back to article Nvidia buys Portland Group for compiler smarts

Graphics chip maker Nvidia has big aspirations to get into computing proper with ARM processors and GPU coprocessors, and its odds in its battle against archrival Intel may have just gotten a lot better now that it has snapped up The Portland Group. The financial terms of the acquisition, which has been completed, were not …


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  1. Darkimmortal

    Compiler smarts?

    Great, maybe now they'll stop compiling PhysX with absolutely no optimisation or cpu extensions to make the GPU mode look better and sell more cards.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Lean and Mean Meme Genie??????!!!!!!!! ......

    "PGI has experience with ARM," says Buck, "but there is no commercial Fortran compiler available – yet."

    There be surely though, quite a few easily para-militarised rogue renegade and private pirate application developers available for revolutionary revisionary code piles/novel kernel source lodes with unparalleled leverage for leading influence in legacy systems.

    And they all have a fiat currency price, which will be suitably and invariably, because of their APT field expertise, horrendously high but still a real bargain if in command and control of the great scheme/great schemes of things, …. for they are not stupid nor naive enough to forego and refuse such a simple relief element, and can be easily enough bought with magic paper should they be engaged and engaging with sub-prime primal and primitive humanised phorm works, although whether such a purchase by second and third parties be considered by them, the first party, as a sale inclusive of a transfer of intellectual property ownership and power out of their command and control is a preposterous notion, given what is being bought and/or sold with the transfers and exchanges of ….. well, for some would it be classed as artificial wealth for virtual intellectual property with live future applications which may very well have a need to be highly classified way above and beyond piddling Top Secret/SCI because of the very disruptive and destructive nature of truly creative content on legacy systems administrations and status quo follies/hacked and discredited former establishment practices.

    I wonder if Buck equates captive chip compiler with creative application driver?

    Certainly the latter would of the former.

    Interesting zerodays ahead, El Reg. Have a nice day, y'all.

  3. tojb

    amanfrommars1's comment appears to be have been machine-generated by the schizophrenic AI built into emacs

  4. Ian Bush

    Good luck Nvidia. My personal experience of the PGI compiler suite is that it is one that gives mediocre performance while failing to help me spot my stupidites. This is supported by


    though of course this is hardly full and complete coverage.

    Personally I much prefer gfortran, not for political reasons, just because I think it's a better compiler.

  5. ecofeco Silver badge

    Still the suck

    nVidia? n-no-fucking-way I will EVER recommend their bullocks.

    1. Tim Parker

      Re: Still the suck

      "nVidia? n-no-fucking-way I will EVER recommend their bullocks."

      Agreed. Graphics cards ?... they're OK. Livestock ?... not so much.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Other compiler partners - except PathScale :-/

    "and other compiler partners" - NVIDIA will play nice with any compiler vendor that targets PTX and doesn't give a threat to dethroning their control over the software stack. We (PathScale) would love to work more closely with you NVIDIA, but gosh.. pretty please Ian and friends let us target SaSS.

    I bet now that NVIDIA owns PIG they will start to target SaSS in future versions of their compiler.. Something to keep an eye on..

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