back to article SMART Storage: Super DIMM sum adds up to tasty flash soup

Devilishly fast flash data access is on its way, courtesy of SMART Storage interfacing a DIMM-like flash product to a host's memory bus using Diablo Technologies' MCS TeraDIMM technology SMART's ULLtraDIMM product has what it says is ultra low latency compared to existing SSDs and PCIe flash cards. It inherits all of the MCS …


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  1. Justin Stringfellow

    low latency is good

    Since you'll need to swap to these things since you pulled half your memory out to make way for them.

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    So more p()rn downloaded faster?

    Beer I think.

  3. flashdba


    Love it... except the name: ULLtraDIMM

    And people in marketing get paid so much to come up with this stuff. Surely that's evidence that there is no God?

  4. Norman Hartnell


    Doesn't sound very bright to me.

  5. Tom 64
    Thumb Up

    Fantastic bit of kit

    Where do I hand over my cash?

  6. doreilly


    Is it addressed as standard memory, memory through a special driver, standard storage, storage through a special driver or something even more proprietary.

    I would love a cheap dual processor multi TB memory server.

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