1. Ubermik

    Advice appreciated

    Not wanting to bore you more than necessary I was between jobs when 9/11 happened formerly having been an IT manager providing hardware and some degree of software support but the entire industry seemed to hold its breath after that event so I went back (temporarily lol) into doing electrics and alarms which had been my previous profession

    Now over a decade on I've been severely ill with a form of leukemia which I am hoping should a marrow donor be located I will recover from.

    But this has made me take stock of the fact I am soon to be 46, I might not be in a position to be upping and downing ladders and pulling up floorboards even without the illness so I really ought to be looking back towards some form of desk or office bound job

    Not having thousands of pounds to spend on MCSE training courses or the time or savings to go and do a degree I was wondering if there were any unsaturated areas of IT/electronics that other members might suggest that someone of my age with a "fair" IT and electronics/electrical background might look at that I might not think of myself

    I should have about a year or so before either the treatment is completed successfully or it becomes pointless trying to learn a new skill so I have "some" time to learn or research a new skill area

    Any advice would be greatfully received


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Advice appreciated

      There are no 'unsaturated' areas!

      Easiest to get into, IMHO, is testing. Always seems to be a demand for testers as it is one area of IT that is harder (but not impossible) to outsource. If you don't like the actual testing job, then you can move into test management quite quickly - after 6 months even, depending upon your gift with the gab and your ability to memorise a good book on testing. (Don't have one to recommend though!)

      If you don't want to become a test manager, I've known people start as testers but build up a relationship with a client and move into business analysis.

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