back to article Gartner magicians mumble, scrawl upstart's rune on disk pentacle

Duplicate file killer Actifio has been summoned by Gartner's sorcerers to appear in their magic quadrant of who's who in enterprise backup. The storage upstart sits alongside fellow startups and new entrant Veeam and reliable old number-two external storage supplier warhorse NetApp. Wait, NetApp? You'd think NetApp should be …


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  1. frank ly

    It may not be the ugliest ....

    "Foundational to NetApp's data protection strategy is the ability to take numerous, space-efficient snapshots without incurring a performance penalty and thus adversely affecting users or applications."

    .... but it's one of the clunkiest sentences I've seen recently.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gartner's a joke

    So they rate NetApp this highly, despite having no intellectual property of their own in the backup space and Actiflo - a company few have ever heard also rated highly? Why is Dell rated so low when they have a global ability to execute and in addition to the whizz-bang functionality on their storage arrays that NetApp can claim, they have AppAssure and NetVault, as well as a 50,000+ global user base of vRanger?

    Gartner has little credibility. Veeam's good, but it's a niche product and AppAssure is functionally broader than Veeam in my opinion.

    AC - as I work in the industry as a consultant around storage and data protection.

  3. thegreatsatan

    AC as in you work for Dell

    and its glaringly obvious.

    50,000 install base of vRanger? what are you counting back to the start of the company? how many of those customers dropped it for Veeam, I'd say well over 60%. You want to call Veeam a niche product, then what is Appassure and vRanger?

  4. ANZstorageguy


    Without reading the entire blurb from Gartner, i think that NetApp has been dealt with a little harshly, It's SnapProtect software is probably one of the most integrated solutions on the market outside of Commvault. Vendors like EMC etc cobble together multiple products and pitch it as a silver bullet. I much prefer visibility and integration from Snapshot to replication to tape which is exactly what SnapProtect and Commvault native integration with NetApp offer.

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