back to article Foxconn signs on to build Firefox OS devices for clients

Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn, best known in the West for assembling Apple's iPhones, has announced its support for the Mozilla Foundation's web standards–based Firefox OS. The gizmo-maker said at a press event in Taipei on Monday that it had entered into "a wide-ranging partnership" with Mozilla, though no …


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  2. LinkOfHyrule


    I can't believe you missed that pun for your headline chaps!

    Or maybe... Firefox - it's a conn!

    Or even.... "Becuase of falling sales of iPhones I am no longer needed to stand on the production line for 16 hours a day. In fact I have just been 'Fired' from 'fox'conn!"

  3. Geoff Campbell Silver badge

    Is this Foxconn's HTC moment, I wonder?


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