back to article PC decline whacks 2013 IT spending projections

We're now halfway through this year, and it's therefore time for Gartner's prognosticators to review what is going on in the global economy, how IT vendors fared in the first half, and to rejig their IT spending projections for 2013. While the news is not good, it's not particularly bad, either. According to Gartner, global …


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  1. Sil

    Haswell the ghost

    Do PC makers really want to stop the bloodbath? Perhaps they should market Haswell ultrabooks or how long do we have to wait? Apple had a Haswell model a few days after computex. PC makers are not even willing to give a date of availability.

    1. tpm (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Haswell the ghost

      I could not agree any more. I have an ancient and well loved netwbook I have used as my road warrior for the past five and a half years, and there is no way I am buying anything until I see a variety of Haswell machines at a bunch of different price points.

      1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

        Re: Haswell the ghost

        There is a world of difference between what a user 'Wants' and what they really 'Need'.

        My guess is that you want a Haswell Netbook/Ultrabook but do you really need one?

        Do you really need one at the price points which I'd expect to be fairly high at introduction?

        If the prospect of all that extra battery life is what you are looking for then you might be waiting a while. I fully expect the Laptop makers to build down to a price point. That is something that Apple does not (most of the time).

        I'd be inclined to bite the bullet and (dare I say it here...?) and look seriously at a MacBook. IT may satisfy all your requirements right now.

        {Typed on a 5yr old 13in MacBook that still runs perfectly well}

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re: Haswell the ghost

          "There is a world of difference between what a user 'Wants' and what they really 'Need'.

          My guess is that you want a Haswell Netbook/Ultrabook but do you really need one?"

          From a reseller perspective: who cares? If there are people willing to buy then the most logical course of action is to make that stuff available.

        2. lightknight

          Re: Haswell the ghost

          Lol, needs will swell to fit wants. Do I NEED a computer with a SSD for a main drive? Well, having used a computer with one for a while, I'd say yes. And I want one as well.

          PC makers got their teeth kicked in because they FAILED to design compelling new products -> they choose to believe marketing, like MS did, and got nailed for it. Look at Windows 8...people don't like it, but that didn't stop MS from declaring it the new messiah of the PC world; same with many of these laptops / desktops -> their configurations are terrible (low amounts of RAM, integrated GPUs, mechanical HDs or tiny SSDs (on some models), etc.

          PC makers want to know what people want? There you go. That's from Steam, popular gaming service, which tells you what people are running (software / hardware wise), as well as trends in the industry. Take a look at System RAM, for instance: 8 GB = 24.49%, 12 GB or higher = 10.08%. What does that tell you? Over a third of the PCs out there, who run Steam, are using 8GB or more of RAM. Does your starting lineup on your frontpage spec in a minimum of 8 GB of RAM? No? Well, obviously you aren't targeting these folks. Primary screen resolution? 1080P appears to be the popular choice. Most popular hard drive space? 250 GB to 499 GB = 33.60%, which, if you are tech savy, tells you something: they aren't using 500 GB HDs (in all probability), but possibly 256GB SSDs. Video cards? Nvidia is leading the pack, followed by AMD, with Intel in a distant third. Most popular OS? Windows 7, 64-bit edition. Interpret the rest yourselves.

          So yes, PC / OEM manufacturers are getting nailed for hideous price costs for machines like the above (probably closer to $4K for a machine configured with top of the line kit), when their size should give them leverage to work the prices down so the bulk costs work out for both them and the consumer.

          1. BigAndos

            Re: Haswell the ghost

            Yes! I recently went back to "build my own" for this very reason. I want a machine with a decent amount of ram and a discrete graphics card. Amazing how few pc makers will offer you these options without bolting on a load of fluff like a garish case and bloatware. Or, of course, charging the Earth for it!

  2. Daniel B.

    Yay Microsoft!

    Windows 8 is now responsible of slowing down IT spending as well! Woo!

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