back to article Dell: New storage dish? Nah - we'll just mash up EqualLogic and Compellent

Steady adaptation, no new products and no super-niche specialisation please: these were the three takeaways El Reg storage desk retrieved from a briefing with Alan Atkinson, vice president and general manager at Dell Storage. The impression we gained was that Dell is set on expanding its mainstream enterprise storage offering' …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    looking for a unified iSCSI/FC ..

    Quite a few people would say no to this... But I suspect none of them have hands on experiences with a SAN that offers both. I was in the same mindset 6 months ago, but I've since installed a VNX 5300 with both fabrics, and being able to use FC on hosts where performance is needed, then iSCSI on other areas (such as backup) offers amazing versatility.

  2. AndyM

    Compellent iSCSI

    We use Compellent gear for last 3 years and are moving it all to being 10Gb iSCSI, got to say it just works a treat. Dell have a bit of an issue here that Compellent can equally do iSCSI or FC just as good and then they are trying to push EqualLogic with iSCSI only.

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