back to article One airport not enough for SCC kingpin Sir Peter Rigby

Sir Peter Rigby, chairman of tech reseller giant SCC, has chosen to invest some cash made from the sale of his IT wholesaling arm into a controlling stake in Exeter International Airport (EIA). Moving into the aviation industry is not a new direction for Sir Peter, as his holding company, the Rigby Group, already owns Coventry …


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  1. Steve Todd

    There's a saying

    The way to make a small fortune in aviation is to start with a large fortune. It's an expensive business to be in.

  2. Magister
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    Drop in traffic

    Part of the drop in traffic is down to the economic downturn; no question of that. But I suspect that part of it was also down to the trimming of routes and timetables.

    For example, we used to be able to get a flight to a couple of airports in Germany but these are no longer available; have to travel up to Birmingham instead.

    Added to that, there used to be an early morning flight to Paris CDG with a late return, which was great for a day trip for a business meeting. Now, there's just the one flight a day; we have to stay overnight (cheap hotel rooms are still c €100, evening meal c. €40 - sometimes more than the cost of the flights!) and you don't really get any extra time; so the amount of trips had to be cut back.

    Have to say that CDG is not the best airport in the world (although flying from terminal 2 is infinitely better than the previous arrangements) but I really liked Exeter; got to know the staff there quite well and they could be a bit more relaxed than some of the po-faced staff elsewhere (dealing with larger numbers of travelling public will probably do that to you.)

    I hope that they do invest a bit more there; really like it.

  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge
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    Private company invests in UK infrastructure.

    And not to suck on a government grant teat.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    but cautious thumbs up.

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