back to article Who's who: 12th Doctor has been chosen, will meet you on Sunday night

The question of who will be the 12th incarnation of Doctor Who will be answered this weekend in a live TV special, the BBC has declared. Milking the appointment of the latest Time Lord for all it's worth, the Corporation will dedicate 30 minutes to the matter on BBC 1 on Sunday from 7pm. Fronted by Zoe Ball, the programme " …


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  1. web_bod

    I hope he has breasts

    - women can be doctors too, it's just everybody will refer to him as he - otherwise it will get all wibbly.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I hope he has breasts

      How about Dr Leah! With LordSurAlan in a new spin on the Brigadier role!

    2. monkeyfish

      Re: I hope he has breasts

      Also, there's always been a bit of, er, 'tension' between the Doctor and whatever pretty female he's towing around. So does that mean a female Doctor will be a lesbian? Or will the change of sex also include a change of sexual orientation?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        I always thought he was a bit of an omnisexual anyway? he did have a thing for Captain Jack....

      2. wayward4now
        Paris Hilton

        Re: I hope he has breasts

        GREAT MINDS!! All sorts of possibilties here for fishnet under the corduroy!

    3. JonW

      Re: I hope he has breasts

      But think of the benefits when (s)he gets all wobbly.

    4. davidp231

      Re: I hope he has breasts

      They're not breasts! They're Dalek bumps...

  2. returnmyjedi

    Ted Danson

    Or Trevor McDonald.

    1. Ugotta B. Kiddingme
      Thumb Down

      Re: Ted Danson

      Danson?!? Heavens NO! He's already ruined CSI.

      1. cosymart

        Re: Ted Danson

        Laurence Fishburne had already done that :-(

  3. Pinkerton

    Call me old fashioned...

    ...but I'd rather it be kept a secret until the actual regeneration.

    1. Simon Harris

      Re: Call me old fashioned...

      Me too.

      I was looking forward to a nice surprise come the Christmas special.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: rather it be kept a secret until the actual regeneration.

      ... and I'd also rather the regeneration was kept a secret as well.

      No that in this age of media-frenzy DrWho that's very likely.

      1. BigAndos

        Re: rather it be kept a secret until the actual regeneration.

        Yeah definitely. It would have been a much more dramatic episode if it took us unawares!

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Call me old fashioned...

      Absolutely. And while they're at it, they can quit the annoying previews of next week's episode too, with all their spoilers.

      1. adnim

        Re: Call me old fashioned...

        I agree have an up.... However as this is expected, the spoilers are at the tail of every episode. It would be prudent to have the remote within reach of ones mitt.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Call me old fashioned...

      These days rags like the scum - and blogging sites - would be camped out during the filming trying to catch a glimpse and giving spoilers.

      At least the Beeb are trying to keep some control over the information instead of waiting for idiots to spoil it for others.

    5. James Micallef Silver badge

      Re: Call me old fashioned...

      True I agree....

      the only thing is, no way could a whole new episode be filmed and edited without a few dozen people knowing who it is, so it would definitely leak out beforehand.

      This isn't a small bit of text changed in the script as in "Luke, I am your father", where they just changed the audio in the editing and none of the actors knew about it. Whoever Who is needs to be physically present at the shooting, and even a cursory glance at any footage would identify who the main character was.

      They might have had a chance of getting a new doctor in if no-one new there was a regeneration about to take place, but as it is, no chance

      1. heyrick Silver badge

        Re: Call me old fashioned...

        "the only thing is, no way could a whole new episode be filmed and edited without a few dozen people knowing who it is, so it would definitely leak out beforehand."

        Sure it could. Pick the person you want, pick who the bookies favour, get a couple of others onboard. Film the same episode four/five times (well, only the new Doctor's part) - call it their audition. The final final absolute final choice will be made on the day of broadcast and we'll find watching the programme.

        Could be even funnier if they use their status to get some other well known people to play along - OMFG, Helen Mirren as the new Doctor?!?!? I can imagine the entertainment columns now.

        1. Charles 9

          Re: Call me old fashioned...

          Except several issues.

          First, as the Doctor is the LEAD in this show, whoever it is will generally get the most screen time. Anyone stalking the studio area will use that as a basis. Also because of this, you can't mix up shills or the like without paying them, and since they can't leave unless the real one does, that's gonna add up. Besides, savvier snoops might find ways to tell which one is real.

          Finally, there are those who may take the palm-greasing route and bribe someone in the production staff who HAS to know which is the real one as part of their job.

          Put it this way, it's like hacking. If you're out there, you're going to be a target for SOMEONE with enough motivation, and given enough people, SOMEONE'S going to be motivated enough, and the Whoniverse has enough fans to provide the motivation. The BBC was up against a determined and resourceful adversary with global motivation. Against such an enemy, NO secret was safe for long, so it was best to do things on THEIR terms.

  4. Shrimpling

    Peter Capaldi

    The bookies aren't wrong that often and he is the current favourite.

    Interestingly he has been in Who before, in the episode The Fires of Pompeii. This was the same episode Karen Gillan appeared in before she became Amy.

    1. D@v3

      Re: Peter Capaldi

      Could be good, but I'd prefer Malcom Tucker.

      1. frank ly

        Re: Peter Capaldi

        How about: "Piss off you overgrown pepperpot. If you mess with me, I'll rip that stupid sink plunger off you and shove it so far up your arse that you really will need a doctor!"

        It's about time we had a sweary doctor.

    2. graeme_from_IT

      Re: Peter Capaldi

      He was also a Government minister, who killed his own children, rather than give them to the aliens, in the excellent Torchwood: Children of Earth (not Who, but still in the Whoniverse)

    3. Shrimpling

      Re: Peter Capaldi

      <Smug Mode>

      Well I can't stay around here making correct predictions all day... If you need me i'll be in the pub.

      </Smug Mode>

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I've no confidence in the BBC to have an actor of a decent age and experience playing the doctor.

  6. Robert E A Harvey


    I'm Spartacus!

    1. Spartacus

      Re: Me!

      No you're not.

      1. WonkoTheSane Silver badge

        Re: Me!

        I'm Brian, and so's my wife!

        1. davidp231

          Re: Me!

          Welease, Bwian!

  7. monkeyfish

    Seems a bit too often

    Is just me or are the change overs a little quicker than they used to be? It seems the modern Doctors snuff it more often than their predecessors.

    1. icetroggy

      Re: Seems a bit too often

      Not really, most of the doctors have lasted around 4 years just like Matt Smith and David Tennant. It was just Tom Baker was in the role for more like 8 years so those of us of a certain age imagine this is typical rather than an oddity.

    2. Michael B.

      Re: Seems a bit too often

      I did think that as well, but a quick look at wikipedia, and the years that they were in command of the TARDIS, shows that apart from Eccleston and McGann it's about normal.

      Ignoring the first two doctors ( they were really knocking them out then) and taking into account that the modern episodes are double the length of the old ones then it's almost the same amount of screen time for the old Doctors as the new ones.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Seems a bit too often

        And technically speaking McCann still plays the Doctor during the audio stories

        Although so do 4, 5, 6 and 7 as well.

  8. OzBob

    Houdini? as in Harry?

    its not Harry Hill, is it? Fuck no! (Could be Harry Windsor, big showbiz name there!)

  9. adnim

    Please, Please, Please

    Not Billie Piper, a fair actress indeed in certain roles. As The Doctor? Ludicrous.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Please, Please, Please

      I suspect she's in to reprise her role as former companion Rose Tyler. Last we saw her she was still in a parallel dimension but hooked up with a 10th Doctor hybrid in "Journey's End". It'll be interesting to see if David Tennant gets involved in this manner.

  10. Arachnoid

    Maybe The Dr is going full circle

    1. WonkoTheSane Silver badge

      Re: Maybe The Dr is going full circle

      If they were really going full circle, then the next Doctor would logically be David Bradley, who is playing William Hartnell in the Dr Who: Origins special "An Adventure in Space and Time" that the Beeb are putting out.


  11. Eguro

    I haven't done copious amounts of research on the matter - but I don't imagine it normal that actors who formerly played other parts in Doctor Who come back to play the Doctor.

    And I too would much rather wait for the actual regeneration. I'll refrain from watching the reveal and just hope the actor or actress is not known to me by name (lest I simply read a spoiler).

    I could maybe see Grint playing it - but Hugh Laurie? You'd think he'd be tired of playing Doctor anybody by now.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "but I don't imagine it normal that actors who formerly played other parts in Doctor Who come back to play the Doctor."

      It has happened at least once - Colin Baker played a guard in a Gallifrey based episode.

  12. arctic_haze
    Thumb Up

    Rowan Atkinson

    He was so good in the Comic Relief spoof that I believe he should become Dr. Who for real.

    1. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

      Re: Rowan Atkinson

      The only problem (for me, at least) with Rowan Atkinson is that he's SO funny it would be difficult to take him seriously. Of course, I said the same thing about Sylvester McCoy so, what do I know?

      1. Benchops

        Re: Rowan Atkinson

        Except nobody took Sylvester McCoy seriously, so you were right. He was the funny guy from Eureka so far as I was concerned, so that plus Bonnie Langford really killed it.

  13. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    Another Doctor

    I seem to remember that 'the doctor' could only regenerate 7 times and that the Tom Baker doctor said something like only 2 regenerations left.

    Did he?????????

    1. Dr Andrew A. Adams

      Re: Another Doctor

      Absent intervention from the High Council on Gallifrey Time Lords regenerated 12 times, meaning there would be thirteen doctors in total. The High Council offered The Master a whole new set of regenerations in "The Five Doctors" so they had the ability to extend it. With Gallifrey gone, who knows what the limit might be. Plus River Song gifted a bunch of regenerations to The Doctor when she healed him in "Let's Kill Hitler". There's so many ways to get around the 12 regeneration/13 incarnations limit and as long as the show is still popular they'll find a way.

    2. Benchops

      Re: Another Doctor

      I think it's 13 times, although it's unclear to me whether that's 12 regenerations or 13 (giving 14 incarnations). Peter Davison nearly sacrificed his remaining regenerations in one story line, saved by a random encounter between the Brigadier and the Brigadier.

      We're still reaching the limit though, so it'll be interesting to see how they eventually get round it (if they do).

      1. Rukario

        Re: Another Doctor

        It was Mawdryn Undead. There were 8 of them, Mawdryn & co. And, PD was the 5th Doctor (4th regeneration), so that would represent a total of 13.

        Also, the Valeyard was "the Doctor's darker sides from between his twelfth and final incarnations."

  14. William Boyle


    The only one missing here

    Smith will be joined by David Tennant, John Hurt and Billie Piper to do battle against the Daleks and the shape-shifting Zygons.

    is Mary Jane Smith (Liz Sladen) - RIP Liz. We all miss you!

    1. Hilibnist

      Re: Sigh...

      *Mary* Jane Smith? Did I miss the memo..?

      1. Benchops

        Re: Sigh...

        I thikn he means Sarah Lane Myth

  15. them

    How about Robert Sheehan from Misfits?

    Great energy and comedic timing, with the right kind of Socratic "above it all" vibe.

  16. VinceH


    Sigh. I haven't even signed the contract* yet, and they're revealing it already?

    * Which they haven't actually sent. Having not actually asked me.

    Do you know what? Now that I think about it, I don't think it's me.

    1. heyrick Silver badge

      Re: Optional

      "Now that I think about it, I don't think it's me."

      Are you sure? Or are you just trying to throw us off the scent?

  17. Arachnoid

    Just stay by the phone.......If you don't get a call by December the 25th then its not you they're looking for

  18. sisk

    So...You Brits find out long before we Merkins get to see the episode? Legally I mean (let's just pretend that it won't be on some "Watch for free and get a virus for your trouble" site an hour after it airs).

    1. mattb

      The show will be broadcast simultaneously on BBC America on Sunday at 1400 EDT / 1100 EDT / 0800 HST.

  19. Arachnoid

    Well leave your email and we will spam you the answer on Sunday

  20. SleepyJohn

    Dr Who's flippancy should be a front, not a character trait

    Well, if it is another ADHD 11 year-old with a Lego screwdriver and the intellectual depth of a greenfly larva I shall, sadly, have to give it a miss again.

    Unless Mrs Who appears, of course.

    1. Rukario

      Mrs Who?

      That was River Song.

  21. Grendel

    Doctor Who? Doctor Hurt??

    *** SPOILER ALERT ***

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sorry to say

    but since Matt Smith took over the reigns, I haven't watched it. He on par with Sylvester McCoy IMHO...Rubbish....

    Shame as I liked Eccleston and Tennant....

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's me!

    But, to preserve anonymity, I'll be using a stunt double for all on-screen and voice appearances. I've been asked not to say who my stunt double will be. Sorry.

    PS I only have the sort of breasts that a continual diet of KFC and McD will supply.

  24. cosymart


    @Shrimpling Well done :-)

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