back to article Webcam stripper strikes back at vicious 4Chan trolls after year of bullying

A webcam stripper has hit back at creepy trolls who subjected her to a sick year-long campaign of online abuse that made her cry on camera. Nina Jaymes, 40, offers sweaty-palmed keyboard bashers the opportunity to pay her money to watch her disrobe on screen. But the message board she uses to chat with her clients on her …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Go girl ......

    This story is the epitome of what I think about the Anonymous spawn of 4chan. It is nice just for once to see somebody fight back against their attempts at censorship.

    I for one take my hat off to Nina.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Go girl ......

      And may Nina continue to take off more than her hat for us.

    2. moonface

      Baby, take off your coat, real slow. can leave your hat on.

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Go girl ......

      @Titus - >"This story is the epitome of what I think about the Anonymous spawn of 4chan. It is nice just for once to see somebody fight back against their attempts at censorship."

      There's not a single one of them that would have the simple courage to stand up publicly and make any of their statements without the apparent mask of anonymity. These activities are sub-human.

    4. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Go girl ......

      >fight back against their attempts at censorship.

      However under new government rules you will have to register as an official pervert to watch her performances online

    5. Amorous Cowherder

      Re: Go girl ......

      I think the whole sorry episode is just a another pathetic example of people being famous for nothing. 4Chan gets more (in)famous than before, this women gets famous, the trolls that dwell in the more dank areas of the internet get famous. All a bunch of fecking parasites scratching an existence of the backs of each other!

      4Chan needs scum, the scum need a target, this women is obviously reveling in the infamy of winding up the scum and getting some mild noteriety from it all else she would have what most sensible people would have done, told them where to get off and then buggered off to do something a little more worthwhile than wasting time with internet trolls who's collective IQ probably barely scratch double digits.

    6. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Go girl ......

      I take off my shoe to her. And put it on my head.

    7. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Go girl ......

      You're so fucking full of shit. This woman is stripping on camera to make money instead of actually going out and finding a fucking job to support herself and her son. People all rally behind this woman because she sheds a few tears over WORDS ON THE INTERNET. She isn't crying because of what Anonymous trolls are doing to her... she's crying BECAUSE OF THE STATE OF HER OWN LIFE. Everyone is so eager to sit around and act like the trolls are the cause of this woman's sorrow... but the reality is that her LIFE is the cause of her own sorrow. But instead of taking a cold hard look in the mirror she will play the victim and not change ANYTHING about her life. She has a son, and yet she sits there talking about how God has given her NO ONE TO LOVE? Doesn't that just scream out "I'm a selfish parent." to you? She sits there on webcam stripping for the internet while scolding her son who is RIGHT NEXT TO HER... WHILE SHE STRIPS. Where is the outrage for the boy and his future?

      Do you want to know where the outrage is? It's coming from Anonymous in the form of trolling. This woman's son will BE Anonymous in his future... all because he was abandoned and ignored by society in favor of defending his pathetic excuse for a mother. Seems that we live in a time where NO ONE in the mainstream wants to speak out about the future generations and the horrific state they are in. NO ONE in the mainstream media wants to point out just how systemically fucked the young generations are.

      So instead we end up with people doing it Anonymously. Sure, the Anonymous hordes are often very offensive and aggressive... but SOCIETY has driven them to that point! Far too many people are completely ignorant of the GOOD that Anonymous does because mainstream media won't cover it. They want to label them as edgy pre-teen trolls in order to discredit them. The reality is that they are straight white males in their 20s who are looking for a place where they fit in since society has so clearly rejected them.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Go girl ...... (@ AC 0827hrs)

        Nicely ironic AC trolling bullshit there. Well done. You even get extra marks for use of capital letters, but the real win came from the frothy rant about the "mainstream media."


        But you are still wrong.

      2. DragonLord

        Re: Go girl ......

        @anonymous angry guy.

        What do you know about her life beyond this article? My guess would be nothing. Yet like so many other people you are willing to demonise her life choices without even considering why she may have made them or why they may seem to be the best ones she can make. Is the naked human body really so abominable that we can't accept that some people may think that using it is the best way for them to make money? And who knows, maybe she's a single Mum and she sees this as the best way to make enough money to pay the bills and give her enough time in the day to bring up her son correctly. So, if for working 2-3 hours a day (after her son's supposed to be in bed), she earns enough to pay all the bills and have enough left over for some luxuries. Doesn't that make it a no brainier, after all, what other job can you think of where you can work from home and earn that sort of money with very little in the way of qualifications?

        And then people come along and pick on her, bullying her through her business channel and try to drive her off air? Who are the selfish people? The ones trying to force her into their ideal of a work life balance or the one who's trying to make ends meet with the skills and abilities she has while bringing up a child at home?

      3. strum

        Re: Go girl ......

        Anonymous coward. That's all we need to know about you.

        1. Tom 13

          Re: That's all we need to know about you.

          There can be honor in being an anonymous coward. There isn't in his post. In his case I think El Reg's monitors should be allowed to change his tag from "Anonymous Coward" to "4Chan Coward."

          There is some truth in what he says, but it is overwhelmed by his negativity and nihilism. Yes the woman probably ought to step back and examine her life. If her job is frequently causing her to breakdown in tears she should probably look for another job. If she is seeking God's love she should probably take some time to think about why she isn't feeling it. God does love her enough that he sent his only begotten Son to die on a tree for her sins. His sacrifice is big enough for all of us, but he would have done it for her alone. If you don't see it/feel it, there's something blocking it. As far as I've been able to determine, that something is always in ourselves, because we're the only ones to whom he allows that choice.

          If on the other hand it's all an act because it brings in more money, that's her choice too.

          Whatever choices we make, consequences follow from them. For good or for bad, to life or to death.

      4. Bit Brain

        Re: Go girl ......

        I think you mis-typed the URL for the Daily Mail website.

      5. Bronny

        Re: Go girl ......

        Oooh, someone has got some oedipus issues. And interesting that you felt the need to state that Anonymous are all straight. Very important, so important you should have SHOUTED it.

      6. Mr.Mischief

        Re: Go girl ......

        Aww.. look at that. Anonymous Coward is angry.. Here... have a downvote.

        I'm guessing that after all the porn you watch on your computer, you secretly hate the liberated people out there, while you sit in your little closet and spank your monkey.

        Perhaps one day you will move out of your house and won't have to hear how touching yourself makes you a worthless, depraved, sinner like your parents tell you you are.

    8. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Go girl ......

      This post is soaked with ignorance.

      The people who are targeted are generally targeted BECAUSE they fight back, BECAUSE they have emotional outbursts. The goal of these people is to get their victims to do these things. Why? Because it's what they find amusing.

      If what you want is for them to stop then it's the worst possible thing you can do in her situation.

      And the bit about censorship? What is this I don't even? If anything 4channers are rabidly against censorship.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Has anyone sent this to David Cameron

    he might like to know there are other ways of dealing with trolls.

    Oh, hang on - his filters won't let him see it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Has anyone sent this to David Cameron

      He can always ask his pre-teen kid what it's all about, apparently they can access everything on their smart phones.

      A true model of responsible parenting.

      1. BongoJoe

        Re: Has anyone sent this to David Cameron

        <emHe can always ask his pre-teen kid what it's all about, </em>

        When they go back to the pub to fetch him, of course...

  3. Tommy Gilchrist

    Fair play to her

    How sad and pathetic do you need to be to get your jollies making other people cry...unless that's what they want you to do :-)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Fair play to her

      The kind of people who FEED on schadenfreude. The kind of people who can't be happy unless everyone around them is miserable. They exist, and not just on the Internet.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Fair play to her

      Yeah - To fat to join the po-lice or the army to do some real harm, so instead they gang up on a stripper over the internet. Presumably, they pay to do it too (otherwise she would "kick+ban" them)?

  4. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Can the El Reg editorial board actually SPANK the writers who use "troll" incorrectly, please?

    1. gazthejourno (Written by Reg staff)

      do read the bootnote.

      1. oddie

        A troll is a troll is no longer a troll

        After spendng the last few weeks being annoyed at various media channels that have no idea what anything 'internet' related means and proudly declaring trolling to be internet bullying (or vica verca?) I think the battle has been lost and the general ignorance that once moved 'hacking' from someone who plays with technology to someone who breaks into websites have now also changed the meaning of 'trolling'.

        Still, at least I can find solace that I live in a world, where, for a few weeks before the meaning of the word was actually changed to accomodate the miss-information; the urban dictionary was more factually accurate than the BBC.

        Don't feed the bullies?

        This Tangend brought to you by someone who does of course feel sorry for the woman who was the target of these cyber-bullies and their unacceptable behaviour.. sorry.. trolls.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: A troll is a troll is no longer a troll

          It's a shame when the auhtor has to define the word troll to fit in with the article. These people are not trolls, they are cyber-bullies. Insecure, faceless twonks who wouldn't have the intelligence to write a good troll.

          There already was a perfectly good name for these kind of comments, flames. However it doesn't quite sound as sexy as troll so the media has found fit to hijack another word. It seems that public opinion will win the day and we'll have to find a new word for the true meaning of troll.

        2. veti Silver badge

          Re: A troll is a troll is no longer a troll

          I agree. 'Troll' is a formerly useful word for a skilled, if somewhat sick, form of online sport that's now been lost to us.

          From the jargon file:

          1. v.,n. [From the Usenet group alt.folklore.urban] To utter a posting on Usenet designed to attract predictable responses or flames; or, the post itself. Derives from the phrase “trolling for newbies” which in turn comes from mainstream “trolling”, a style of fishing in which one trails bait through a likely spot hoping for a bite. The well-constructed troll is a post that induces lots of newbies and flamers to make themselves look even more clueless than they already do, while subtly conveying to the more savvy and experienced that it is in fact a deliberate troll. If you don't fall for the joke, you get to be in on it. See also YHBT.

          The best 'troll' postings are those that look as if they're on topic, and don't contain a single rude word or personal insult against anyone. What they do is rile up a segment of the readership so much that they just can't help but reply in a predictable, usually angry, way.

          Much like this whole story, in fact...

          1. Great Bu

            Re: A troll is a troll is no longer a troll

            When did it stop being about this ?


      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Please do not be selective...

        ...El Reg writers constantly incorrectly use hacker. Some of you use it correctly, however. Why not include links to jargon, or have all your writers get educated about your audience and learn to use the terms correctly. Please do ignore the main stream media. Most (hopefully) of your readers are not infatuated with it.

      3. Annihilator

        "do read the bootnote"

        While the bootnote is there, this is the equivalent of the Mail et al running stories of MMR causing autism with a couple of lines at the end of the article saying "some other scientists dispute this". Yes you've covered your arse in the interest of faux "balance", but you're supporting the wrong message.

      4. Tom 13

        @ gazthejourno

        While DAM does deserve some downvotes for his specific corrective action, he does have a point, "troll" =/= "bully" and in fact a skilled troll actually can't engage in bullying. As I learned the term a skilled troll starts a flame war with a single post and never replies thereafter. Particularly on a tech site we should work to defend the use of our words, not excuse them with bootnote definitions. It's a bit like a legislative body passing a law saying pi is 3.14 exactly.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My heart bleeds

    Excuse me for not feeling sorry for a camwhore. The internet giveth, and the internet taketh away.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: My heart bleeds

      Excuse me for not feeling sorry for an insensitive fool like you. The evolution gives brain cells and the lack of education gets in the way.

    2. Thomas 4

      Re: My heart bleeds

      I support your bold statement, Mr Anonymous Coward.

      The Internet giveth abuse and the Internet taketh away happiness and self worth.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: My heart bleeds

        "The Internet giveth abuse and the Internet taketh away happiness and self worth."

        Which is why I do not feel sorry for her. She's old enough. And kid who killed herself, I feel like that's wrong and bad, but people do that for all sorts of reasons, like bad grades or break ups.

        All of you commenting on here, condemning the bullies, are really saying that you think the Internet is a social forum. You are the problem. You sound like the bunch of n00bs that are ever increasingly flocking to the Interwebs - clueless and programmed by TV. Human's do not need more of this social technology. Us regular folk who know this should be talking about it especially with our children.

        I hope you all cry yourselves to sleep and thinking about what a bunch of reactionary pussies you are. HHOS.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: My heart bleeds @AC

          Boo-hoo, you've made me cry, from laughing..

          Now get from behind your keyboard and come over and say it to my face.

        2. Anonymous Hero

          Re: My heart bleeds

          "I hope you all cry yourselves to sleep " - instant tell-tale sign of someone who no longer has the ability (if ever they did in the first place) to argue or debate a matter civilly or constructively. Bozo bit flipped.

        3. Chris Parsons Bronze badge

          Re: My heart bleeds

          I doubt you're bright enough to see the irony that you are also condemning yourself. By the way, the plural of 'human' is 'humans', no apostrophe required.

          as Bambi's mum said, 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all'.

    3. Babbit55
      Thumb Down

      Re: My heart bleeds

      I am quite sure you have used her ilks services on more than one occasion as I certainly hope someone who defends bullies and thinks this is even close to acceptable never leaves there mothers basement!

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: My heart bleeds

      You know, dear AC, Anonymous is something of a fickle beast. More interestingly the hivemind is a little less unified than one might think. Some significant fraction of it still contains moralfags; perhaps some consideration of verbiage is prudent when you tread upon the corners of the internet where they hold sway.

      The only thing the hivemind fears is itself; and the hivemind has always been at war with itself. Sympathy? Compassion? I think you'll find them more in place here than on 4chan. Perhaps a dollop of each is called for when posting to a site where, really, you aren't all that Anonymous at all.

    5. fajensen

      Re: My heart bleeds

      Go away Mr. Taliban: She is a person and she is not harming anyone!

      She probably makes more money from leveraging her assets on camera than she would getting RSI from cutting spam at some meat factory, thus lessening the burden on society.

    6. Naughtyhorse

      Re: My heart bleeds

      hey everyone lets down vote him til he cries....

      oh hang on a minute

    7. dan1980

      Re: My heart bleeds

      The post suggesting "the internet" gives and takes is both inaccurate and also strangely accurate.

      It's inaccurate because the 'Internet' isn't responsible for this - PEOPLE are.

      On the other hand, it's kind of correct for exactly the same reason.

      Being a stripper before (or without) the Internet, you have a certain potential audience dictated primarily by location. Being a stripper on the Internet, however, you remove that barrier and expose yourself to a much larger pool of potential customers.

      From another angle, however, being a stripper in a real strip-club, you have vile jerks hassling you. Being a stripper on the Internet, you have still have vile jerks hassling you but, again, you now have a much larger pool.

      Essentially, the very reason the Internet offers an attractive 'venue' for stripping is at least partially the cause of any increased unpleasantness as well - a larger pool of people.

      You might say: "yes, but the anonymity of the Internet encourages these people". And I would say that you are exactly correct. Yes, the anonymous nature of the Internet does allow more people to be worse and more forward with their insults and harsh behaviour than they would be in person but it also allows a lot more potential customers for our stripper - people who might worry what others would think, or who are too shy to go to a strip club.

      None of that makes any of this 'okay', I guess I was just exploring the poster's comment.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing new

    /b/* has been trolling camwhore sites for years. Most of the girls give as good as they get but there's always one that will crack, and that's what keeps the trolls in the hunt.

    * Some very intelligent and insightful discussion goes on certain boards at 4chan, the author has made the usual confusion between 4chan as a whole and it's cess pit known as /b/

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Nothing new

      Now you are just splitting hairs, 4 chan host /b/ as part of their site so they can take the blame.

      Anonymous occasionally come out and do good things such as campaigning for our freedoms, however sick trolling and bullying like this will only promote efforts to remove anonymity from the internet damaging their own cause.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Nothing new

        No it isn't splitting hairs, by saying 4chan is responsible suggests that the users of the dozens of other imageboards on the site are somehow responsible when they're not. Secondly, the 4chan site is an anonymous imageboard where posts can last as little as 10 minutes before they disappear forever. They try to police the site but at the end of the day they're no more responsible for their users than BT would be if I received a malicious phone call.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re: Nothing new

          The way I would look at it is if you receive a malicious phone call you can approach the Police and report the call. As I know from experience BT will take responsibility in that they will provide the Police with the details of the caller and also block that number from calling you again. The Police will, and in the case I dealt with successfully, attempt to apprehend the malicious caller,

          So if you are saying that 4chan is a legitimate site, and not to be labelled 'en masse' as a cess pit, what responsibility do they take in these circumstances?

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Nothing new

          It was ebaumsworld

        3. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

          Re: Nothing new

          You can't police a *chan. That's as impossible as attempting to ruin a *chan. (Pissing into an ocean of piss right there, sir.) Also, by definition, *chan sites simply don't make any attempt to take ownership of responsibility for anything on those sites. Every now and again Moot tries something stupid...and how well does that work out for him?

          You can not make the hivemind do what you want. You cannot impose morals on the hivemind. The hivemind is not your Personal Army. Attempting to tell the hivemind what it can and can not do will ultimately end up in a pile of internet so fierce you'd look at the idiocy visited upon the poor dear in this article as a polite bit of summer conversation.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Thumb Down

            Re: Nothing new @Trevor_Pott

            Not at all sure what your first post is either about, or in response to my post.

            Assuming that you might have been responding to my post I wasn't suggesting Policing a *chan. I would guess in the event that it was required that would be the job of the Police.

            1. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward

              Re: Nothing new @Trevor_Pott

              problem is, "My name is Legion, for we are many", there are people posting on *chan from all over the world.

              herding cats would be like a nice summer walk in the park compared to what you'd have to do to find even a small percentage of agitators

            2. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward

              Re: Nothing new @Trevor_Pott

              Did moot get back from Mexico with his Soup okay?

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Nothing new

        And you can find 4chan on Google so Google can take the blame. And my ISP allows me to use Google and 4chan so they can take the blame. And my country's regulations allows my ISP, Google and 4chan to be accessible so they can take the blame. Oh... no... that's not right... that would be stupid...

    2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Nothing new

      Rules 1 and 2! RULES 1 AND 2!!!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They see me trollin'...

    ...they hatin'

    *sigh* That feels formulaic now.

    I think I just self-trolled :S

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To troll in and of itself.

    To troll in and of itself – writing insulting, humiliating comments like "fanboi" in order to get a rise out of the target

    That's a very limited definition of trolling you have there. The general intent of trolling is indeed to get a response from someone, but there are many many ways of doing it without using insults or humiliation; pretending to be a clueless noob, for example, is one of the classics. It isn't necessarily nasty or vicious at all; that's just one limited kind of trolling - and IMO the least classy and most unimaginative kind.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: To troll in and of itself.

      I put on my robe and wizard hat.

    2. Alex Walsh

      Re: To troll in and of itself.

      Best example of traditional trolling I read recently was a reference to a bloke who joined Christian forums purely to put across the message that Herbie Fully Loaded was satanic. That's the kind of trolling I like.

      1. C 18
        Thumb Up

        Re: To troll in and of itself.

        >...joined Christian forums...Herbie Fully Loaded was satanic.

        That's some top trolling there, top trolling indeed.

        T'would be perfick if it weren't for the hint of the truth lying within...

      2. firefly

        Re: To troll in and of itself.

        You can't help but snigger when the Anons trolled Oprah..

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: To troll in and of itself.

          I enjoyed the days of closing pools before Habbo Hotel became the cool place to have moral panics about.

  9. Alexander Hanff 1

    Disagree with Bootnote

    Actually I would disagree with your bootnote. Under Protection from Harassment Act 1997 there is no requirement for threats of violence or sexual assault - simply the following:

    1 Prohibition of harassment.

    (1)A person must not pursue a course of conduct—

    (a)which amounts to harassment of another, and

    (b)which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.

    (2)For the purposes of this section, the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to harassment of another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other.

    I recently filed criminal complaints against two of my own online stalkers after a 5 year campaign of libelous harassment from them. You can read about it here:

    So don't assume that just because you have not been threatened with violence that your aggressors are safe from the law - because there is a chance they are not if the harassment has been ongoing and "a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other".

    It is time we stood up against this sort of behaviour.

    1. andreas koch

      Re: Disagree with Bootnote


      Does that mean that a person could actually sue an MP for, let's say Devizes, for harassment, if a reasonable person would find that her course of conduct amounted to harassment?

      I feel some CP* cases coming up . . .

      Not Child Porn, Claire Perry.

      1. nsld

        Re: Disagree with Bootnote

        Unfortunately Claire Perry would do a "Gary" and plead insanity or some such other excuse to explain her abundant fuckwittery

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Disagree with Bootnote

      Does it take five years' worth of harrassment to file a complaint? Or did you (probably not) string them along for 5 years?

  10. Evan Essence

    I'm not sure I understand. They're paying her so they can access the board to troll her?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      yes you do.

      You understand perfectly.

  11. Babbit55

    If you don't feed the troll they tend to die off from starvation

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Question is, who is the troll in this case?

    2. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

      This ain't trolling

      If you don't feed the troll they tend to die off from starvation

      Except these aren't trolls and aren't trolling. They are horrible, hateful, spiteful bastards who are really trying to cause people grief and delight when they achieve that. It is not just a case of casual commentary or abuse in jest; these are targeted, persistent and determined campaigns with intent to make people's lives a misery.

      Bullies, plain and simple. And they won't stop until they are harmed themselves through being exposed or shamed, forced to confront the harm they cause, or punished for that.

      We wouldn't put up with such bullying at work, at home, or in our social lives, so why should we have to put up with it online or see it facilitated through the security of anonymity?

      We seem to have increasingly adopted a more American ideology of 'free speech' online where almost anything goes and almost everything has to be tolerated in its name. That is however incompatible with free speech within British culture which is far less tolerant of hate speech and that which causes harm. We have ended up with traditional limits of acceptability being stepped beyond with impunity and we urgently need to rectify that.

      That is not be against free speech - these people are already infringing AUPs and site rules - it is just that we do not have effective means to deal with those who do step over the mark with service providers also slow or reluctant to take action.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: This ain't trolling

        "They are horrible, hateful, spiteful bastards who are really trying to cause people grief and delight when they achieve that."

        What, so it's somehow immoral to make people angsty? I disagree entirely. Trolling climate change deniers and young earth creationists until they wet themselves in frustration and burst a vein in sheer rage is a noble and honourable pursuit.

        I torment such intellectual wastelands on a regular basis and for good reason; the more angsty you make them the more you can get them to demonstrate publicly that their arguments are not based in anything approaching sound logic. They are an educational tool and a warning for those who would make the mistake of allowing personal desire to influence their perception of reality

        That's similar to - and yet different from - what these chaps are up to. I probably could be qualified as a "horrible, hateful, spiteful bastard who is really trying to cause people grief and delight when I achieve that." However my goals are higher than personal amusement and I don't target innocents; only those who preach and proselyte demonstrable falsehoods which cause disproportionate damage to our society.

        So please, don't lump all horrible, hateful spiteful bastards who delight in the angst of others together. These ones go after the innocent; that makes then specially different from the rest of trolldom.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: This ain't trolling

          How is she innocent? A little bias with your morning tea, sir?

        2. veti Silver badge

          Re: This ain't trolling

          Well, from a utilitarian perspective - intentionally making someone else miserable is wilfully, and for no good reason, reducing the net amount of happiness held by other people, so yes it is morally indefensible.

          From a Kantian perspective, you could justify it, provided you think you'd be happier in a world where everyone did this, to everyone else including you, all the time.

          Immoral? Yep, I think so.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    darn, i missed that one.

    Whatever, I remember reading, a long time ago, that all humor was in fact based on someone else's misery.

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: darn, i missed that one.

      Attributed to Mel Brooks: "f I got a paper cut, that’s a tragedy. If you fell down an open manhole and died, that's comedy."

      Or Homer Simpson: "Man fall over. Funny."

      We enjoy watching John Cleese as Basil Fawlty in an apoplectic fit. We also enjoy watching bad things happening to bad or stupid people, or to stupid bad people. An example would be the Darwin Awards, or the drunken Swansea idiots who decide to abuse a transvestite - who turns out to be a professional cage fighter dressed up for a stag night; the ensuing natural justice was captured on CCTV and is available on YouTube.

      1. Ramiro

        Re: darn, i missed that one.

        The first time I realized that humour is the appreciation of human suffering was when I read Stranger in a strange land, a long long time ago, as an impressionable teenager (of course), when the main character (I forget his name, the martian) discovers humour by watching some monkeys beating up another other in a cage.

        I was *really* impressed, that scene changed me forever.

        Many many times since then I have challenged people to tell me a joke that does not derive its humour from the suffering of a human, animal, etc, and is not a simple word play or pun.

        I don't remember anyone ever managing to do it, even though almost everyone strongly disagrees, at first.

        1. Adrian Midgley 1

          Re: darn, i missed that one.

          Michael Valentine Smith.

  13. Cliff

    Poor woman

    Herds of adolescent arseholes with no life experience trying to ruin what is unlikely to be her first choice of career must be awful. Little big man keyboard warriors, fuck the lot of 'em.

  14. Rampant Spaniel

    What miserable little twats. Glad it's boosted her income at least. It is a sad reflection of how pathetic their existance is that they think treating somebody like that is fair game. I wonder if they would be so brave away from their keyboards?

  15. Citizen Kaned

    ironic they are having a go at a stripper when its likely thats as close as many of them will get to a real woman. im sure most of them are just angry, spotty little virgins.

  16. NomNomNom

    "Vulture Central's backroom gremlins point out that not all trolls post criminally offensive threats of sexual or physical violence"

    Uh haven't you been reading the news? Check the front page of yesterday's Mail.

    "To troll in and of itself – writing insulting, humiliating comments like "fanboi" in order to get a rise out of the target – is not against the law."

    There is no justification for trolling. It should be against the law. There is no excuse. Lets not try invent some false distinction between "good trolls" and "bad trolls".

    1. oddie

      I have upvoted you as I can't tell if you are trolling or not :)

    2. Rampant Spaniel

      That sounds rather like a universe designed by and for Stephen Fry. In life there is banter and this is officially a Good Thing tm. There is also heated discussion and general shit flinging which unless you have skin thinner than Mr Fry is not terrible. Not everyone in the world will treat you like a newborn. There is no right, nor should there be, not to be offended. Can you imagine how insanely boring the world would be?

      The line should be drawn and continued harassment or credible threats of harm. I say credible because if I were to suggest I would greatly enjoy watching you drown in a vat of snot most sane adults would understand it is deliberately lacking in credibility and not an actual threat. What these little mongs are doing is a campaign of harrassment to try and compensate for their deep seated feelings of inadequacy that result from being nothing more than winnets on the arse of society. Entirely different from being offended because somebody isn't polite enough for you. One of my first jobs involved working with and managing a wonderful bunch of 50 somethings. Wonderful people, devious little bastards who never stopped attempting to get you fired or killed but actually nice guys. Taught me a lot about looking past how something is delivered and at the actual message. That and to always test door handles with the back of my hand or a multimeter. Oh and always get even :-)

    3. JDX Gold badge

      You misunderstand the term trolling then. Unless you think it should be illegal for me to pretend to hold a view I don't, or to an express a view I do just to spark controversy.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Is the the "pretending to be a clueless noob" approach ?

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I tried hard to come up with a reply to get you to understand everything that is wrong with your approach and mentality here but I gave up. It really is hopeless.

      But just in case, here's a hint: don't make sweeping moral judgements based on definitions you read in yesterday's Mail.

      1. oddie

        original poster was probably being a troll... and I am now not entirely sure if this is a proxy account created by OP to encourage further responses... trolls within trolls...

      2. ratfox

        NomNomNom is always trolling

        Sometimes, he is just more subtle about it.

      3. Rob

        You went too far...

        .... you could have just said, "Stop reading the mail".

    6. Ambivalous Crowboard
      Thumb Up

      I can clearly see your nuts

      There's a distinction already between what is abuse and what is trolling.

      Allow me to demonstrate:

      "Haha, I can't believe Microsoft made people pay for the Winpho upgrade! Apple would never do that," posted in full knowledge of the fact that Apple did actually do it a while ago, but is posted purely to anger and incite. However there's nothing violent, threatening, abusive in itself - the person is trolling because they know that the other person will become a keyboard warrior in response and you can sit back, fold your arms and watch the drama unfold that you've created.

      Another example - let's say you wrote your comment fully aware of the fact that there is already a distinction, and you're just baiting me to write this comment and become a keyboard warrior when I go "OMG I can't believe you're such an idiot to think that blah blah blah" whatever -- so, either you're a good troll, or you're a moron.

    7. Geraint Jones

      Front page of yesterday's Mail. *Top* source of information, to be sure.

      Just because the Mail says someone was bullied DOES NOT mean *all trolls post criminally offensive threats*. I agree with the commenter above who stated that the term "Hacking" has moved from being a descriptive term for anyone who mods/plays around with hardware, to being someone who is certainly up to no good on computers - Black Hat Hacker would be a more suitable term. Online bullying would be a more suitable term here - there *is* a differentiation between "amiable" trolling and bullying. Do not confuse the two (like the mainstream media is currently doing).

      The Vulture is quite right - trolling can be as little as a comment meant to drag someone into an argument, an elbow nudge if you will. It can be quite a banter, having an argument online, giving an opinion and watching someone else "explode" due to their own strongly held opinions.

      On the other hand bullying, harassment, threats of physical violence - particularly doing so anonymously - are wrong and certainly illegal.

      4Chan as a whole cannot be held responsible for all the disgusting things that are written by a subset of people. It's tantamount to saying "London is responsible for all stabbings in the city" - it just doesn't make sense. 4Chan is a sprawling forum of all kinds of wrong, but it is individuals (admittedly coming together and egging each other on) who are causing these issues.

      I don't know how I can try to explain it any further. I've trolled. Never anyone who didn't expect it, and NEVER anything violent, nasty or hurtful. Just an opposing opinion worded to bring people into the argument.

      The problem with the ongoing bullying issue is that the "trolls" are going out of their way to find vulnerable types to harrass - simply because they know they are likely to get a reaction. Just like the people walking around town who'll kick the shit out of someone at 3am, just because they look like they won't fight back. Wrong'uns.

      It's just a shame "trolling" has now become synonymous with the nastier side in the public consciousness - trolling is not a one stop shop of nasty - it's a whole spectrum of actions, some relatively benign, some down right nasty. Don't paint *everyone* with the same brush.

    8. Geraint Jones

      Going over our collective responses - have we all just been trolled by nomnomnom?

      1. Maharg

        @Geraint Jones

        Going over Nomnomnom’s previous comments, unfortunately I think not.

    9. Maharg

      Daily Fail

      Is that the same Daily Mail whose unashamedly disgusting bulling caused a teacher to commit suicide after a sex change?

      Pot, kettle, Troll

      1. firefly

        Re: Daily Fail

        And also the same Daily Mail that campaigned relentlessly for justice in the Stephen Lawrence case whilst no one else seemingly gave a shit.

        I don't quite get the hate for the Daily Mail. Yes it's a rag with a right-wing slant but it seems that Guardianistas and their ilk love to berate it.

        If you really want to pour scorn on a mainstream newspaper look no further than the Daily Express. Most of the crap they print varies from being plain wrong to downright disturbing.

        1. Don Jefe

          Re: Daily Fail

          I'm from the States and even we make fun of the Daily Mail. It is as bad Fox News but you have to read it with a British accent, which at least makes it entertaining. Well, that and the boobs.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Daily Fail

          "I don't quite get the hate for the Daily Mail."

          Stephen Lawrence was the Mail's solitary, inexplicable finest hour. A positive view of the Nazis in the thirties is merely the most odious example of its normal, serially revolting day to day outlook. You don't even have to know the Guardian exists to find the Mail repugnant.

        3. Maharg

          Re: Daily Fail

          The Daily Mail editors have a game they use plan their paper

          Front page –

          EU/Asylum seekers//illegal immigrant/gays/benefit cheats/ foreigners or foreign (including trees, bees, spiders, fish, drinks, and food) are invading/ruining the UK = 1 point for each, if you can attach any to child abuse = 10 bonus points.

          Mid Pages -

          Misguided crusade for unworkable or useless law regarding protecting British ‘way of life’ or further stories about EU/Asylum seekers//illegal immigrant/gays/benefit cheats/ foreigners or foreign or something else they and the readers don’t fully understand (example enforced filters on internet search engines will stop child abuse) = 1 point for each.

          If you can attach any to unrelated other topic example – (child abuse + loss of red squirrel = house prices rise) = 100 bonus point

          Extra bonus round – if you can twist some figures so they say the opposite of what is true = 500 bonus points.

          Example (and these are real)

          Whites are minority in Luton! Only 44% of people in Luton are white

          - As long as you think there are only two types of ethnicity in the world, White and Other (Other incudes Asian, East Asian, African, Hispanic, North African, Middle Eastern, Afro-Caribbean as well as white Americans, Australians, Polish, Irish, French and other white Europeans) -

          Foreigners (including British people who are brown) claim £ (insert number) Million in benefits!

          This one was interesting, I can’t remember the exact numbers but it went along the lines of the £100 million worked out at around 10% of benefits that went to “foreigners” (this included 2nd & 3rd generation British born).

          What they failed to mention is that “foreigners” (not including 2nd & 3rd generation British born) make up around 14% (again can’t remember exact figure) of the population.

          So the story should have read “foreigners” get less money on benefits then they are entitled to, while British people claim more.

          The Royal Family

          Scientists have found a new treatment for cancer, or that bread/milk/trees/wine/technology/(insert some form of)physical activity/being left handed causes cancer, if you can attach any to EU/Asylum seekers//illegal immigrant/benefit cheats/ foreigners or foreign = bonus point

          Back pages -

          Self-hating women



          If you can insert EU/Asylum seekers//illegal immigrant/gays/benefit cheats/ foreigners or foreign or something else they and the readers don’t fully understand into the last 3 = 300 bonus points

          Reading the Daily Mail actually makes me angry, and not for the reasons they want, and as stated before I dislike the Guardian as well, but at least their BS is just out of touch with reality, the Daily Fail is the same with added Hate

          Totaly agree with the comment on the Express

    10. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Can tell if serious...

      ...or ready for an asswhuppin'

  17. h3

    I think a world without camwhoring would be better than one with it. (Same with strip clubs).

    Funny thing is I think Cameron probably actually agrees with me on this point.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton


      Incidentally, I absolutely disagree with you. and my girlfriend does as well.

    2. fajensen

      I think you just changed David Cameron's mind.

  18. Arthur 1

    Pretty sure downvotes are incoming...

    Pretty sure downvotes are incoming en mass, but I feel no pity here.

    Her business model is getting naked online to try and exploit a perceived weakness in men for large amounts of easy money and gifts. Having to ignore some trolls is at worst a cost of doing business if they drive away some paying customers, but for the most part probably shouldn't matter at all. And it's not like these chat rooms don't have a ban button for the operator if she were so inclined to use it. Seems like a pretty big sense of entitlement at play, she's a naked woman so men should worship her while throwing money her way, not disrespect her! OMG!

    Any job that pays a lot of money beyond replacement income (something you could go easily find in a day) pays that because there's some barrier to everyone else doing it. In the case of being a stripper, it's mainly dealing with assholes (being an attractive woman isn't all that rare, being one with no shame and a high bullshit tolerance is moreso). Real life strippers learn to milk these guys and also have bouncers. Her bouncer is the ban button and her skills in dealing with assholes are apparently non-existent. Don't expect my pity because you suck at your overpaid job.

    1. Rampant Spaniel

      So she is in the business of idiot tax? Many, many people are. Entire industries are built on legally depriving the weak of mind of their income. Pound \ Dollar shops, lotteries, a sizeable chunk of the financial sector, aflac and its ilk, TV shopping networks, TV gambling \ quiz channels and plenty more.

      I'm not sure I'd want my kids to do it but if shes happy then theres plenty of people ahead of her on the list for reeducation. Although I do credit you for finding a way to turn around the usual argument that women in that realm of work are being taken advantage of. Not only is it rarely done, it's closer to the truth in this case.

      I don't agree it should attract a campaign of mindless hate perpetrated by chumps who wouldn't dare do anything remotely as bold if removed from the relative anonymity of teh interwebs. What she is dealing with is beyond heckling, which I agree she should be able to cope with.

    2. Maharg

      Re: Pretty sure downvotes are incoming...

      Dealing with assholes is one thing, constant abuse is another, everyone has to deal with assholes no matter what job they are in, however not all of us are subjected to constant and illegal levels of abuse for trying to make some money by doing a job. The only think relevant about her profession is that it allows them access to see her, could you imagine having to deal with this at your place of work?

  19. h3

    So brothels are bad because women are exploited.

    I would say men are exploited by Cam Whores and Strip Clubs.

    1. Rampant Spaniel

      Hollands pies are the worst exploiters, they used to take most of my money :-(

      Curse those little golden parcels of joy.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let's not mistake her attraction here....

    Let's not give her too much credit. She attracts "trolls" by being a "troll" herself. She's put up hours long rants about men and how all single men are rapists and yadda yadda yadda. I refer the honorable gentlemen to the case of Jessie Slaughter. Then there's the stripping/hooker/waitress in Florida who trolled /b/ hard, then dared them to find her. Spoiler alert: they found her, her boyfriend, her place of work, and a bunch of embarrassing information about her.

    If you're gonna hit like a man, be prepared to take a hit like a man.

    1. Arthur 1

      Re: Let's not mistake her attraction here....

      That doesn't surprise me. I'm sure she's already counting the revenue these news articles will generate.

    2. Bernard M. Orwell

      Re: Let's not mistake her attraction here....

      "She's put up hours long rants about men and how all single men are rapists and yadda yadda yadda"

      Do you have a link to those rants?

      As an occasional visitor to /b/ I can tell you that their "community" very rarely does things without cause. A frequent trope there is "We are not your private army", meaning they have to be convinced, en masse, of the 'value' of taking action against a target. For every simple trolling, you will find threads hunting down and exposing people who have offended their collective sensibilities or what passes for group morality there. They are the assholes of the internet and they freely admit that, but those same assholes have hunted down abusers, perverts, animal cruelty cases, criminals and extremists of all stripes and exposed them for all to see.

      For /b/ to act without some sort of catalyst is very, very rare indeed.

      On a final note - those of you conflating 4Chan as being nothing but /b/, and /b/ anonymity being the same thing as the Anonymous "organisation" should really step back from the debate because you are clueless as to how this particular form of counter-culture is actually shaped. Please hand in your interweb license.

      {and that was a troll, QED}.

  21. codejunky Silver badge

    I feel sorry for the girl and good on her for standing up to them. Hope she did make more money as a result of their childish abuse.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Turn off the camera

    I've just watched the video of her breakdown and the first thing that struck me is why on earth did she leave the camera running. I realise that's her job, but surely you'd be so much better off pulling the plug than giving the trolls exactly what they want. :(

    1. Thomas 4

      Re: Turn off the camera

      Because she vastly overestimated her audience's capacity for sympathy, empathy and a few other fundamentals that separate a normal person from a sociopath.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Paris Hilton

        Re: Turn off the camera

        I'm not sure, but I think her agreement with her credit card processor would prevent her from billing if her video camera wasn't on, so it was monetarily advantageous for her to leave it on.

  23. Scott Broukell

    The age of trolls - everywhere

    It doesn't help that so much 'entertainment medja' is full of such utter trollish crap. Such delights as The Voice and The X Factor are exactly that - public engagement in trolling on the Big Screen. Viewers delight in taking a like or dislike to individuals on these shows and would seem to put greater energy into trashing those they dislike. They then share their venom with those who hold similar views and magnify their 'group' dominance when the voting comes along. Of course, it's all done in the best possible taste and wrapped up in the 'magic' of television. I mean, it's entertainment and it's right there in your living room, so what could possibly be bad about that! Sadly, it amounts to teaching the virtues of en-mass public trolling / bullying and the masses love it they do. Is it not, therefore, inevitable that such behaviour quickly takes root in such a fertile medium as the internet where anonymity and message 'reach' amplify it's effectiveness.

  24. MrDamage Silver badge

    Think of it this way.

    People are willing to pay money to see her naked.

    Who would be willing t pay to see the 4chan basement dwellers naked. Anyone? Anyone?


    Stripper > Troll.

  25. Moosh

    I feel misrepresented

    When I told a friend that I visited 4chan in university, her response was "what, the site with all the rape and child porn and gore? that's fucking sick".

    To her, it didn't matter that /b/, the cancerous tumour that grows larger, yet must be kept in order to draw the unwashed masses from the rest of the boards (much like /soc/), is but one of dozens of boards hosted on the site. It didn't matter, for example, that I visited the site to discuss traditional games, comic books, cartoons, fitness, sports and technology. To her, I was as good as a pedophile.

    She was a psychology student, though this might be irrelevant.

    As all of 4chan gets tainted with the tard brush because of /b/, all people think of is that its a horrible cesspool of a site. It doesn't really gel with people that I visit /tg/ because it is has no yes men and is full of some of the wittiest and friendliest people I've ever conversed with, and that I just want to talk about AD&D.

    1. Maharg
      Thumb Up

      Re: I feel misrepresented

      Totally agree, it’s the equivalent of living in in the Canada and people judging you by Justin Beiber

  26. lotus49

    She is right. Anyone who posts bile-filled messages to someone they don't even know is the epitome of a sad, bitter and pathetic individual whose life is so meaningless and empty that the most useful thing they can do is to try to make someone else feel like they do.

    They are utter scum and this sort of behaviour is starting to make me wonder whether anonymity on the internet isn't almost entirely a bad thing. These miserable little worms wouldn't have the courage to insult anyone to their face. Most of them have probably never even spoken to a women in real life who wasn't related to them.

    My contempt for these worthless individuals is almost unbounded.

  27. mIRCat


    They're doing it wrong.

    The art of trolling requires subtly, where the targets aren't even aware they're being baited. Anything more and you're just being a dick. But this is 4chan and such minutiae is lost on them.

  28. John Savard

    Good to hear

    So not just uttering death threats, but uttering rape threats, is a criminal offence in the UK? Good to hear. I hope Canada follows this league. If the laws were just broadly defined enough...

    In Edmonton, some years back, there was an incident in which three boys were thrown off a bus for making some of its women passengers uncomfortable - that is, concerned for their safety - by making wolf whistles. On their way out, one of them picked up the bucket of sand that was present by the driver for dealing with icy patches on the road, hitting the driver on the head, so she needed stitches.

    Witness testimony was inadequate to allow the courts to determine which of the boys did this, and so no conviction resulted from the incident.

    With proper laws, all three of them could have been spending life in jail for uttering rape threats instead.

    1. Don Jefe

      Re: Good to hear

      Out of curiosity; if they couldn't get a conviction for someone hitting the driver with a bucket of sand and requiring a hospital visit, what makes you think more laws would have seen a conviction over a verbal threat?

  29. jonfr

    Internet trolls

    I find the news stories of trolls on the internet getting bigger every year. This is maybe just different perspective that I am having, or maybe something has changed.

    As for the trolls, why people behave like this on the internet is beyond me. I do not expect it to change, but it is slowly killing off any form of social media for sure.

    As for the girl in question, I found her hot and added her to my twitter.

  30. Kubla Cant

    Trolls and trolling

    When I first encountered the concept of trolling in discussion groups, I assumed the reference was to the fishing strategy where a lure or bait is dragged through the water to catch predatory fish. It seemed a vivid analogy for the way trolls operate.

    Lately, however, it seems to have mutated, and it now seems to be a reference to the Scandinavian monsters that lurk under bridges. The Reg troll icon looks more like one of these than a fishing lure. This feels like a much blunter metaphor.

    Was I wrong in my initial assumption?

    1. Don Jefe

      Re: Trolls and trolling

      I always assumed the same as you. I wonder if it originally started as a term for baiting people but was misunderstood to be just acting like a dick? I'm not sure many denizens of the Internet are familiar with fishing terms. You have to go outside for that and all... There was room for confusion.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sorry in all the excitement I seem to have missed the link to this lady's web cam......

  32. triceratops triceps

    don't you have real jobs? did she really say that?

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Block option

    How come these social media sites don't have a simple option to block undesirables?

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I really wish the Media would stop calling them trolls.

    It's like saying Justin Bieber is a musical prodigy.

    They are abusive assholes. Two, totally different things.

  35. Sceptic Tank Silver badge

    Just *wow*!

    "I think God forgot about me. God forgot I existed. He didn't provide me with anyone."

    Ja, lady. That's exactly how we know there is no God - even though I live in a country that is still *very* God-friendly and you stand out like a sore thumb if you dare say The Bible is bogus.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A bit too Daily Mail perhaps?

    "...mocked the weirdos by revealing that their sickening campaign..."

    I never thought I'd see 'weirdos' and (especially) 'sickening' occupying the same sentence on el reg without a convincing claim to satire. Next thing we know your 'lesbian tennis coach' coverage will start to take a more critical slant, and before you know it you'll be railing purse-lipped against declining morals among Android developers and the increased sexualisation of the cloud storage sector.

  37. excatholica

    I just have a question... Is there no way she can monitor and thus moderate/filter chats before they become publicly available? I would have thought that if you just don't publish the trolls they'd soon go away

    Makes it harder to do whatever it is you are supposed to be doing if you get bombarded but surely this is possible

  38. ukdeluded


    This is the problem with letting 13 year olds use t'interweb...

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lets just put this out there

    She's pretty tidy for a 40yo

  40. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

    Whats better

    is she'll earn in a day what it will take the 4chan twats a month of working at MacD's to earn

    Assuming of course they are capable of turning up for work for a complete month....

    But the best treatment for a abusive poster is to ignore it, since all the abuser wants is to get a response from the victim to make him feel better.

  41. Joe Montana

    Grow a spine

    Online threats are just words on a screen, they can't hurt you. Back in the days of IRC i would routinely receive threats, insults, and often dos attacks. I always found it amusing, the fact that someone is so angry and frustrated with me and yet so powerless that all they can do is spam textual insults at me.

    As to this girl... She's working on a camsite to make money, and the extra attention from 4chan is helping her earn money so why is she complaining? The whole thing is probably just an act for publicity, after all if she just ignored them they would soon get bored.

    Besides, most camsites offer a function so that only paying users of the site are able to post messages. She doesn't have to listen to the trolls if she doesn't want to, she is free to use that feature or move to one of the many sites that offers it.

    I know several girls who work on such sites.. In general they don't do it for fun, they do it because they have no other way to earn money. And their persona on the camsite is entirely an act, they pretend to be horny and interested in the punters in order to get money out of them when in reality they are generally feeling sick about it. Given a choice between pretending to be angry/upset and getting naked for some guy that makes you feel physically sick it's not a hard choice...

    For every troll hurling abuse, there will usually be some "white knights" who feel sorry for the girl and send her money.

  42. Sam Therapy

    Good for her

    It's her body. How she chooses to use it is no damn business of anyone else. The ones posting insults to her - and others who do similar - are gutless cowards, plain and simple.

  43. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Bunch of jerks

    I think the 4chan'ers doing this are a bunch of dicks. However, as she says, she does have loads more viewers this way.

    1. Vociferous

      Re: Bunch of jerks

      Anonymous (the users of 4Chan) are scum, but this isn't them. She's several times too old for 4Chan.

  44. Vociferous

    How do I know it isn't 4Chan?

    She's 40. I've never seen Anonymous harass any girl over the age of 18.

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