back to article UK plods, Vietnamese feds cuff 11 in $200m cred-card forum blag swoop

British bobbies and Vietnamese rozzers have joined forces to smash a web forum allegedly dedicated to trading stolen credit card data. Three men were arrested in the UK, while eight were taken off to the cells in Vietnam over their alleged involvement with a site called, which is suspected of facilitating credit- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I didn't realize that credit cards impacted North Korea's U.S. Dollar printing program that much.

  2. Bumpy Cat

    Unlucky ...

    So some of the crims are going to experience porridge here in the UK, and some are going to be banged up in a Vietnamese jail? I bet the ones in Vietnam are wishing they were in the UK branch ...

  3. Joe Gurman

    I guess this explains....

    ....why, in the dawn of The Reg's commerce days (when the site managers had not, evidently, heard about SSL), after I used a US credit card to purchase some books,my card was charged for a subscription to the UK edition of Marie Claire.... to be sent to an address in Ho Chi Minh City. Never could understand the connection before.

  4. JaitcH

    In VietNam, what time the judge gives is just about how long you get to wear ...

    black and white pajamas for. The president hands out a few months off here and there - say for Tet vacation or the celebration of the Americans defeat in 1975. And the pajama is not attractive - the stripes run horizontally!

    I do outreach at several of the many prisons in the province I I live in, visiting incarcerated Foreigners, and I can tell you conditions are rough. No need for bars - those prisons are miles from anywhere. And the prisons are full, too.

    When I visit, along with some colleagues, we are offered 'lunch' by laughing guards but we prefer our sandwiches! The foreigner prisoners have it easy - they get to make phone calls or make taped messages on 'walks' around the grounds on equipment we inveigle in on our visits.

    No TV, lots of patriotic music and an opportunity to improve their Vietnamese skills is about all that passes for relaxation.

    Pity the Vietnamese guy, though, he will likely get hit with bars or heavy books until he sees the errors of his lifestyle and confesses all.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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