back to article Shrinking iPads, Ultrabooks will lead to disk boost: WD boss

WD showed a slide at its annual summit earlier this month that described the current computing market as "very chaotic". That would be a highly relative description, given the storage giant had booked the summit into Istanbul just as a sit-in at a park in the Turkish city had escalated into a three-day battle between protesters …


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  1. A J Stiles

    From the Department Of the Bleeding Obvious

    If people are not buying HDDs but instead relying on "The Cloud" for storage, then it stands to reason that "The Cloud" is going to have to buy just as many terabytes' worth of HDDs instead.

    Actually, make that "at least just as many", since users probably are more likely just to delete files to free a bit of space on their own devices, which they would leave there if the storage space was officially Some Other Fool's Problem.

    1. MrDamage Silver badge

      Re: From the Department Of the Bleeding Obvious

      Not quite.

      A cloud provider could get away with 100 x 1TB drives for 1000, or even 10000 customers, whereas 1000 or 10000 customers would be buying a 1TB drive each, and not utilising all of the space that's on it.

      Implement a space limitation unless they pay extra, and people will happily go through and delete old crap in order to avoid the extra costs.

  2. Jim O'Reilly

    Rain from the Cloud

    Cloud storage systems are much better utilized than in-house. On-demand and virtualized, they have a higher percentage of used capacity. Large CSPs expect a very good discount on drives, too.

    Fast drives have mainly converted to SSD, and WD is a tiny part of that market, with Samsung, Sandisk and Micron the clear winners.

    The tablet transition is now unstoppable. Desktops are heading toward history fast, and notebooks, too. Ultrabooks may stave off the inevitable for a while, but sales haven't been spectacular, in part because Win8 is a bit of a flop.

    Anyway you look at it, WD is putting lipstick on a pig here. Disk drive sales are on a systemic down-curve.

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