back to article Salesforce and Oracle forge partnership to smash rivals

The notoriously shy and unassuming CEOs of Oracle and Salesforce have announced a major partnership after spending years throwing clods of muck at one another – leading many to ask what is going on in the IT industry to cause this change. News of the broad alliance between Salesforce and Oracle was announced on Tuesday, and …


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  1. SecurityPedant

    I really don't know where to start with this news. I could write a book... But suffice to say that years and years of Oracle treating customers poorly means that when those customers are given a viable alternative in the cloud, they are going to run from Oracle as fast as possible. Oracle suddenly realizing that it's terrible sales practice might finally bite them in the ass is now going to partner with everyone it can to save face, or more importantly for Larry and Safra, save revenue.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Larry's cloud obviously wasn't all that so all that is left is to peddle some engineered systems.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    loved the feature pic of the article, that one says it all :).

  3. Dr Who


    Yes indeed. Oracle could prove useful for servicing SalesForce's back oraforce ...

  4. Jelliphiish


    that is all. (can't be arsed running them through anagram creators)

    1. Blain Hamon

      Re: OralFarce?

      Fortunately, I can be arsed! Given Oracle Salesforce

      A Faceless Recolor

      Core Faecal Losers

      Eel Coolers Fracas

      Cooler Fee Rascals

      Sell Seafarer Coco

      Alas Feces Recolor

      Coalesce Or Falser

      Colorless Ace Fear

      Scarce Resale Fool

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    SalesForce... Had an interview there... Managers were so far up their own arses they could see daylight. They had the attitude you should want to work there because of who they are, and for peanuts. And if you don't have expert experience of their (!! IN HOUSE !!) O.R.M. you aren't suitable... Very odd company...

  6. Bill Bickle

    Skeptically, it seems to me...

    1) From the point of view - they are dependant on the Oracle DB on the back end, and it has served them well in buidling their offerings. They wanted to get a great, cheap, and predictable-over-time price for the DB as they keep expanding their user base. They also likely wanted to avoid the potential to have their price increased dramatically on a renewal of their license and support agreement at any point.

    So I see this as mainly cementing a predictable cost structure for their infrastructure technologies. They made noises and motions about shifting to PostgreSQL, as part of the dance of negotiation with Oracle (hiring key Postres engineers for example). It seems that had a pretty good upper hand in the discussions, but also was pretty trapped into the Oracle DB as the back end for all their solutions. So the reality of switching to Postgres would be ugly and costly for them.

    I am sure does not really want to run Exa-systems or Oracle Linux, and get themselves further locked into more Oracle technologies. Since Exa-systems are the opposite of being able to take advantage of low-cost scale out computing with x86 systems and infrastructure software (mainly open source). But to get the best price, they agreed to tell the world they will use these other Oracle technologies that are lackluster at best.

    2) From the Oracle view - this, and the Microsoft cloud move, are about realizing that they are slipping on many fronts in the modern, cloud computing era. With hardware, middleware, and Oracle apps sales all being very challenged, and some new challengers to their database technologies (Hadoop, NoSQL, NewSQL), they had to do something since people are not buying the Exa-system message or story. So I think they gave the deal-of-a-lifetime on the cost side of the DB to, and they will be able to keep saying uses their database. I doubt will use many of their Exa-systems, or Oracle Linux, or Oracle Java, as the employee antibodies at against doing so, will be hard to change. While Marc B is off trotting around the globe pitching I doubt he will be checking on how the Exa evaluations are going.

    So, I see this as a good win for to get a cheap, key piece of their infrastructure for many years, and Oracle gets to keep saying a hot company uses their DB, and the rest as "much ado about nothing" or "frivolous noise".

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