back to article Backup software bods tempt users with hot new (pricing) model

Canadian backup software provider Asigra has introduced the first backup pricing model with a pay-for-recovery element, effectively - so it says - introducing a price cut. Asigra says its new pricing model is intended to push customers into paying less for the backup capacity licence and more for the recovery part of the data …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So basically.... testing everything to see if it all works as it should will cost you money ?

    1. Captain Scarlet

      Looks like it

      Although it looks to be cheaper its a nasty charge when having to get files from the backup.

      Well still its safer than my portable HD which I used for backups, fell down the stairs :(

    2. Justin Stringfellow

      yes.... and?

      Why do you think it shouldn't?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What tha?

    this is just another silly attempt trying to squeeze more revenue through an opaque pricing model. How would I budget for this even for one year ahead? How do I control usage? Or should I just say "hey boss, we run out of our restore quota, better don't have more disasters..."?

    I'm looking for a predictable and *simple* method to budget for my backups, this approach is just opposite of it. Backup is an insurance, rather than open-ended utility. Not sure what Steve Duplessie ingested recently but he's not representing what I think of this "great news".

  3. MacGyver

    Um, I think the "Cloud" people need to talk to the "Pipe" people because just as they are trying to push their stupid cloud based storage, the telcos are setting "data caps" on bandwidth usage. You can't have both.

    I have a 16 megabit connection, and a 75 gigabyte a month cap. By my math I can use my entire "allocation" in 8 hours.

    So in a third of a day at the "high speed" tier I purchased I can use up all my data allowance for a 30 day period, makes perfect sense. //sarcasm

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