back to article Go ahead, Asia, have a look in your Dropbox... We DARE you - hackers

The hacking crew that made headlines worldwide after a high-profile series of attacks against the New York Times last year has returned with assaults against South East Asia, at least according to threat intelligence firm Cyber Squared. The latest attacks are unusual because instead of using standard tactics such as spear …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I've actually been getting a lot of these dropbox based phishing style emails recently to my personal account. Scarily enough they seem to have my address on as well, I'm guessing maybe they got it from a recruitment site or something?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "I'm guessing maybe they got it from a recruitment site or something?"

      Or any organisation that has a database with your name, addy and email on, and could be hacked. It does suggest that if you're subject to multiple invites that this is straightfoward spear phishing. Ignoring other posters hailing you as a world leader, are you involved in anything that hackers might want access to? Round here I'd guess most people have varying mixture of things that make most of us worthy targets for spear phishing, eg by:

      having access to intellectual property,

      custodians of business critical data,

      admin rights on critical systems,

      management roles in major companies or government,

      work in infosec or "national security"

      maybe hold important jobs in their own right

      So rather than worrying where they got your details, possibly worth considering why they are so keen to lure you, and whether there are additional precautions you might be able to take?

  2. John Stirling


    maybe they think you're a world leader?

    that's cool right?

  3. cosymart

    World Leader

    All hail Murph!

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