back to article Haswell Xeons bring brawn to microservers, media servers, more

There are a lot of different ways that Intel could have deployed its 22-nanometer wafer-baking process to cook up the "Haswell" variants of the Xeon E3-1200 v3 processors, but the tactic they chose was to bring the low-power benefits inherent in the Haswell design to bear for entry servers, workstations, and the emerging media- …


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  1. Tim Parker

    "This SDK supports applications coded for both Windows,"

    Asphinctersayswhat ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Give us 22nm E5/E7 CPU's and then we're talking...

    It's still a little bit of a joke that Ivy Bridge EP hasn't arrived yet.

    We've been holding off on quite a number of server purchases because we firmly do not believe in purchasing CPU's which are still sitting on the 32nm process and unfortunately for everyone requiring SMP solutions right now you don't really have much of a choice as E3 Xeon's are strictly for single socket solutions only.

    This is of particular annoyance for us as we generally give our servers an estimated operation life of five years. And when you're talking about this kind of time-frame the difference between 100W and 70W for instance does add up (especially since you need to consider that a hotter CPU doesn't just eat more power - you'll also require additional power to keep things nice and chilled).

    Come on Intel.

  3. Giggitygoebbels

    Is the better IPC of Haswell similar to 0.2GHz?If yes,i will not upgrade my 1245V2.

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