back to article Intel lifts veil on future 14nm Xeon, Atom server chips

Intel owns the data center, ­ or at least a large portion of it when it comes to servers - and wants to not only keep it that way. Chipzilla also wants big chunks of the adjacent networking and storage businesses. The company therefore hosted a day-long shindig with press and analysts today, complete with all the top brass …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    4x leap by Intel

    Intel thinks we're dumb suckers - the amazing benchmarks just how desperate they are. Good luck delivering

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  3. BornToWin

    Actually NO

    Die shrinks below 32nm have resulted in almost zero compute performance gains as Ivy bridge and Haswell confirm. The primary benefit to smaller die shrink is lower power consumption - but even with lower power consuption the transistor density creates serious cooling issues which require slower CPU frequencies or expensive cooling systems. The days of significant gains from die shrinks are long gone. AMD's 28nm Jaguar core CPUs are as good or better than Intel's 22nm chips as far as CPU performance per watt and overall power consumption is concerned.

  4. David Goadby

    This is a new era and the Wintel conspiracy is coming to an end. Microsoft is looking rudderless and Intel has just woken up to a new competitor on the block.

    The industry needed a kick or two and ARM/Apple/Android was just what was required.The latest chip announcements are part of a knee jerk reaction and they need to get it right.

    Of course Intel did have their own foray into the ARM world some time ago but abandoned it.

    They could buy ARM with lose change today which is why I am hanging onto my shares.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Microsoft is looking rudderless "

      But are still increasing their share of the server market at the expense of UNIX based systems.

      "The industry needed a kick or two and ARM/Apple/Android was just what was required"

      None of those has a jot of relevance to the server market at this point in time.

      The fact is that Wintel is still growing market share - especially in the hypervisor space - and that shows no signs of changing anytime soon...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "They could buy ARM with lose change today which is why I am hanging onto my shares."

      Financially they could, yes.

      Would the anti-trust rules (or even the existing ARM customers/partners) allow it? Surely not, please?

      I hope you've not got too much backing on this particular 86-legged horse.

  5. reddog123

    implications for mellanox?

    I wonder how the Broadwell SoC with integrated networking fabric will impact Mellanox and their ability to sell Infiniband and Ethernet silicon and NICs into the data center. Not a lot of details here about the new SoC but interesting development to speculate on…

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