back to article Six nations ask Google for answers on Glass privacy

36 Privacy Commissioners from around the world have written to Google to ask, in the polite-but-firm language of international diplomacy, for some details about Google Glass. The letter, signed by Privacy Commissioners or their equivalents from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Switzerland and Israel, plus several …


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  1. Don Jefe


    They should have asked if Glass will automatically upload video directly to the NSA or does it go through Google first.

    On that note. Does owning an Android powered device or Glass now constitute a security threat to non US countries?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Incomplete

      Apple and Microsoft also have a signed agreements with the NSA. There is no escape.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      They do come with

      They do come with Prism Glass..........

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Do you really think the NSA are in charge

      Nope, it's corporations like Google that are running the world now, they just allow Governments to think they are in charge, but everyone knows they are not.

  2. ceebee


    How can any government dare ask about privacy when the greatest threat to privacy is the government itself?

    The Snowden revelations show the lengths to which our governments are actually spying on us ...not just the NSA but the Australian, UK, NZ and Canadian governments amongst others

    And I hope the delegates at the G8 conference are being careful about what communication devices they use because it is clear they will be being listened to and spied upon!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: but....

      I hope they don't, so that they ARE spied upon, and I don't really care by whom.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: but....

      "How can any government dare ask about privacy when the greatest threat to privacy is the government itself?"

      And that is exactly what suckers keep believing.

      Big Business: "Keep your eye on the government because, while we're taking your privacy away, we're at least making money doing it".

      Really. With that comment, you are just yet another sucker.

      Let's look at the Boston bombing: the police identified the bombers with video. Video privately recorded, the government didn't have cameras in the area AT ALL. So you have a problem with the government looking over your shoulder...but not a scrap of issue when someone does it privately!

      And, hopefully, for profit.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Would you allow someone wearing these Video Cameras

    into a Primary School?

    1. LarsG

      Re: Would you allow someone wearing these Video Cameras

      Lol, never happen, it is becoming an offence to take photographs at school sports days and Christmas plays. Only official school photographs are allowed in many schools. Even parents are now becoming conditioned by fear of being accused that they no longer take pictures.

      What a world we live in.

      1. James Hughes 1

        Re: Would you allow someone wearing these Video Cameras

        The schools my lot go to seem to have their share of common sense then - sign a form that you are taking photos and you can take Xmas play photos, and took loads of pictures at the sports day the other day.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Would you allow someone wearing these Video Cameras

      Hell yes! That would grind bullying into the dust!

      I wish we had these when I was at school!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    International diplomacy is for nation states. For corporations it should be 'You! .. In here ... Now!'

    1. Crisp

      Re: Pah

      We can only hope that Google isn't preparing to launch a proportional retaliatory response.

  5. Anomalous Cowshed

    Dear Googie

    Dear Googie,

    This is our patch. Only we can do this, and you have to ask for permission if you want to do it too.

    If you want to join the party, the fee is [insert price].


    Government of [insert country]

    1. deadlockvictim

      Re: Dear Googie

      Dear Government of «insert country»,

      We like your country and we would like to bring lots of well-paid jobs. We know how much of a magnet for other companies we are. We know that we are branded company and we know that you would feed your grandmothers to The Ravenous Bug Blatter Beast of Trall to have us in your country, if you hadn't already done so. We know that our presence would make your country seem hip, modern and whatever other words the youth of today are using.

      In short, you want us. All we ask for is that you leave us alone. We can look after ourselves.

      Yours sincerely,

      Larry & Sergei.

  6. ratfox

    When they say… They mean…

    How does Google intend to address the specific issues around facial recognition in the future? (Dear Google, we have no clue how to solve this problem. Can you solve it for us?)

    Has Google undertaken any privacy risk assessment the outcomes of which it would be willing to share? (Dear Google, we really have no clue, but you people seem to be more intelligent. Can you help us write new regulations?)

    Would Google be willing to demonstrate the device to our offices and allow any interested data protection authorities to test it? (I WANNA TRY IT! ME TOO! MY TURN!! WANNA WANNA WANNA!)

  7. James Hughes 1


    What a bunch of morons.

    Anyone with the vaguest idea about tech knows what these things are capable of, and they should also be aware of what is and isn't possible with regard to policy protection. Do these governments not have any experts?

    Cluebat. It's a computing device with voice recognition, net connection, a heads up display and a camera capable of video recording. Just like a modern smartphone, but you wear it.

    It's not bloody rocket science.

    1. Ian Michael Gumby

      Re: FFS

      Yes you wear it. That's the point and the problem.

      Much less obvious that a guy walking around with his smart phone out all the time and pointing the camera lens around.

      1. Crisp

        Re: FFS

        It's more obvious than those spy camera glasses.

        It's difficult to tell them apart from a regular pair of glasses.

        1. Ian Michael Gumby
          Big Brother

          Re: FFS


          But if you catch someone with the spy camera glasses, you could punch them in the face and then break the glasses. Why? Because they are spy glasses...

          The big issue is that you didn't sign away your rights or expectations to privacy. So when the d1ckhead with the glasses decides that he wants to come in to your house and your party, you have no way of opting out.

          Sorry, but if someone wants to use their camera phone to snap some pics, I can always walk away, same too w video. But you have no real warning that his camera is on, unless you notice the red led is on.

          I'm not saying that Google glasses don't have some value, but that I do understand how the lack of privacy can be a pain.

    2. Paul 185

      Re: FFS

      You obviously don't have much of an imagination about what this technology could be used for.

      A few example apps that could run on the platform, which if adopted widely, could be a bit of problem:

      HotWatch - an app that incorporates facial recognition to mark the movements of attractive ladies. Sign up for HotWatch and access our library with the best locations to meet those sexy ladies. Did you just pass someone you'd like to get to know more? Vote on her attractiveness, and we'll let you know where they may be going next!

      EmployeeCheck - Employee absenteeism can be a major cost to companies who struggle to monitor their growing workforce. EmployeeCheck App users earn a small commission every time the in app facial recognition catches an employee from a subscribing company in a public place. Help our company stay productive, while making yourself real cash NOW!

      InsuranceSaver - Many insurance schemes restrict drivers from using their cars for business purposes, but enforcing this has been notoriously difficult. Register to use this App, and make BIG savings on your insurance costs. The App is used to confirm you're using your car in the correct manner, while our licence recognition system reports other drivers who are making YOUR premiums higher.

  8. Crisp

    What exactly do those Privacy Commissioners think Google Glass is?

    That list of questions doesn't exactly display a firm understanding of the technology.

  9. This post has been deleted by its author

  10. xpusostomos


    OMG, The only difference between Glass and thousands of other devices on the market, is that Glass has some plasic rods allowing you to hang it off your ears.

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