back to article Yahoo!'s Mayer turns in another stable quarter, yet sales disappoint

Yahoo!'s earnings for the its second quarter of 2013 roughly matched analysts' expectations, and CEO Marissa Meyer says she's "encouraged" by the company's performance. Revenue, however, continues to be a problem for the troubled firm. It's been one year since Mayer was tapped for the top spot at Yahoo!, and to her credit a …


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  1. Charles Manning

    "55 per cent decrease in its employee attrition rate"

    Is that really a Good Thing?

    In Sunnyvale that could mean the good people left a while ago and you're left with the dregs who value "job security" and canteen food and put up with crap like having their telecommuting cut.

    A stint at yahoo is hardly something worth gunning for any more. Taking a job at yahoo pretty much means "not good enough to get a job at Google/FB/wherever".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "55 per cent decrease in its employee attrition rate"

      Yahoo not being the top target for jobs has been true for a long time. But at least now, I would say it is worth considering, much more than it was two years ago.

      When it comes to it, I'd still choose to work there over Microsoft (I like my back without knife sticking out of it) or Amazon (work conditions are poor under the dread pirate Bezos).

  2. ceebee


    If the mess Yahoo! made of Flickr and Yahoo! Mail is an indicator ... Tumblr will be a mess by this time next year!

    I am not really sure what Ms Mayer has achieved?

    Annoying your longtime paying customers to go chasing a mythical social network audience does not seem to me to be the way to build a sustainable business nor does simply buying up start-ups, and shutting them down 5 mins later when the gloss wears off.

    I suspect Ms Mayer will move on or stay until Google or Microsoft or something behemoth buys it.

  3. Fihart

    Yahoo, ooh, ah, oh -- stop it !

    A glance at Yahoo! Facebook page suggests that some of their email customers are very unhappy.

    a) recent account hijacking disaster

    b) forced "upgrade" from Yahoo Classic to a bland replacement (forced, because so many users refused to adopt a new version last time Yahoo tried this).

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