F*** you very much Google.

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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    F*** you very much Google.

    And the GooCrufting of Android continues.

    Recently the Gmail widget gained a thoroughly useless "categories" feature. Ho hum, fiddle around in the settings, find checked categories, uncheck, everything back to normal.

    Unfortunately the thoroughly evil types at Google appear to have decided that they know better than me, so today they are back. They can still be unchecked, but that action isn't saved. Thank you Google, you look more like Microsoft every day from where I'm sitting.

    If I was anal-retentive enough to want all my incoming mail pre-filed for me, I'm perfectly capable of adding my own folders and creating rules to do it. The fact that I haven't done this is, unsurprisingly, because I don't fucking want it like that....

  2. Wize

    Try turning them off via gmail.com

    Some mobile apps do tend to forget settings or not pass them back to the main site.

  3. SiempreTuna

    .. or use a different mail app. I have my gmail go to the regular mail app on my Nexus 4. Works fine.

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