back to article Oracle releases July patch batch... with 27 fixes for remote exploits

Oracle has pushed out a quarterly patch batch of 89 updates that mean almost all of its enterprise software products need updating for one reason or another. Craig Young, a security researcher at Tripwire, noted that most of the vulnerabilities were picked up by third-party researchers. “The constant drumbeat of critical …


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  1. Alan W. Rateliff, II


    I would absolutely LOVE to update my Solaris kit... but Oracle cannot be bothered to return phone calls for support contracts. Used to be you could just download them when Sun ran the show, but now Oracle wants a support contract. I'm okay with that, if the fekkers could be arsed to call. Can't speak with a live person to buy a contract right away, noooooo, you have to leave a message with a sales person who will get back to you. Promise. Probably after the fifth message you left.

    I won't get my call because I only left four messages.

    Paris, doesn't return calls, either.

    1. Tom 13

      Re: Snoracle

      I work in a Windows shop at the Service Desk so I don't have to deal with them about Sun. But I have a friend who works in a Big Data shop that use to run on Sun. Note the past tense. From what he tells me, you should probably be happy they haven't returned your calls. It means you won't burst any blood vessels when they you how much you'll have to pay them for the support contract. All new equipment they buy will be Linux and they are converting from Sun as rapidly as they can given their government environment.

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