back to article Google kicks off Android 4.3 updates for Nexus devices

Google's revamped Nexus 7 fondleslab is the first device to ship with Android 4.3, but other devices will be receiving the update over the air soon and owners of Google's flagship Nexus kit can already download system images. The new OS release is an incremental update to the Android 4.x line and it retains the "Jelly Bean" …


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  1. Geoff Campbell

    AVRCP 1.3

    What the actual buggering *fuck*?

    My Toyota Prius had support for AVRCP 1.4 in 2010, in a car that was presumably designed around 2008/2009. Ever since I've bought it I've been trying to find a device in the fast-moving, cutting-edge arena of phones and MP3 players that will fully utilise the facilities provided. And no, fanbois, the answer isn't an iPhone, I tried one. Although not the latest iOS, to be fair.

    In what other subject would a factory-fit car ICE system be more advanced than the latest greatest phone OS?

    <shambles off dejectedly>


    1. Thomas Gray

      Re: AVRCP 1.3

      Score one for Apple then, because iOS 6 reportedly supports AVCRP 1.4

      1. Geoff Campbell

        Re: AVRCP 1.3

        Well, that's a start. I'm still not going to bloody buy one. I never claimed to be consistent.


  2. Dave 126 Silver badge

    >Similarly, Android 4.3 introduces support for Bluetooth Smart Ready – aka the Low Energy portion of the Bluetooth 4.0 spec – but only on supported devices, which so far include the Nexus 4 and the new Nexus 7 only.

    According to the wikipedia Bluetooth entry, some Samsung devices such as the Note 2 have Bluetooth LE hardware, so presumably Samsung will support it their next software update - especially if they plan to release a 'smartwatch'. Ditto some Nokia phones and Microsoft tablets. The previous lack of BLE in Android might be why some of the existing smartwatches (such as those from Casio G-Shock and Citizen) currently only support iDevices.

  3. Manolo

    Nexus 10 wifi fix?

    And does this update fix the abysmal wifi performance of the Nexus 10?

    (or better: lack of performance, since the connection often drops altogether)

    Would be about time...

    1. GregC

      Re: Nexus 10 wifi fix?

      Based purely on my own Nexus 10 - what "abysmal wifi performance"?

      Mine hasn't been perfect, nothing ever is, but I've never had a problem with wifi connectivity on it.

      1. chris 27

        Re: Nexus 10 wifi fix?

        I have two APs, one in my ISP router and a separate TP Link device, both with the same SSID and security settings. Most of my devices roam between these devices without issues. My N10 however completely drops the wifi connection when the TP Link AP is powered up. If I power it off, then a get a pretty solid signal to my ISP router.

        I've not bothered to investigate if the N10 has issues with multiple access points or if it's a compatiblity issue with the TP Link and N10.

      2. Manolo

        Re: Nexus 10 wifi fix?

        Lucky for you, but it's a known issue:

        Or just Google "nexus 10 wifi issues".

  4. Ragarath

    No sale? No upgrade most likely!

    Timing for other phones will depend on handset makers and mobile carriers, but Google reps did mention at the launch event that an Android 4.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 would be "coming soon." ®

    AKA no update for you from most manufacturers (and mobile operators) because there is no sale in it for them!

    Support costs them money and you have already brought the phone.

    Cynical, me? No.

    1. Timmay
      Big Brother

      Re: No sale? No upgrade most likely!

      Already brought the phone where? Or did you mean bought?


    2. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: No sale? No upgrade most likely!

      My 2012 Xperia P phone has been updated by Sony from Gingerbread to ICS, and then again to Jelly Bean. I can't speak for other brands, but I'm sure XDA forums can give an idea of how well they've supported their handsets.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    All ours updated today.

    2x Nexus 7 and a Nexus 4

    Jellybean was already uber-smooth, but it seems to be a little better (more noticeable on the N7). Some very nice under the cover improvements, more than happy here.

    1. Fishy

      Re: All ours updated today.

      Not updated on my N4 yet, guess it takes time to get to everyone.

    2. Jason Hindle

      Re: Another 3-4 days for me

      Always 3-4 days after El Reg breaks the news, for me at least. I'm guessing it's done based on the serial (or other) number of the device.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dear Samsung

    Any chance of an update to the Galaxy Mini? Still running 2.3

    Or is this phone another of the many that are just consigned to landfill/recycling because companies like you are more interested in pumping out new models than upgrading perfectly serviceable ones?

  7. James Boag

    No more lock in crap for me

    From now on all my androids will be Google, I fed up with the crap in the middle leaving me open hacking as they can't won't spend the time wrapping their own crap ware round my phone's os, Bought a Nexus 7 and the update keep flowing, Sorry Sony (with your crap Not enough juice left in the battery to charge the phone X10 and Samsung with your please wait for (ever) upgrade. I will be buying as close to the source as possible, too many marketing men have been pissing in the bit between release and ship to customer.

    1. Benchops

      Re: No more lock in crap for me

      I see your point, but I find it a little ironic that the desire for "No more lock in crap for me" concludes with "From now on all my androids will be Google"

      Having said that, the Nexus 4 was my first smartphone. With nothing to compare it with it just seemed quite good. A colleague broke his S3 and replaced it with a Nexus 4 and informed me I should consider it "awesome". Looking forward to the OTA upgrade sometime soon!

  8. James Boag

    re benchops

    Imagine your nexus 4, Now Imagine a room full of marketing men, all crapping all over it, just prior to the sales droid saying , Would you a bag with that sir.

    1. Benchops

      Re: re benchops

      Mental note. Cancel lunch with marketing department.

  9. bailey86

    Will it bring apt-x... the Nexus 10?

  10. Dive Fox

    So how long until CM10.2 nightlies are available?

    1. Richard Wharram

      re: Nightlies

      Just checked on my SGS1. No nightly yet.

      I tend to stay with stables now though.

  11. miknik

    New stuff

    I grabbed the OTA zip from xda developers, if you have a custom recovery installed head over and download it for a smooth update with no data loss.

    Anyway, biggest perks for me are new camera app interface which now has countdown timer, volume buttons operate the shutter and redesigned menu. The dialler now does T9 suggestions from your contacts (if you turn the option on) and the updated Bluetooth means my car stereo now shows track names and stuff.

    It's nothing ground breaking, but nice touches and impressive to go from Google announcement last night to on my phone this morning.

  12. graeme leggett

    Restricted accounts

    Just what i have been waiting for so i can exert a bit more control over my son's use of his Tab 2. It was partly the expectation of the update that led me to avoid cheaper (and therefore more expendable) devices that had older versions of Android.

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