad from S1E01 last night - legally, on Netflix. If the last few episodes are still PPV by the time I reach the end of S5E05, and I like the show as much as I think I will from the first three episodes, then I think I'd be prepared to drop a few quid on them.

    I'll still be yoinking full-season torrents though - I like having local copies of my media.

  35. mark l 2 Silver badge

    I am only about half way through series 2 of breaking bad on DVD but for anyone who hasn't seen it i recommend it, can be a little slow to start but its good once your a few episodes into it.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I certainly hope so as well.

    Incidentally, I'm one of the 'freetards' who would happily pay for a subscription + extra if the shows I watch are made available immediately...

  37. JP19


    So I could torrent a DRM free HD copy which I can watch any time I want for as long as I care to devote a few pence worth of disc space to it. I can reencode it to any format to play on any device (current and future) should I want to. The incremental cost over a net connection is almost nothing.

    Or I could pay Netflix six quid a month and be able to stream likely shitty quality (I couldn't find out) to a likely shitty player (is it silverlight in a browser on PC - I couldn't find out) for as long as I pay Netflix 6 quid a month and as long as they choose to keep it available.

    And that is for the limited range of content on Netflix.

    No dare, no challenge - paying substantially more to get substantially less is a joke.

    Paying substantially more isn't the big problem, the big problem is getting substantially less.

  38. Hoe
    Thumb Down

    Oh yeah great...

    £6 a month for limited content with low quality Audio sold as HD!

    No Thanks!

    When they get services which actually compare then they might combat the problem, until then I guess people are stuck having to get the good quality content from pirate sources!

    WE DON'T WANT TO CHANGE Blu\Red\Green or Purple feking Rays with DVDs and CD, we don't want to listen to a brand new release with 20 year old Audio technology and we don't want to be raped for £6 per month of each and every provider under the sun just to see what we want.

    When, oh when will these stupid ass MOFO's learn... anything and give us what we want?!

  39. Christian Berger

    DRM free?

    Why do you expect people voluntarily turning their PC which is, essentially an extension of their brains, into a machine obeying your wishes?

    I'll gladly pay for things I watch, but I won't give you control over my PC. It's mine, not yours. And as the German constitutional court ruled a few years ago, I have a right to have my data processing equipment to be "confidential and of integrity". This is not compatible with DRM.

    I have a right to exercise my constitutional rights, if you won't respect that, you won't see money from me.

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Heres the best reason I've seen to pay Netflix and not resort to Torrents

    I didn't know this was on Netflix, so I visited an infamous nautical themed Torrent site to obtain a download. First comment when I click on the link: "Oh my god, I can't believe that ****** happens!!! WOW!!! Lolz!!!!111!!OMG!!!111!!".

    And so some little annoying F***ER has just ruined the final series for me by posting the final cliff hanger as the first comment on the torrent, with the next half dozen comments elaborating further.

    Proof that there is data I absolutely do not want for free. I would now gladly pay for a years Netflix sub to forget what I've just read.

  41. montyburns56

    Both the first two seasons were showed by Five USA a couple of years ago, although admittedly they were broadcast at about midnight. They did manage to show each season in the space of about a week though, as if it was some embarrassing piece of crap that they wanted to get out of the way just so they could show some more CSI repeats.

  42. Ross K

    I pay for Netflix..

    ...but I torrented it so I could watch it in 1080p instead of the 720p my streaming device is limited to.

  43. Paul B

    I've only just watched the first series via lovefilm. I have them all queued up, but I'm in no rush as there is dearth of good TV to watch. I have a couple of games still, on rent form them, as they have just cancelled future game rentals, so I'm holding onto them for another month.

    I am tempted to cancel my lovefilm now though and go with netflix now though since they cancelled the games subscription.

  44. Michael Habel

    Who needs torrents

    When you have XBMC, (Beit on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS (iThingies, and AppleTV), as well as on Raspberry Pi, and Android?), with a streaming Plugin be it Navi-X, or XBMCHub? Both call on the same location of "Project Free TV" and or "Watch TV Now". You also have access to just as many Movies. Plus all of BSkyB Movies & Sport. Jut to kick things off with. Hardly a Wonder why the AppleTV is so damned expensive on Feabay when you take this vector into context.

  45. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm going to be downloading the torrent and buying the Bluray. Am I evil?

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Worked for me!

    When I was unemployed I used to torrent all the time, I now have a (quite low paid for the sector I'm in) job and have joined Netflix and there's just no reason to do it anymore. £6 a month to watch full movies or series streamed on-demand and in their full glory (and it's not data limited so you can watch all you want) is a complete no-brainer for me.

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For those complaining about things not working on Linux..

    Really? Thats your complaint? How about you stop being such a tight geek and invest in one of the thousands of other devices that WILL play it? iOS, Android, Popcorn, LG tvs, PS3, XBox 360, etc etc etc Its not like there aren't choices. If you REALLY want to use Linux get a WD live, it runs a modified Linux and plays Netflix and iPlayer and is hardly expensive.

    1. codejunky Silver badge

      Re: For those complaining about things not working on Linux..


      Of course. Kinda like DVD which is region controlled, so just go out and buy another DVD player. And of course we can make video games available for select/singular consoles. And while we are at it we should lock down TV so it will only play some content and you can buy a different one for other content. And maybe lock your phone so that you can only call people on the same network. Why not do the same for landlines and make them region specific too.

      I only say this because you obviously think there is more benefit to artificially locking and restricting technology so that people must pay over and over again for the same technology with a different artificial restriction. And you obviously have so much room and money that you wouldnt be a tight geek and not buy all these devices to do what you want?

    2. ridley

      Re: For those complaining about things not working on Linux..

      I am pretty sure that Lovefilm or Netflix is not available in the Popcornhour.

  48. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One show in isolation isn't meaningful.

    I'm sorry but even if I watched Breaking Bad (it's a good show, but it's not something the wife will watch. We only watch shows we both like) I would not join Netflix just for it.

    To stop me "pirating" my requirements are very simple.

    * DRM free, I want to play it on my Linux XBMC box setup, or anything else, without restrictions.

    * downloads, not streams, downloads so I can schedule the bandwidth use.

    * low cost, I don't have much money to flush down the loo on things there is no scarcity of.

    * don't make me wait.

    * decent easy to use service.

    File sharing gives the first four easily, but the fifth it does struggle with. Countless copies of the same of a wide variety of quality. Basic search, no recommendation system, etc etc.

    AllOfMp3 showed the way here. Until it was shut, it had me spending more on media than I had since I had money to waste (young free and single). But the copyright bastards closed it down rather than work with it.

    I don't think the old grey hairs will ever get with the program. What will force them is things like Google doing TV shows for free. It will be a world of overlay ads and product placement, but there will be competition to keep that at a level users can stand. I see this world as inevitable. The copyright bastards won't win in locking down the world and they won't win against sharing.

    One show in isolation fixing one of the issues, is meaningless.

    1. Andrew Orlowski (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: One show in isolation isn't meaningful.

      "AllOfMp3 showed the way here"

      By taking your money but not paying the creators? That's really a double fail. At least TPB is free.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: One show in isolation isn't meaningful.

        Money not going to artists is a technicality. Point was I am other where paying for the first time in a long time. Many of us beleived at the time the money was going to the artists.

        AllOfMp3 claim they offered monet that was refused (too little and they didn't want to legitimize it).

  49. tony2heads


    "Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.

    Enter your email & we'll let you know when Netflix is available."

    Outside the US and UK (plus a few others) there is no legal option for Netflix. IF they want other people to stop torrenting their media, then allow them to pay!

  50. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who is the "tard" here

    I do get annoyed by your website's continued use of the phrase "freetard" to describe free downloaders.

    Aside from the reference to "retards" (which I'm sure some group or other will complain about in time) if one group of people decide to acquire something for free and another decide to line the pockets of a major comms company by paying for it - who's the idiots?

    Surely it should be the "paytards" ?

  51. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Between Netflix, Playon etc, and a VPN, I can't think of any media I would now need to pirate.

    Also, I can't think of any reason to retain a TV licence. So that's gone, too.

  52. Andalou

    I was planning to rewatch the previous series (not sic) through Netflix before watching the final episodes. Only got as far as the very first episode when I noticed that Jesse's girlfriend was wearing a bra. Goodness knows what other ridiculous bowdlerisations the studio made to the version they give to Netflix UK.

  53. Dave 62

    I for one welcome our new more logical television programme distribution.

    Haven't got round to watching BB yet as I'm currently binging on BSG.

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I can get new episodes within hours of them airing on Usenet, but since I love both Arrested Development and Breaking Bad I thought I would give the 30 day free trial of Netflix a try. I have to say, I am very impressed. They are actually offering a better service than the pirates, which I didn't expect. There's a lot of content on there, it's very easy to use and geared towards just letting you watch the shows you want to watch on any device whenever you like, just resuming from where you left off. I think I might actually keep it when the 30 days is over, so they have converted someone who previously downloaded TV shows illegally.

    The same thing happened a few years ago with music. When they started selling tracks cheaply and DRM-free and when the likes of Spotify came along, I started using the legal services because they were finally as good as what the pirates offered. It looks like maybe the entertainment industries are finally realising this and catching up with the new technology.

    The way to do it is not to try and cripple paying users or try to prevent them from doing anything with your content or limiting how long they can see it for, etc. Pirates will find a way to pirate it anyway, you just push away your paying customers. The way to make more money is to offer a brilliant service that people want to use.

    I suspect Netflix will have gained a lot of subscribers over the past few months.

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