New nested comment indentation layout - really?

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  1. Haku

    New nested comment indentation layout - really?

    Dear El Reg,

    Why do you keep changing the forum layout for the worse? It's all looking uglier and uglier.

    Recently the flat-look colourless design, with the need to click a tab to select the forum icon which has now been shifted over to the right hand side.

    And now replies to existing comments are 'nested' by shifting the left hand edge of the text area more to the right, causing them to be squashed up into a smaller space, meaning long comment replies get even taller on screen.

    Can you put it all back please, we don't like it :(

  2. E Haines

    A more serious problem is what happens if you zoom your text at all, so it's anything larger than the (tiny) default size. Try it...most nested comments become a single vertical line of text, rendering them unreadable. I suspect someone has used pixels in the CSS somewhere where it really should be ems. I typically have text set to not display smaller than 14pts, because while I can read smaller text, I'd prefer to avoid the eyestrain thankyouverymuch. So basically the recent change has broken the comments view, since this wasn't a problem before. It should be standard practice while developing websites to occasionally zoom your text in and out to ensure you haven't improperly hard-coded something in a browser-breaking fashion.

  3. Pet Peeve

    Skinny columns

    I have the skinny columns problem too, where the indented text doesn't fill up the whole box (current firefox, mac). I thought it might be zoomed text, but I tried resetting that and it's still messed up. Oddly, on another machine running the same browser version, it works fine.

    1. S4qFBxkFFg

      Re: Skinny columns

      Same here,


      much all



      I see


      my own,


      end up


      like this



      the spaces


      the lines)



      nested to



      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Re: Skinny columns

        Not sure what happened here - but it should be fixed.

        1. E Haines
          Thumb Up

          Re: Skinny columns

          And lo, it was fixed! Thanks.

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