back to article Google gets AGILE to increase IaaS cloud efficiency

Google and North Caroline State University researchers have worked out how to instrument cloud infrastructure to the point where they can predict future demand 68% per cent better than previously, giving other cloud providers a primer for how to get the most out of their IT gear. The system was outlined in an academic paper …


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  1. RcR

    Booking time?

    Oh, so when working at Google, you have to book time on the mainframe (cloud)? Just like the old days with punch-cards...

  2. eddiemayan

    Google Agile

    Google is a main provider of IaaS after Amazon and Rackspace.


  3. johnwilkes

    This work was done at NCSU, not Google

    The AGILE paper describes a research project that was done at North Carolina State University, not at Google. My NCSU colleagues deserve all the credit for developing the algorithm and evaluating it; I only assisted with writing the paper.

    The AGILE software has never been run at Google. The research used publicly-available trace data from a Google compute cluster (see for more information, or search for [more google cluster data]). There is no connection between AGILE and the CPI^2 infrastructure.

    FYI, the definitive version of the paper appears in the ICAC proceedings:

This topic is closed for new posts.

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