back to article Dumpsters begone! App matches diners with leftovers to broke, hungry

Hungry? Broke? Soon you'll be able to fire up your smartphone and find out if anyone in your immediate area hasn't been able to finish their meal, then drop by their place and spirit away their leftovers. Yum. "It's obviously not for everybody," says Dan Newman, the cofounder of the group developing the app that will …


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  1. Thorne

    Great Idea

    Yeah cause all the hobos have smart phones.....

    (maybe if they didn't spend all their dosh on iProducts they could afford food)

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Great Idea

      My first thought as well. Still, there's a self reinforcing market. If you're dumb enough to spend money on a phone+plan instead of food then you're probably dumb enough to buy this app.

    2. Z-Eden

      Re: Great Idea

      Reminds me of this comic from The Oatmeal:

  2. FrankAlphaXII

    Whats with the overarching Chinese Food theme in the article? Were you at a Dim Sum today or something?

    1. C 18

      >...Chinese Food theme...

      ...may be because...?

  3. JCitizen

    I was one of them

    IN the US the poor do have smart or at least cell phones with internet services. I was one of them - I lived in a flop house and was a credit card/student loan slave - everyone in the building had one - mine cost 15 cents a month if I made just one minute call every month; non usage would dock me $4.20, so I made sure and made at least one 1 minute 15 cent call a month.

    Now everyone is getting those "Obama" phones - so yeah, the poor have cell phone\internet in the US. Even before this, we had reduced phone service for a small fee; - besides LIbraries are a favorite hang out for the homeless, and they can look at the same information over the internet there. This is not even a challenge really.

  4. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Doin' the 2-step

    Step 1: you advertise a load of left-over food on a regular basis

    Step 2: All the local vagrants start hanging around outside your house

    Here's a thought - either BUY LESS or get a refrigerator and some tupperware to store your leftovers until you're feeling hungry again.

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    "their concern is environmental"

    Yeah, a bunch of people cruising around in their cars to go leftover-hopping is going to be real environmental.

    And I don't think the poor are going to benefit all that much from this thing either, because they are generally surrounded by other poor people, not people sufficiently well off to have a full fridge and not enough appetite to finish their meal.

    I cannot fault the idea in itself, but in truth I find it the perfect demonstration of pie-in-sky, hippy thinking. It's a rather sad thing that our society has to resort to encouraging poor people to eat other people's leftovers, rather than finding ways of making them not poor any more.

    On top of that, I'm pretty sure that there will be people who will spit in their leftovers just out of spite.

    1. FredBloggsY

      Re: "their concern is environmental"

      >pie-in-sky, hippy thinking

      Fortunately for us the inflation-dependent western economies are run by people doing pie-in-sky banker thinking.

  6. MondoMan

    Er, in the US it's the poor who are *more* likely to be overweight, so presumably it will be the poor, unable to finish a bag of pork rinds, who post their bounty for local smartphone hipsters to graciously consume.

  7. Graham Marsden


    ... American restaurants could just stop serving such ridiculously oversized portions.

  8. andy gibson

    Soup kitchens?

    Everyone seems to be harping on that tramps and hobos won't have a smartphone.

    Maybe not but a local soup kitchen or Sally Army food kitchen volunteer might, and could go round and collect the food on their behalf.

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