back to article Schwarzenegger says 'I'll be back' for Terminator 5 reboot

Paramount has confirmed it will reboot the Terminator franchise with a fifth film, and the former California governor and Mr. Universe bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will be back in a starring role. "The studios want me to be in Terminator 5 and to star as the Terminator, which we start shooting in January," he told …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    I'll be back

    For more money.

    1. LarsG

      Re: I'll be back

      For my Zimmer frame.............

    2. Francis Boyle Silver badge

      There must be some mistake

      You used the joke icon.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I'll be back

      Where was I going?

  2. Josh Dempsey

    "More money..."

    Maybe he should give some of the money back to California?

    1. dougal83

      Re: "More money..."

      Hell no! Money would be better spent on the most destructive scene in Terminator 5!!


      Daily Haggis is THE trustworthy reference if ever there was one!

  3. skeptical i

    While time + gravity give no quarter

    I'm kinda surprised the Governator/ Gropinator's outsized ego would let him, um, look like he used to be a world-class body builder (instead of prod him to continue to look like one). If I look half as good at his age, hallelujah, but I expected more from Ah-nold.

    <-- why I pro'ly won't look half as good at his age. :)

    1. Esskay

      Re: While time + gravity give no quarter

      Looks like he was a T-1000 all along... the temp was just a bit too high that day.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: While time + gravity give no quarter

      I'm kinda surprised the Governator/ Gropinator's outsized ego would let him, um, look like he used to be a world-class body builder (instead of prod him to continue to look like one)

      He's got the same problem I have - the muscles are still all there, they just have moved downwards :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hollywood sucks

    They have made a Batman and Spiderman film every year for the last 10 years.

    They can't come up with an original plot and they can't come up with a modern business plan that doesn't criminalise their customers.

    Beyond not bothering with this, i will download the torrent and not even watch that!!! Hopefully it will flop, but sadly i think there are too many people who are going to be pleased about this movie.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Hollywood sucks

      Friends in the industry claim it's due to the death of DVD.

      To approve funding on a film you need guaranteed money upfront. DVD sales with a 50% (to the studio) margin were enough to cover the cost, cinema audience with 5% profit are really just advertising.

      With no DVD on the spreadsheet the only upfront money is foreign sales. So Hollywood is green-lighting pictures on what they know will sell to Australian TV or S.E Asian theatres - which means familiar titles/franchises/stars

      1. Joerg
        Thumb Down

        Re: Hollywood sucks

        You friends telling lies. Hollywood spread lies.

        DVD/Blu-Ray disc sales are sky high nowadays. Pirated copies on the 'net are not a large percentage as they want people to believe.

        Amazon, Zavvi and all other distributors keep selling hundreds of millions of DVD and Blu-Ray discs each year.

        1. Tom 35

          Re: Hollywood sucks

          You friends telling lies 2 - the prequel.

          It's not like that just started doing rehash after rehash. Long before DVD was popular...

          Rocky 5 came out in 1995,

          Rambo III (1988)

          Jaws 4: The Revenge (1987)

          Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985)

          Even way back, Chuck Jones said that they were always dealing with the money men telling them "that was great, make another one just like it". The Road Runner was the end result.

    2. Andrew the Invertebrate

      Re: Hollywood sucks

      "They have made a Batman and Spiderman film every year for the last 10 years."


      Damn that means I missed the 2003,2004,2006,2007,2009,2010 & 2011 Batman films.

      Looks like imdb missed them as well

    3. Def Silver badge


      Personally I quite enjoyed the reboots of Batman by Mr Nolan. I thought the darker undertones worked really well, and they were sufficiently far from the Kazam, Smash, Wallop of the old TV shows that I didn't once feel I was watching "yet another remake".

      While I am waiting with anticipation for the new Star Wars movie, I suspect I will be disappointed simply because the Star Wars movies are effectively kids movies - always have been, always will be.

      What I *would* like to see is have the aforementioned Mr Nolan reboot the whole Star Wars story for adults by making the Star Wars universe dark and grimy. Get rid of the muppets, and bring in the corruption, betrayal, and back stabbing you would really find during a revolution.

  5. spaceyjase


    "I need your cardigan, your slippers and your mobility scooter".

    I do like Arnie though, he's a top bloke. The Terminator franchise too. Maybe it'll be all right?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Dialogue

      PS. was he any good as a governor.

    2. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

      Re: Dialogue

      I dunno, we're even rebooting comments now? (the very first and most popular one).

      Says it all really I guess...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

    For me, the Terminator series includes only T1 and T2. Likewise, Star Wars thankfully never saw any sequel after the first trilogy.

    1. gkroog
      Thumb Up

      Re: Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

      I salute you sir, Terminator 1 and 2 are FAR better than what followed. Which is sad because there was potential there, but they ended up trying to ride on the momentum of the first two films. Which is the problem highlighted by this article.

      Same story with The Matrix sequels...riding on the momentum of the original story only makes a new film a fraction of what it could be.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

        3rd terminator film was good. Not as good as the first two, but good.

        4th one got panned and I haven't watched it.

        1. envmod

          Re: Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

          i thought T3 was alright yeah... not as good as the first 2 by a long way, but yeah, i still enjoyed it.

      2. MJI Silver badge

        The Terminator

        An excellent film, best of the series, short, well written and well acted.

        And explains why John Connor gave Kyle Reese a photo of his mum.

    2. Bleu

      Re: Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

      Wow, a confusing topic.

      T3 cheated on the story line, sure and all, but it was a bloody good movie, particularly in comparisom with the Matrix crapquels releasad around the same time.

      Great use of miniatures?


      Plot not brain-dead.


      Great matte art?


      ... and so on.

      TSalvation on the other hand, what a piece of shite. I walked out of the cinema well before the end, asked for my money back, not expecting and not receiving.

      After some on-line disinfo, sat through the bits I'd walked out on at the cinema, confirmed that it was a prize turkey and a misuse of Mr. Bale.

      More sequels?

      Likely the same level of crap.

      1. Flawless101

        Re: Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

        I turned salvation off after a gigantic 1000 ton robot managed to SNEAK UP ON THEM IN THE MIDDLE OF A FLAT DESERT. I don't ask a lot from my action movies, but come on...

    3. veti Silver badge

      Re: Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

      Personally, I thought even T2 was jumping the shark. OK, so they had some cool ideas for FX, but that doesn't excuse 'ignoring the whole premise of internally consistent time travel that they'd put hard work into developing in the first movie'.

      I'm looking forward to seeing how they explain why cyborgs age.

      And it's good news, because - I don't know about you, but I'm not greatly looking forward to robots that roam the streets destroying phonebooks and shooting women whose only real offence is some questionable fashion and lifestyle choices. But I am looking forward to robots designed to help the elderly, and what better poster boy for that cause than Arnie?

    4. MJI Silver badge

      Re: Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

      I keep saying there wew no Matrix sequels.

      I keep saying there is only one Italian Job film.

      I keep saying Taxi was made in France by Luc Besson.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Up

        Re: Taxi was made in France by Luc Besson

        And there were no sequels of Taxi, not even in France.

        1. MJI Silver badge

          Re: Taxi was made in France by Luc Besson

          I dunno the second was OK

    5. Tom 13

      Re: Like there never was a matrix 2 and 3

      T2 may have been a good story with great special effects, but I'm of the same opinion I was with Highlander: There can be only one. The Cameron story as originally presented was a perfect time loops story: The evil enemy created itself when it went back in time and at the same time sealed its future doom. As such, they broke the story if you accept T2 as a sequel. In the same sense, I could enjoy hair boy's tv adventurers, but for me Duncan MacLeod lives in a parallel universe.

  7. Cliff

    Terminator *5*??

    Blimey, I thought that horse was long dead, I had no idea they'd forced out parts 3 and 4 amidst growing desperation. I must admit I am always surprised how many franchise parts people manage to squeeze out of an idea. Horror films were kings of it back in VHS days...

    1. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

      Re: Terminator *5*??

      Why do I keep reading this as Terminal 5?

      That said given what a mess Heathrow made of that (as anyone who's flown through it can attest) perhaps it's appropriate after all.

    2. JDX Gold badge

      Re: Terminator *5*??

      3 was very much a remake of 2 - mindless action and a few new bits. Nothing special but an OK dumb blockbuster.

      4 was very different, they finally took the film into the world of the war against the machines, which personally I'd always wanted ever since seeing the clips of the robots in the first films.

      But none of them were reboots, just sequels. A reboot suggests starting right at the beginning again in which case why have Arnie not some new hunk?

    3. Cliff

      Re: Terminator *5*??

      Found it!

      This is fun, if depressing...and woefully out of date!!

    4. OrsonX

      Re: Terminal 5

      Having the T-800 going through the airport scanner would surely by a good scene in the movie.....

      "er, just one more time please sir.."



      1. Horridbloke

        Re: Terminal 5

        A T2 spin-off novel ("Infiltrator" IIRC) does indeed feature a terminator going through airport security, with all the fallout that implies...

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Please stop mentioning Kindergarten Cop

    I swear someone spied on me, took all of my ideas and methods of dealing with 3 y/o's and made them into an Arnie movie.

    To recap

    I am 6ft 6.

    The children love me.

    The parents are scared of me.

    I have a whistle (for outside use only)

    I march the children to and from the bathroom etc......


  9. jake Silver badge


    That is all.

  10. john devoy

    Hollywood is lazy

    This is just sad, Arnold is too old to be a robot now and rebooting is pure writing laziness; they could easily have continued the current Terminator series by introducing Arnie as the human template for the original robot, that would explain the ageing.

    1. Bleu
      Thumb Up

      Re: Hollywood is lazy

      Don't you thlnk that is the plan?

  11. Eponymous Cowherd


    Pretty much:

    • Vampire flicks
    • Zombie flicks
    • Comic flicks
    • Reboots / sequels / prequels
    • Parodies of any of the above

    1. Grave

      Re: Hollywood:

      you forgot to add everything is laced by annoying and unhealthy amounts of emodrama, entitled stupid teens and whiny brats (which doesnt really work especially when it comes to sci-fi).

  12. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

    Reboot reboot sequel reboot

    How about something new and original like, well, a new and original idea, script and story?

    It's all getting tiresome, especially when the original movie was designed as a one-off with a complete story sequence and ending, but is then a surprise hit and so the whole lot gets mangled to get a series out of it (looking at you here PotC). And how the hell can there be Independence Day 2?

    And Arnie as a rebooted Terminator? From those photos, it's more a complete overhaul that'd be needed.

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Re: Reboot reboot sequel reboot

      T2 was a brilliant film and T1 didn't shut the story at all... it's about time travel after all!

      As for Independence Day... I'm with you on that. I loved the film because it didn't try to be too serious, but surely it's not enough of a classic to need a sequel after all these years?

      1. veti Silver badge

        Re: Reboot reboot sequel reboot

        I have it on good authority that "Independence Day 2" will feature aliens in tripod-shaped fighting machines, with a deadly heat ray, shouting 'Ullah!'

        See, it's completely different and wholly original.

      2. Tom 13

        Re: Reboot reboot sequel reboot

        Reese was quite explicit in T1. The Terminator jumped first. They seized the place just after he jumped. John sent him back then destroyed the machine because it had to work that way. If they left the machine working, if any other Skynet system found it, the whole thing would start all over again, only this time the humans wouldn't know an assassin was after Sarah.

    2. OrsonX

      "how the hell can there be Independence Day 2"

      This time the aliens are running OSX.

      1. Bleu
        Black Helicopters

        Re: "how the hell can there be Independence Day 2"

        Best, at least only interesting thing about lIndependence Day was the gay (as ln sexual preferece) walking style of Messrs Goldblum and Smith.

        If you didn't catch it the first time, watch it again and see.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Independence Day was jingostic toss in the first place

      "how the hell can there be Independence Day 2?"

      One was too many; the original was an obnoxiously jingoistic piece of ra-ra-America toss.

      The ability to laugh at its cliched Hollywood-cheese sentimentality and downright stupidity was let down by the fact that you knew it took itself seriously, as did its intended audience.

      It was the sort of film where other countries get blown up mainly to illustrate what might happen to Our Beloved America (ra ra ra), but we're not *really* supposed to be bothered about those foreigners, especially since those guys are ineffectual ditherers and Only America Can Save The World. On the other hand, when The White House Is Destroyed, this is obviously meant to be a Big Deal. (An American Eagle cries a single, solitary tear, etc etc).

      I hated it in its own right at the time, but it's been observed with hindsight that it reflected the mindset of the disaffected American right during Clinton's presidency and was a clear forerunner of Bush-era America's similarly arrogant, partisan and jingoistic mentality.

      The original Independence Day came out around the mid-point of Clinton's presidency; the sequel is being discussed around the same point in (Democrat) Obama's presidency. Hmm.

      1. Tom 13

        Re: the original was an obnoxiously jingoistic piece of ra-ra-America toss.

        Too true. Even Commando had more of a plot.

        And I normally like jingoistic pieces of ra-ra-America action adventure flicks.

  13. Christoph

    That's odd

    I thought he'd given up being a Terminator and become a Dalek.

    An Ex-terminator.

  14. kain preacher


    They are making robocop 4. Samuel Jackosn is it,

    1. gkroog

      Re: well

      I hadn't heard about Robocop 4...I hope its better than 3, where they tried to soften the hardcore nature of the first two films into something a bit more family friendly...

      And for Sam Jackson's sake (remembering the "Snakes on a Plane" disaster) I hope its really good...

  15. ElNumbre


    The Terminator franchise gets more reboots than a PC running Windows ME. I actually quite liked the direction T4 went in (after quite rightly pretending T3 didn't exist) but if both of those storylines are being binned off, then that just seems a waste.

    I actually want to see a storyline where we see the future war between the machines and the humans. But maybe the humans end up losing and no Hollywood exec's going to sign that off.

    1. heyrick Silver badge

      Re: Reboots...

      "I actually want to see a storyline where we see the future war between the machines and the humans."

      The Matrix ? (before sequelitis went and screwed that up)

  16. Graham Marsden

    "Spaceballs 2:

    "The Search for More Money"

  17. MrMcginty
    Thumb Down

    I need a vac-ay-shun

    Oh my God, stop.

    I was mystified by T4 - without the time-travel element (and there was bloody little in that movie), it's just another VFX-engorged post-apocalypse shoot-em-up. Do agree with the comment above that Arnie could have moved into T5 quite effectively.

    If the film industry had been like this in the 1970s, the likes of All The President's Men, Klute, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Taxi Driver et al would have been 13-parters on HBO, AMC, Netflix etc - no chance whatsover of being made as movies.

    I love films, and oddly enough I love visual effects, but I am tired of McBlockbusters.

    1. gkroog

      Re: I need a vac-ay-shun

      Well, there was potential in T3 and T4. They were well made, and could have been just as good, but they didn't really move the story on.

      T3 didn't offer anything significant to move the story along from T2, and T4 was mostly about Marcus Wright, who sacrifices himself for John Connor at the end, so again, nothing significant added to the story.

    2. jubtastic1
      Thumb Up

      Re: I need a vac-ay-shun

      So long as they're produced to the standards of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad I'd rather have them as TV miniseries anyway, The Matrix (there's a film that deserves a sequel), could have easily been stretched into an awesome 10 parter, basically any film that leaves you wanting to know more about the characters or setting has the potential for a quality miniseries.

  18. G Watty What?
    Thumb Up

    I love Kindergarten Cop

    Judge all you want I can't get enough.

    "How did it feel to hit that son of a bitch?"


  19. mickey mouse the fith


    There are some enjoyable reboots, I quite enjoyed the Judge Dredd and Conan ones.

    The terminator series is just tired now though, there isnt really much more they can do with the story and Arnie is really looking past his best now.

    I dont know why theres so much hate for t3 , I thought it was a solid action fick with one of the best endings ever (the best of course being the ending of ` the mist`, god I laughed so hard at that one).

    What gets me is when I first saw t2 in the cinema, I was awed by the special effects in the nuke dream sequence. Watching it now, it really doesnt look that great, tis amazing how far cgi has advanced.

    1. gkroog

      Re: Meh

      I enjoyed the Judge Dredd and Conan reboots as well, they properly captured the stories on which they're based.

      Regarding there not being much more that can be done with a story, the JOB of writers/directors/producers, etc. They should be able to MAKE the story just like they did with the originals. That's why the originals are appreciated the way they are: for what they were, not what they are now.

      Terminator 3 was very well made, but it didn't do anything more for the story than Terminator 2. It also feels like the makers knew that it would end up in that bunker so they just went through the motions.

    2. Bleu

      Re: Meh

      The nuclear explosions sequence in T3 is matte painting.

      One reason I thought it rather great was the relatively low reliance on CG.

      The crew used *all* of the old techniques (with the possible exception of back projection) to great effect.

      On that score, prolly not to be repeated any time soon.

      1. Bleu

        Re: Meh

        I am an idiot.

        Some of the several driving scenes feature back projection or the digital equivalent.

        Forgot because Cinefex didn't mention it.

  20. Andy Fletcher

    I have a complaint

    The usage of the word "script" seems wildly inappropriate.

  21. PhilipN Silver badge

    You're all wrong

    It's for the video game.

    Screamingly obvious from each scene in Term4

  22. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge


    Terminator 5: Rust Never Sleeps

  23. Horridbloke

    Do the math

    Give each terminator film to date a score.

    Plot these scores against the films' release dates.

    Extrapolate the curve to the predicted release date for the next one.

    Doesn't look promising, does it?

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kudos to the Reg for single-handedly acknowledging the death of Film...

    .....MSM and Hollywood have either no self-awareness or no shame, just as long as the Michael Bay numbers continue to stack up.... Roll on Transformers Of The Caribbean-- 99... I guess....

    "Terminator 5 is due to be released next June, in the same season as Independence Day 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Star Wars - Episode 7, and the situation is getting worse every year. Of the top 10 grossing US films in 2012, the top three were based on characters first created 50 or more years ago. "

    1. gkroog
      Thumb Up

      Re: Kudos to the Reg for single-handedly acknowledging the death of Film...

      Bwa ha ha ha ha! "Transformers of the Caribbean"

      ...hearty guffaws at that one...

  25. SirMichaelValentine

    you people really need to give arnold some credit!

    you people are being very negative. so there rebooting another franchise big whoop who cares as long as the movie is good like all 3 of em. yes said it all 3 because they were all great i never really cared for the story. i mean its called terminator for a freaking reason people. its about a killer robot ether trying to kill or saving the main characters nothing else. t3 is the example that a movie like terminator doesn't need much story to be good they had that (killer robot returning). the only thing people really wanted was arnold's original terminator to go back to killing instead of savor. and that he fought a robo chick that got the best of arnold most the movie. making it look like robo love instead of some dude having a male slug-fest with guns. other then that point if you could look past that then the movie is great. by the way arnold looked great for t3 he was still kinda old for it. you do realize the terminator never takes off his clothes heck he never took off that dang sunglasses yet alone the leather jacket. all arnold has to do is get back into bodybuilding as in what he said he wants to do anyways. put on the leather jacket and sunglasses then BAM! the terminator is back! plus a reboot means new stories new ways to do things maybe we'll get that future movie we all want to see ya know where we see the future the teriminator comes from. and maybe just maybe they'll create a new terminator so arnold could finally put his original to rest at the end of t5 or 6 sometimes thats what a reboot is for. plus who IN THERE RIGHT MINDS! doesn't want to see a new set of terminator in HD. i do ill admit that :D

    1. gkroog

      Re: you people really need to give arnold some credit!

      First, there have been four Terminator movies, not just three.

      Second, love of the third film seems to indicate a tendency to poor spelling...

      1. Bleu

        Re: you people really need to give arnold some credit!

        Nothlng worng with my spelling.

        The icon should start with `very arcane' for this.

        Seriously, negative opinions on T3 seem to be based on concensus reality rather than tne movie itself.

        T1 was an lnstant cult ciassic, 2 and 3 were both enjoyable exploitations of that.

        Hell, 3 even has a lovely tribute to the original Django, may well have been the real inspiration for the recent crappy remake.

    2. magrathea

      Re: you people really need to give arnold some credit!

      "yes said it all 3 because they were all great i never really cared for the story" you never had any vauge interest in the premise, ideas and so any sense of distinction by quality in this field is lost on you. This is a bit like my attitude to golf.

      The problem is hollywood seems to be increasingly hiring people like you to make the films.

  26. maff

    Wasn't the plot for the original Terminator nicked from a 1960's episode of The Outer Limits? A little late to be complaining about fresh ideas when it comes to this franchise.

    1. Bleu

      Outer Limits

      Do you know the title?

      1. A. Coatsworth
        Thumb Up

        Re: Outer Limits

        "Demon with a glass hand" and "Soldier" it seems

        At least according to an article from (gotta love that site)

        1. Tom 13

          Re: Outer Limits

          The root theme is nearly as old as SF itself: man vs. machine/AI so I'm sure the Outer Limits episodes drew on other lesser known stories.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'and the situation is getting worse every year'

    "Terminator 5 is due to be released next June, in the same season as Independence Day 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Star Wars - Episode 7, and the situation is getting worse every year. Of the top 10 grossing US films in 2012, the top three were based on characters first created 50 or more years ago. The Avengers are the spring chickens at the head of the money list, starting in 1963, while James Bond's latest Skyfall character first flowed from Fleming's pen in 1953."

    Very cathartic of the Reg to point-blank acknowledge this, because Hollywood and MSM appears to have zero-percent self-awareness.... Roll on Transformers Of The Caribbean..9... I guess....

  28. gkroog

    Original epic is obviously better than remade epic...

    Films like The Terminator introduced us to a new world: a struggle against a dystopian future before it happens.

    It was an original story that was well made into a film.

    A lot of 80s movies were like that, and that continued into the early 90s. But since then, action/sci-fi/fantasy movies have become mostly about special effects, CGI, and 3D. And relying on these instead of good stories well acted do not make movies good. It makes them forgettable.

    So the direction needs to go in seems clear: hold writers and actors to a higher standard, and stop the gratuitous use of CGI and 3D, and things will hopefully get better...

    1. Leschnik88
      Thumb Up

      Re: Original epic is obviously better than remade epic...

      Exactly! It seems more important to pump out some CGI and poor acting to make a dollar, than it does to make a rich film with depth and a great plot. Your comment hit home with me!

  29. gkroog


    So they're really going to make Independence Day 2...and Will Smith is "too expensive"...doesn't inspire confidence about the budget they have to work with...

    1. Bleu

      Re: Wow...

      Consider the Starship Troopers sequel, largely shot in the dark to SAVE MONEY.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Terminator 5 plot revealed here *SPOILER ALERT*

    Having failed to eliminate John Connor as a unborn infant, then as an adolescent, and then as a young adult and then during the war, SkyNet is determined to make John Connor's retirement increasingly uncomfortable.

    SkyNet develops the T-3000 series of cloaking terminator, and sends the machine into the future. There it infiltrates the Connor household to continuously move John's car keys, drink his orange juice in the fridge, steal his Social Security checks out of the mailbox and delete telephone messages from his adoring children and grandchildren. Oh, and occasionally it throws baseballs through his front window.....

    1. Chris G Silver badge

      Re: Terminator 5 plot revealed here *SPOILER ALERT*

      A T3000 cloaked terminator........ Now that I want to see!

    2. Leschnik88

      Re: Terminator 5 plot revealed here *SPOILER ALERT*

      & changes his Windows Login password so he keeps forgetting it.

  31. Leschnik88

    All things must come to an end.

    Please don't try reboot it, please don't try go back into the past and tell us how stuff happened before T1. Just do the franchise justice (T1/T2) [not T3/T4] and give it a noble finish, fight the war and defeat the human race or defeat Skynet but don't leave people hanging. It seems this franchise has become a joke and we will have to wait for the real life Rise of the Machines to get a conclusion.

    This franchise is a Joke, stop trying to suck the life out of it and finish it.

  32. veti Silver badge

    The movies we deserve

    I like ripping on Hollywood as much as the next commenter, but it's simply not true to insinuate that only sequels/reboots/etc. are being made. Check out a list of recent releases, and you'll see a hell of a lot of reasonably original work.

    What is true is that it's the sequels/etc. that get the big budget release treatment, and actually get to run in a cinema near you for more than about two days. But that really says more about public taste than Hollywood.

    In other words: it's our fault.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What about "Terminator v Alien"?

    The most important thing about the plot is that it should allow for lots of things to fly out of the screen directly at the camera, so that particular 3D effect can be overused by the obligatory 10 million per cent.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What about "Terminator v Alien"?

      The terminators would automatically win. The advantage of the alien is purely biological. I cant imagine a face hugger having any hope with a machine. However the machines could use alien carcasses to make the machines. Before people mention the acid for blood it had no effect in AvP when the woman was handed weapons made from the dead alien.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: What about "Terminator v Alien"?

        Your imagination is too limited!

        What about: The Predators, having realised that humans have defeated the Aliens, decide to go back in time and plant Aliens on earth long-before Ripley & Co with the intention of both providing hunting for themselves and also to prevent humans discovering sufficiently advanced technology to be able to fight back. Skynet, paradoxically realises this and has to send Terminators back to kill both Aliens and Predators in order to save humans in order that the timeline continue so it can be created by humans and then go on to try and exterminate them.


  34. Chairo


    How about a story about some nice guy, working as a contractor and finding out about a dark, sinister conspiracy within the goverment to build up a evil network to spy and blackmail every single person on earth. Throw in a tired president that realizes that he could not realize any of his high dreams he once had and starts making deals with the devil to safe at least a token of his work, corrupt agents, that try to suppress the story by leaking their favorite peaces of evil banker phone cuts to create some distruction, an evil south american dictator that tries to use the good guy for his own agenda, corrupt and arrogant officials, senators, etc.

    The hero has to be played by some "blank nice guy" actor, that makes identifying with him easy. To make up for it he needs some exotic female counterpart. A pole dancer for example. Start the story in some exotic place like Hong Kong and move it on to a sterile, depressing environment like an airport departure lounge.

    What do you mean with the story has already been taken?

    Live - stranger than fiction...

  35. Brian Mankin

    Cyborgs aint what they used to be.

    Old Style : Living tissue over metal endoskeleton

    New Style : Hexagenarian on a zimmer frame

  36. Sandpit


    "Arnie played the Terminator in James Cameron's original 1985 film,"

    I thought the first was in 1984

  37. Ed_UK

    I've got this great idea for a film plot...

    A failing film director, played by Arnie, goes back in time to find an idea for a new plot. He sometimes hits baddies and uses rude words. He also manages to impregnate a robot and accidentally becomes his own sister-in-law. Or something.

  38. TheNix

    "Just sleep faster"?

    Sounds like the kind of thing Rainier Wolfcastle would say. Talk about life imitating art.

  39. King Jack

    Make something new for god's sake! Everything is a re-make or reboot. There a thousands of stories out there. Many may be the 'Terminator' blockbuster of tomorrow. But they'll never get made.

    1. Tom 13

      Re: Make something new for god's sake!

      They can't. The Greeks used up all three of them way back before the Dark Ages. Everything since has been some combination of them with variations. Some more successful, others less so.

      At least, that's what some literary-teacher type told me back in high school.

  40. Hilibnist

    So are all series bad, then?

    What's the significant difference between a TV and a film franchise? On television, series like Doctor Who run seemingly forever (okay, a rest now and again isn't a bad thing) and plenty of people seem to welcome it, despite the quality of the plot/continuity/acting varying wildly. By the comments here, you'd imagine that no film character should ever be permitted to return!

    For the record I don't think the episodes after T2 were gripping, but I for one welcome another chance to see the T1000 on screen again - and maybe it'll be worth watching. And if you're worried about the plot, since it's likely to be wall-to-wall CGI, why not just overlay the dated stop motion from the original film with contemporary FX?

  41. kain preacher


    So no mention of highlander II.

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