back to article Big Blue blows big green in SoftLayer public cloud gobble

So much for that whole strategy that cloud biz SoftLayer came up with (of building its own cloud controller and basing its server fleet entirely on Super Micro iron): because Big Blue bought SoftLayer today for an undisclosed sum. Rumors were going around back in March that both IBM and EMC were sniffing around SoftLayer - a …


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  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    I'd wager

    even if IBM sold x-series to lenovo or whoever they'd still use those systems for years to come. They obviously know the platform well and have it widely deployed, integrated etc. They would have wonderful pricing power etc.. there's just no reason for them to use anything else.

    Another option would be keep a specialist part of the X-series team in house (similar to Dell DCS or something) for hyperscale configurations and develop that for use in their service provider cloud stuff.

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