back to article We few, we happy few: Big boys dominate early stage OpenStack

The large numbers of you who watched our recent Regcast All about OpenStack (catch it in the on-demand version if you missed it) show how much interest there is in the project. But no one pretends that OpenStack is anywhere near mature. It is a work in progress and in the short term it will mostly be visible in the service …


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  1. AndyS


    Why no units? Any graph without units on the axis is at best difficult to interpret, at worst deceptive.

  2. Nate Amsden

    the obvious

    The Red Hat release of open stack should significantly lower the bar of entry for people wanting to use open stack without significant dedicated developer resources to maintain it. RH seems to be several months behind their original schedule, just goes to show how complex a job it is to turn this into a product. Even then though people will likely want to wade very carefully into any 1.0 product.

  3. timsvengali

    That x-axis explained

    Hi AndyS, your point is a good one. It's sloppy of me, but there's no attempt to deceive. The Linux x-axis was tricky to label because the data points are the releases. They have been pretty regular, so I spaced them equally. Either putting the release numbers or the dates seemed hard to read (but if anyone asks, I can put up a fully labelled version).

    Roughly speaking, the x axis for the Linux graphs starts in 2005, finishes in 2012.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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