back to article Verity's summer songs for programmers: Sing your pals to sleep()

"What better way to dispel the rainy gloom of an English summer," mused Ms Stob, in an introduction presumably written some time in March, "than a mass office sing-along to a selection of IT-themed pastiches?" Pretty well anything, we'd have thought. Nevertheless, here is the raw material. Portable Development (Tune: Willow …


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  1. Chris Miller

    Verity aces it once more.

  2. Stoneshop


    "What better way to dispel the rainy gloom of an English summer,

    It's working quite well it seems, and also across the North Sea.

  3. Pete 2 Silver badge



    and the coding is sweaty

    The boss is jumpin'

    and the stress level's high

    Your client's impatient

    and the code is spaghetti

    So please little process

    don't you die

    One of these mornings

    You're gonna stop dumping

    Then you'll spawn your sub-processes

    and be ready to fly

    But 'til that morning

    I'll just keep on hacking

    and maybe the deadline won't pass me by

    [ with sincerest apologies to George Gershwin ]

  4. Pastafarian

    Wierl Al

    The Ebay Song by Wierd Al Yankovitch is my favourite

  5. Khaptain Silver badge

    In memory of Steve Ballmer

    To the tune of L. Cohen - Hallelujah)

    Now I heard there was a secret code.

    That a monkey typed and it pissed the Lord.

    But you dont really care for good code do ya.

    He typed and he flailed

    Till the compiler failed

    He smashed his screen and he threw his chair

    and the stressed out Steve he cried out loud

    I hate computers , I hate computers,

    I hate computers , I hate computers.........

  6. Irongut
    Thumb Up

    I loved Thirty-six errors. Now I need to find a small child to teach it to. :)

    1. ammabamma
      Thumb Up

      36 errors, 99 bugs

      36 Errors is new (to me a least).

      My team and I usually sing "99 Little Bugs in the Code" to the tune of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall":

      99 little bugs in the code

      99 bugs in the code!

      Fix one bug, compile again

      101 little bugs in the code!

  7. philbo

    You want techie parodies?

    I've got dozens of the buggers...

    e.g. "Shut Down the Server" to "Waltzing Matilda"

    "Mend my PC" to "Under the Sea"

    "No IntToReal" to "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden

    "Three-fingered Salute" to "Four-Legged Friend"

    ..and one for the real old-timers: "The Oldest PC In Town"

    ..and possibly one of the most fun choruses about the TCP/IP application programmer's interface

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