back to article Google accounts for quarter of US internet traffic – report

Data to and from Google's servers now accounts for a quarter of all US internet traffic, according to the latest network analysis by monitoring firm DeepField, with over 60 per cent of all end users and their devices having some business with the Chocolate Factory every day. "While it is old news that Google is BIG, the sheer …


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  1. jnffarrell1

    Big Pipes Are Economical for the Long Run

    Google does not invest to minimize capital cost. Just look at those colorful pipes in its giant computer. Those pipes are twice the diameter that minimizing capital cost would dictate. Instead heat removal takes 10x less power. Many other optimization problems have been solved by Google engineers who have been encouraged to expect 4x growth every 3 years. Trading capital cost now for energy costs later will be a huge winner in three years.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Since the PRISM revelations I'm seeking alternative off-shore methods for email, DNS, and strongly encrypted file storage to get away from anything American based. Within a year I suspect Google's growth trend will slide as others follow. I'm not American, nor do I live in the states. That puts me and my clients in more danger of snooping not less.

    Screw em.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: danger from country of origin

      The fun part about that is that, while the NSA "promises" it "isn't" snooping on Americans, it's perfectly willing to snoop on Brits. Meanwhile, MI6 isn't supposed to snoop on Brits, but is perfectly willing to snoop on Americans. And of course the NSA and MI6 are best friends, so they're perfectly willing to share data with each other.

      All of that said, it seems most of the stuff around PRISM, once you cut through the hype, is actually a that they're tapping long-haul fibers and dumping the data they get from that (along with anything they get through the normal one-or-few-users-at-a-time court order procedure) into a big, queriable database under their control.

      While I applaud your efforts to protect yourself and your clients, make certain your encryption uses some variant of perfect forward secrecy, or else once they crack your private key (and they will, eventually) all of your encrypted traffic that they've been storing over the years will be their playground.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Team Google - World Police

    Nuff said

  4. rvt


    It still amazes me how much netflix is pushing.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Someone please stop it

    Seriously, someone needs to stop Google. It's terrifyingly dominant.

    Reg readers, can't you get your thinking caps on and create a search engine to disrupt this monster?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's all the calls from websites to google analytics etc.

  7. GrandpaChris

    And it's 2084?

    We can hope for private ethics and good government regulations in a world wide principled political democracy sometime after 2084.

    1. rcorrect
      Thumb Up

      Re: And it's 2084?

      Not unless something destroys all electronics and sends us back a couple centuries technologically. Liking your post just because.

      1. TsVk!

        Re: And it's 2084?

        Yep, one decent solar flare to frazzle every microchip on the planet, that's all it takes....

        Could be today or tommorrow, or next week, but it's more likely to happen than not (some say).

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