back to article Dell goes for riches in niches with Gov Cloud

After fleeing the public cloud infrastructure market, Dell is back with a suite of "government cloud" products – but it won't start competing with Amazon's own GovCloud until 2014. The government cloud tech was announced by Dell on Tuesday, and will see the box-slinger sell integrated software and hardware appliances into …


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  1. JustNems

    It's an interesting and well-thought out stack.

    CloudBolt Software is excited that we're a part of this solution. We're being used as the Cloud Manager, which provides the required automation, workflows, provisioning, self service, and metered accounting. All Dell Cloud for US Government customers will use the CloudBolt C2 interface to access the Dell Cloud for US Government. We've got more info about our part here:

  2. Wall-meet-Head

    Arse? Elbow?

    Dell seems to have very little clue of what to do to capture a bigger slice of the cloud market than just some of the tin. They keep dithering, diving into something out of fear they'll be left behind, changing their minds when they realise it's too late and then repeating the cycle. Being the fast follower does NOT work in this market. I worked there for 3 years, and this just looks like more of the same.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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