back to article Mellanox coughs nearly $130m for optical networkers to fight off Chipzilla

Network chip and switch maker Mellanox Technologies knows that Intel is breathing down its neck in the data center switching market, and it is not just sitting around waiting for Chipzilla to read it the riot act. Rather, Mellanox has been on a buying binge - to the tune of close on $129.5m - in recent weeks to build out its …


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    I like Infiniband, I like the speed and the built in management protocols. Much better than Ethernet.

    I even use point to point SDR IB networking at home for NFS & SAMBA because 10Gb enet is such a rip-off price-wise.

    So when I saw the graphic at the end of the article I was pretty excited because I thought it was showing miniPCI IB card. Too bad it's actually a cable-end.

    Still, I look forward to when the supercomputer people start replacing their QDR IB gear with 100Gb+ gear... will be a good time to upgrade to used QDR cards with fibre cables, and get rid of the bulky CX4 copper I have now.

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