back to article Micron buys Apple supplier Elpida for $2bn, becomes world's No 2 DRAM baker

The chip firm from Boise, Idaho, has done well – Micron has finally closed its deal to buy bankrupt Japanese DRAM-maker Elpida. This means Micron is now the number two DRAM chip-maker in the world after Samsung. Elpida's plant in Hiroshima, Japan For around $2.5bn, Micron gets Elpida's 300mm DRAM fab and has also bought a …


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  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Thumb Up

    I think AMSTRAD once had a stake in Micron

    Hard to believe now.

    But it's impressive that they have stayed in the game all this time.

    Thumbs up for sticking to something and not "refocussing around our core competencies" IE selling everything in site and trying to live off licensing their IP.

  2. Ashleypaul1980

    Finally Japanese DRAM maker stuck a good deal and now Micron is number 2 in DRAM chip maker. This is really a good news

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