back to article Oracle gooses Exalytics in-memory appliance with flash, fat DDR3 sticks

Apparently the "speed of thought" that Oracle cofounder and CEO Larry Ellison was bragging about when Big Red launched its Exalytics in-memory applianceback in October 2011 is no longer fast enough. And so Oracle is gussying it up with a memory upgrade and a flash card boost until it can get a new "Ivy Bridge-EX" version of the …


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  1. flashdba

    "Oracle's own..."?

    "The newer Exalytics box also adds in six of Oracle's own Flash Accelerator F40 flash cards..."

    You mean those LSI Nytro Warpdrive cards with the logos filed off?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I smell a SPARC variant of Exalytics coming...

    Assuming the software components are already able to run on Solaris. The new SPARC processors are competitive again and Larry will make more money if he's selling his own CPUs.

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