back to article Amazon's cloud revenues rocket up as company posts loss

Amazon's cloud division has contributed to over $1.6 billion in revenue in the e-retailer's nebulous "Other" category this year, as Bezos & Co.'s cloud continues its vertiginous rise. The "Other" category added $892m to Amazon's revenues in the second quarter of 2013, according to figures from the company's Q2 2013 earnings, …


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  1. Bernard

    I'd love to be an analyst

    'Could bring in $24bn within a decade'.

    Or it could bring in $100bn, or $0.

    People will have forgotten the prediction within 3 weeks, let alone the decade under discussion, and so the number they dream up is based solely on which shares they want to move in which direction at the point when they file the report.

    For 'bean-counters' read 'fortune tellers' or 'stock manipulators'.

  2. Delbert

    Something to hide?

    I wonder if yet again this is an example of undisclosed earnings for tax purposes? if I was in a revenue office I would be all over this like a fat chick in a cake shop. $1.6 billion is not an amount you find left in your spare jeans and to fail to account for it fully is nothing less than concealment..

  3. Steve @ Slicify

    $1.6b profit by selling you time on computers from 2006 (see Nice work if you can get it !

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