back to article Internet Villain face-off: Spy queen Theresa May v Twit-hate Turkish PM

And so to Piccadilly, London, where the great, the good and the downright drunk and rowdy gathered for the 15th Internet Service Providers' Association awards - which this year saw the title of Internet Villain handed to Mr Censorship AKA Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. But Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May - whose …


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  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "Could rise again?"

    Will rise again. IIRC only David Davis had the IT background to know this was BS. The next sock puppet Right Honorable Home Secretary will regurgitate what the senior spookocrats and data fetishests tell them about "maintaining capability" and "diverse threats"

    Note that even if a study by some outfit they trusted proved that searching for more terrorists by studying the comms pattern of known terrorists did not work this would still not stop the desire.

    Remember catching terrorists is not the goal of this legislation.

    Social control is.

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    2. Richard Taylor 2

      Re: "Could rise again?"

      Davis does have an IT background - by degree. As importantly he has a proper libertarian nose for interference - be that state or private sector. I don't agree with some of his other stands, but he is consistent on this and not beholden to the powers that befuddle minor politicians such as Cameron and May.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Blaming the interwebs for society's ills and spills

    Ah, Turkey!


    hang on, isn't it what our own, British-born and bred politicians did during and after riots in London, two years ago?

    1. Ossi

      Re: Blaming the interwebs for society's ills and spills

      Er, no...

      In Turkey, politicians didn't like the truth coming out, and so called it "lies". During the riots, social networks were demonstrably being used to encourage and organise riots. The politicians simply said so. What else were they supposed to say? Not the same thing.

      Ranty simplistic student politics might not sound so clever if your home had been invaded or your business destroyed.

      I'm not calling for censorship or closing down networks - things are never so simple - and those same networks helped in the tidy-up. I'm just saying that what happened in Turkey and what happened in the UK are not the same thing, and try to imagine what it would be like reading your cheap point scoring if you were a victim.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Post action legalization

    "Clegg eventually (and almost certainly temporarily) silenced the Home Sec by rejecting her plans to push through legislation to massively ramp up surveillance of UK citizens' internet activity."

    Except he didn't, they did it anyway in secret. Theresa May's bill simply legalizes something they've done illegally for 18 months and continue to do in secret, illegally, and for a foreign power.

    As to who should win the ISP villain award, that would be every ISP that cooperated with mass surveillance. They should award it to themselves.

  4. Richard Taylor 2


    Although a LibDem, not a bad specimen of same - let down by the Orange Bookers in his party. He at least is technically literate - and better understands enough tp realise when it's worth while talking to others. He has been consistent, even if he has not fouled his liff up in quite as spectacular a way as Snowden. Let's face it these awards are all about a free dinner for the ISPs Soc to get legless.

  5. Steve Renouf


    And so... we inexorably creep closer and closer to it...

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