back to article SolidFire snaps up $31m in funding, brandishes 3.4PB monster

Cloud flash array startup SolidFire has snagged $31 million in C-round funding and revealed a bad-ass flash array delivering up to 7.5 million IOPS - and a claimed 3.4PB capacity. That capacity in SolidFire's SF9010 is after dedupe, compression and thin provisioning have been applied, and with the maximum of 100 nodes ganged …


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  1. jcrb

    Obviously some new use of the word "array" I was not previously aware of..

    Comparing a 100 node config to single node configs of the competition is only "apples to apples" in the way comparing an apple orchard to a basket is "apples to apples".

    100 1U nodes is two and a half full racks, the same number number of U worth of Violin arrays would have 30 Million IOPs of performance, four times Solidfire's 7.5M.

    How do you like them apples, eh?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lol wow give me a break. Scale down that 3.4 petabyte "array" of unintelligent SSDs to say a reasonable 34TB and you have an array that delivers what??? 75,000 IOPs? Pathetic. Doubt those numbers are even sustained. I wonder how miserable their latency actually is too, especially scaled out over several arrays. How about fault tolerance??? A customer may as well just go out and buy a couple hundred regular commodity SSDs, slap them in some whitebox enclosure, add some server heads, and software RAID across all the drives. Why? Because that is what solidfire has done. What a joke.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yes, but the 100 node SolidFire system is a single logical system managed as a single entity, with data automatically distributed through the cluster. A similar sized Violin system would require dozens and dozens of individually configured and managed systems with data placed manually between them. Not close to the same thing.

    1. jcrb

      I'm sorry did you say something?

      Marketing people who post as AC should at least be sure they get it right

      Did someone say managed as a single entity?

      Yes we let you manage the orchard rather than the individual trees.

      1. Rampant Spaniel

        Re: I'm sorry did you say something?

        I think its about time el reg implemented some kind of system to allow people to identify themselves as representing a company and for comments blatantly made by marketing people posting as ac or not noting they work for a company to be flagged and possibly banned. At the very least they should make it mandatory to mention at the start or end of the post if the comment is about a company you work for.

        If you work for the company say so. The AC above seems like they cut and pasted some randomly generated marketingish. Do they honestly think it makes them look more credible?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Management is a "nice to have" feature. Even if you put dollars on it, the fiscal majority of a business case will be in the $/iops, $/gb and probably most important: cost for each additional millisecond of LATENCY.

  4. Stoneshop Silver badge


    Sounds like a Chinese flashlights-and-batteries brand: TrusttFire,UltraFire, NiteFire, SingFire ... (for many more, look on DealExtreme).

    (<mumble>Fire is not quite the right brand name for Li-Ion batteries, I'd think)

    1. Rampant Spaniel

      Re: Solidfire

      Or Firestone tyres, they worked fine!! Well unless you had a Ford SUV and liked breathing.

  5. El Limerino
    Thumb Up


    The thing that makes SolidFire popular with cloud SPs is that it allows dynamic I/O control per tenant, so they can dial up and down the I/O and pay accordingly. That's a major hole for most flash arrays, regardless of capacity etc.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Full steam ahead

    Solidfire is kicking ass - while another flash startup Nimbusdata packs up and moves out!. Why, because they are burned in the CA no one is gonna work for this company. Check out Nimbusdata on Glassdoor for the reason - NO SALES FORCE and NO SUPPORT TEAM. CEO 1 DEVELOPER/SUPPORT PERSON, 1SALE PERSON from what I can see on LinkedIn. Good luck PureStorage and Solidfile - Your only flash startup competitor is now Voilin.

    Wake up flash customers why would you give a startup a $100k+ for flash without checking to see if they can actually support the product. Anyone can be profitable with out staff :-). Its like a hobo bragging about his credit rating.

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