back to article Syrian Electronic Army no longer just Twitter feed jackers... and that's bad news

The Syrian Electronic Army is starting to pose a serious risk to enemies of the Assad regime in both Syria and further afield, according to security watchers. Reports that the SEA managed to take over three personal email accounts of White House employees remain unconfirmed. However, recent worrying attacks on VoIP apps Viber …


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  1. taxman

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    "FireEye said the attack was pulled off using a vulnerable version of WordPress."

    How many times has this happened involving WordPress.....any how many more times will it!

    1. Nym
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      a vulnerable version of WordPress

      That implies that there's one that's invulnerable?? Even "less" would be astonishing.

  2. Paul Hampson 1

    "The trifecta of serious hacks"

    I think you mean "trio" or "triplet" not trifecta.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I don't know.

      In the context of gambling on horse racing, it would seem that they did win the trifecta.

  3. M Gale

    Government, ffs

    Assad government. "Regime" just sounds like Daily Wail propagandising. I know the Reg is supposed to have a tabloid feel, but is it really quite that unthinking?

    Still, at least the SEA have declared open season on themselves. I can't think of many Western security agencies being too bothered if a whole shitload of hack attempts are detected heading inbound to Syria.

    1. crayon

      Re: Government, ffs

      "Assad government. "Regime" just sounds like Daily Wail propagandising"

      unfortunately in "western" media, only white-majority-run countries are run by governments, the rest of the world are run by regimes.

  4. Don Jefe

    I Don't Understand

    What is the end game in all this? Yes it is inconvenient to some people, but it doesn't stop the opposition from shooting at them. Most of the media coverage says that outside the cities, where the 'rebels' hang out, is pretty much destroyed and there is no infrastructure for communications.

    I just don't see how this ties back to the opposition. Even though they hacked the phone book there is no listing for 'Rebels' in there (at least not in my phone book) and if Internet access is limited they can't intercept communications. I guess I'm missing something.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not Activists/Hacktivist

    From a western perspective, they are either cyber-army or cyber-terrorists. They are not activists.

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